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The Stompmakers (Valencia, Spain)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from Spanish

The "StompMakers" is a trio of guitar, bass and drums, who perform their own and classic songs based on American music from the late 50's and early 60's, moving songs that invite dancing and partying. Band that adapts to all kinds of venues from small with large volume restrictions to the largest scenarios and events. A band that animates any party, event, local, and turns it into an authentic GUATEQUE!!!! ;

SURFER JOE SUMMER FESTIVAL 2019 - June 20-23 playlist and video's

Last edited: Jun 29, 2019 19:18:32

The Scimitars (Southern - California, USA)

About (From Facebook page)

The Scimitars are a Middle Eastern influenced surf instrumental band, from Southern California


The Sub-Mersians (Santa Cruz - California, USA)

About (From video notes)

This video clip is of the now defunct Santa Cruz surf band The Sub-Mersians playing their song "Dr. Yes" live at the Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale CA in April 2004. Drums: Stretch, Bass: George, Guitar: Jessica.

Last edited: Jun 30, 2019 13:47:18

The Surferinos

The Other Timelines (Vancouver, Canada and Bellingham, Washington, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page) surf, spy, instrumental

The Other Timelines are an instrumental surf & spy band based out of the Pacific Northwest. Two members are in Vancouver, BC with another in Bellingham, WA. Jonny has played guitar in instrumental bands for years, most notably Man or Astro-Man? (as Victor Vector) and Jonny and the Shamen. Sean is a bassist (formerly of The Toga Kings) and the proprieter of Double Crown Records, one of the last remaining labels still concentrating on their particular niche of weirdo music, and based in Bellingham, WA. Hollis has played keyboards in Sound of Humans, a post-punk band she helped found featuring members of Man or Astro-Man?. The band as it is was formed in 2014, with their first EP released on vinyl/cd/cassette in August 2015 on Double Crown Records.

The Vista IV (Las Vegas - Nevada, USA)

Last edited: Jul 03, 2019 17:04:47

Thalasses (Greece)

About Band (From above link)

Mexi-Greek surf instrumental band. Springy Twangy Reverb on guitars, powerful bass, dark drums and classic combo organ sound.

Last edited: Jul 04, 2019 13:23:36

Surf Bands of Mexico Playlists

The Surphonics (Zaanstad, Netherlands)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from Dutch

The Surphonics is a Sixties pop group and plays in the ' classic ' popbezetting: rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass and drums and that's to be heard too! The band mainly plays Rock and Roll, Surf and Beat music from the late 50 and early years 60. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly, are bands/artists that appear on their repertoire.
According to Avro's, one of the Dutch best sixties bands!

In November 1999, Surphonics was named one of the best Sixties cover bands in the Netherlands. Their demo received the most points from both the audience and the professional jury of Avro's and during the live ' test ' they ended up as third of eventually 360 nominated bands.

Some time before, a record deal was already signed with Rarity Records. The three Cd's and one DVD, with their own versions of their favorite sixties songs, are available in (Rock ' n ' roll, Sixties-) CD specialty stores almost across Europe.

The success of the performances of the Surphonics is due, among other thanks to the enthusiasm and the Sixties-act with which these boys take care of their performances every time. They play in years 60 clothes and their instruments is sixties.

The Hypnotic IV (Sacramento - California, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

The H4 have been around for a long ass time, since 1997. they have played all over the place with all kinds of bands and have consumed many gallons of beer together. Come out and hear that true hypnofonic sound!

Surf bands of Texas, USA

The Go-Go Rillas (Texas, USA) – Page 19
Total Death Mechanics (Corpus Christi - Texas, USA) – Page 38
The Spoils - (Austin-Texas, USA) - page 24
The Thunderchiefs (Austin Texas, USA) – page 30
The Stone Robots (Austin-Texas, USA) –Page 10
The Really Rottens (Austin-Texas, USA) - Page 16
The Poi Pounders (Austin-Texas, USA) – Page 24
The Phantomatics - San Antonio, TX – Page 12
The Nematoads (Austin-Texas, USA) – Page 11
The Del-Vipers (Austin-Texas, USA) – page 23
The Deadly Fathoms (Austin-Texas, USA) – Page 18
The Boss Jaguars (Austin, Texas) – Page 24
The Baffles (Austin-Texas, USA) – Page 39
Nuclear Juarez (San Antonio-Texas, USA)- Page 37
Mustang Lighting (Houston-Texas, USA) – Page 37
Machete Western (Austin-Texas, USA) – Page 31
Los Surfvivers (South Padre Island-Texas, USA) – Page 28
Los SuperAvengers (Austin - Texas, USA) – Page 39
King Pelican (Alamo City-Texas, USA) – Page 31
Junior Brown – Austin Texas – Page 17
El Jefe & The Riffs (Texas) – Page 18
Dude Man Hey (Houston-Texas, USA) – Page 20
Bat City Surfers (Austin TX USA) - page 3

KFJC (89.7 FM) ( San Francisco Peninsula)

About (From Facebook page)

Cousin Mary's "Stream of Consciousness" on Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm, Reverb Hour (all instro surf) from 8-9pm on KFJC 89.7 FM in Los Altos Hills. Tune in online

Recent show

Band in video below live on the radio (KFJC (89.7 FM)

Trivalve (Oakland-California, USA) - Page 28
here on World Surf Bands - Home page - Video Links

16th band featured on page 28 ...almost at the bottom

Last edited: Jul 05, 2019 19:25:47

Thom Starr & The Galaxies

Last edited: Jul 06, 2019 13:14:11

Retrofoguetes (Salvador, Bahia, Brasil)

About (From Facebook page)

Known throughout Brazil as one of the most virtuoso and conceptual groups of instrumental music from the independent scenario, The Retrofoguetes emerged in Salvador in 2002, from the breakup of the Dead Billies. Their style mixes elements of surf music, tango, mambo, jazz, polka and bossa nova, with a cinematic, comic strip and old TV series settings. The result is fun and extremely visual pop music. In 2016, Morotó Slim/electric guitar, Julio Moreno/electric guitar, Fábio Rocha/bass guitar and Rex/drums released Enigmascope – Volume 1. Considered by the musicians as being the most mature album in the band’s 15 year career. With the departure of Morotó Slim and the entrance Andre T’s keyboards – an old partner and friend of the band – the Retrofoguetes continue to play and are already preparing to record Enigmascope – Volume 2.


Instro surf, psychobilly, rockabilly, rock, polka, circus music, spy music, tiki exotica, cocktail music, swing jazz, bolero, waltz, b-movies, sci-fi, comics, 60´s and 70's japanese tv series, western, soundtracks.

The Cthulus (Auckland, New Zealand)

King Kaiju

The Bull Kelp Surfers (New Zealand)


Auckland based four piece surf guitar band inspired by Auckland's wild west coast. High energy retro rich reverb renegades. A briny symphony.

About (From Facebook page)

The Bull Kelp Surfers are supernatural sea creatures said to live in underwater caves of the west coast beaches of Muriwai and Piha.
These briny Men looked like humans, but with blue skins and piercing green eyes. They where infamous for swimming alongside passing ships and stand up paddle boarders and attempting to wreck them by conjuring storms with their furious valve driven reverb, deep salty bass lines and crashing drum beats.
Some think the Bull Kelp Surfers may be descended from monkey-like creatures with saucer-shaped heads, long noses, and a yellowish-green skin known to the Japanese as Kappas. Other researchers are convinced they descend from the gap toothed, long woolly haired water spirits known to the Cameroon as Sawa.
Long time Ally of the Icelandic Kraken, the Bull Kelp Surfers have reached their whispy tentacles deep into the salty trove that is retro surf rock and bought fourth a pirates bounty of savory, splashy depth-charged delights that any land lubber will be sea struck by.
Submit to the Siren call that is The Bull Kelp Surfers, and make your next summer soire a salty one!

The Pashuns (Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom)

Drifting Sand (San Francisco, California, USA)

Biography below from:

"Drifting sand, caused by the force of the planet’s winds, has been around for over 600 million years. Then in the early 90’s, two dudes named Surfer Spud and Surfer John wrote, recorded and released a double “A” sided single “Birds Can’t Surf” / “Shark! Shark!” on their own label called Pina Colada Records. After being named after a sign on California’s Highway One and evolving into a four-piece, Drifting Sand went on to record three full-length albums, Surfpop, Drifting Sand and Summer Splash and performed hundreds of shows all over the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz for the next two decades.
With songs like “Surfin’ With Britney,” “Sand Is Your Friend,” “Beach Tour USA” and “Every Day Is Summer,” Drifting Sand have received regular airplay on Rodney Bingenheimer’s show on the world-famous KROQ and and now SiriusXM and many surf and California music specialty shows around the world. Drifting Sand have opened up for legendary performers like Dick Dale, Nancy Sinatra and Badfinger and have performed many benefits for The Surfrider Foundation, Pacifica Beach Coalition and other charitable organizations. Drifting Sand continue to entertain surfers, kooks and beach bunnies of all ages and are your beachin’ summer soundtrack. Surf’s up but watch out for Drifting Sand"

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