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The Eradicators
The Eradicators

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Saturday, April 01, 2023

The Eradicators

The Eradicators

Submitted by Rio on 25 August 2007.
This photo has been Photo of the Day 12 times.

The Eradicators, taken at the Toronto Festival of Beer, Sunday August 12, 2007.

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This photo has 15 comments.


What's the cab beneath the Twin (?). By the way guys, pretty laid back look. Cool.

Deltones | 26-Aug-2007 07:58:51 | Flag

Hi Deltone,

That's a SF Vibrolux on a 2 x 10 JD Newell extension cab, with reissue Jensen ceramics in the combo and alnicos in the cab.

Rio | 26-Aug-2007 10:22:32 | Flag

So you run the Vibrolux speaker as well as the 2x10? How does that sound? I want to get a 2x10 to go along my 1x15, so I'm curious about that setup.

Deltones | 26-Aug-2007 10:31:47 | Flag

The "Festival of Beer". Ummmmmmmm....

PolloGuitar | 26-Aug-2007 13:03:11 | Flag

ditto Ferenc. Is that a semihollow bass?

DannySnyder | 26-Aug-2007 15:14:31 | Flag

Hi guys,

Eradicators + Festival of Beer = marriage made in heaven. It was a lot of fun to play. We're used to playing smaller clubs... it's amazing how quickly you can get comfortable on a big stage like that!

I like the sound of the cabinet along with the combo, but I usually reserve the cabinet for larger stages or special settings. The ceramics in the combo have more definition, and sound great when I'm using just the combo alone, which is the usual set up. The alnicos in the cabinet break up a bit quicker and with a looser bass end, but they sound better (in my opinion) in the closed back cab, rather than the open-back combo. Together, it's a great sound, with a little more "umph" for when you need it.

I'm awaiting delivery on another cab, same dimensions but for a 1 x 15" speaker, for a Dual Showman I recently acquired.

As for the bass, that's Dave ("Basse")'s speciality, but I suspect the bass in the photo is a semi-hollow Ricky, probably early to mid-70s, but I'll leave it to Mr. Basse will confirm the details.

Rio | 26-Aug-2007 16:23:52 | Flag

Hey Danny, the bass is a 1966 Rickenbacker 4005 and is certainly semi-hollow. They're kind of rare but they are wonderful! They were made from '65 to the early 80s but there weren't as many sold as the 4001/3 versions. Killer neck, great sound - what more can you ask for! Lemme know if you want to know anything else.

basse | 26-Aug-2007 21:03:16 | Flag

paid in beer. the currency of man!

Pyronauts | 12-Nov-2008 00:44:48 | Flag

Wait a minute, Canadians like beer?

Brian | 24-Aug-2009 08:50:12 | Flag

I was just thinking the other day: "I wonder why you don't see/hear more Rickenbacker instruments used in surf tunes?" Every Rickenbacker bass I've played sounds excellent...kind of makes me want to find one for myself...

dp | 24-Aug-2009 10:34:56 | Flag

Hi Mario,

beautifull guitar Cool

jaguar | 24-Aug-2009 10:44:20 | Flag

Great photo. Drums on risers too... nice.

Surfgitar | 24-Aug-2009 12:54:20 | Flag

(This is not a criticism) Two basses on stage? Do you break strings or have different tunings? I have always wondered about that when I see bands where the bassist has two electric basses on stage.

WaveOhhh | 24-Aug-2009 14:27:33 | Flag

I believe the bass player in the Verbtones uses a Rickenbacker.

or has in the past.

bigtikidude | 24-Aug-2009 19:13:26 | Flag

1966 semi hollow Ric bass...pretty darn awesome..I love the punch of the Ric solid body bass..imagine you get a nice woody tone from that one

kenposurf | 05-Oct-2013 22:06:44 | Flag

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