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The Shar-Keys (London-England, UK)

About (From Facebook Page)

The Shar-Keys: a cocktail of aggressive surf instrumentals,fast 60's garage tunes and boogie juke joint blues.

The Nematoads (Austin-Texas, USA)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

" Behind the reigns is guitarist Ted James – the legendary man with two first names – who, in bygone times, led Johnny Vortex and Squid Vicious.
The rhythm section stars bassist David Escamilla and drummer George Pestana. George treats his drums with precision, at times providing a steady pulse and at times experimenting with off-beats and time signatures whispered to him by mermaids from the bottom of the sea. Rounding out the sound is the delicious and incomparable Sean "Bones" Ellison on trombone. "

Last edited: Mar 13, 2019 10:14:07

The Boss-Tides (Anaheim-California, USA)

The Octomen (Hudson Valley-New York, USA)

Instrumental Surf (think Pulp Fiction) flavored with Spaghetti Western.

The Surf Dawgs (Minneapolis-Minnesota, USA)

11 albums out

Bob Spalding of the Ventures sitting in with the Surf Dawgs in bottom video.

Last edited: Mar 13, 2019 11:22:12

The Belharras (Bonn, Germnay)

Los Winston Lobo (Madrid, Spain)

About (From Facebook Page)

Rock N ´ Roll Instrumental. own themes and versions. Influenced by Instrumental Surf Music, Blues, Swing, Jazz, rockabilly and Western movie Soundtrack.


Morricone, Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Ventures, Bo Diddley, The Shadows, Los Straitjackets, El Twanguero. Django Reinhardt, Fletcher Henderson, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, B.B. King, Freddy King, Paco de Lucía, The Sonics, The Trashmen, Tarantino Soundtracks, Sergio Leone Soundtracks... etc.

Mary O and the Pink Flamingos (Porto Alegre, Brasil)

Biography (From Facebook Page) ….translated from Portuguese

Ondrina-PR. a.k.a. Mary O, at age 12, discovers the Ramones through LP Rocket to Russia, changing their life forever.
The passion for rock and roll was so much that it came to have some guitar and drum lessons.

In 2005, in Porto Alegre, when listening to guitarist Link Wray in the opening scene of the film Mondo Trasho, followed the DIY philosophy and began composing songs influenced by the new idol.

The songs of Mary O refer to the kitsch universe of the films of John Waters (the name of the band refers to the garden flamingos and the film's Trash of the filmmaker) and their soundtracks composed with very rockabilly, garage surf and punk.

In 2011, he called the Friends Bino (drums) and yards (bass) and formed the band Mary O and the Pink Flamingos to give vent to the experiments he had already performed in his home studio Dona Neca Records.

The band's first presentation was in December 2011 in Porto Alegre and from there they played in festivals such as Grito Rock Porto Alegre (march/2012)11th and 13th

Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters (Boston-Massachusetts, USA)

New Band in Boston area

Twang Twisters (Binghamton-New York, USA)

The Syndicate of Surf

Found on label above (Sharawaj) - Cound not find much more - good music though. Will udate when I find more.

Kingargoolas (Guarapuava, Brasil)

That's all I could find right now - will update later

Dirty Surf (Benidorm, Spain)

Cosmonauts Gone Surf (Barnaul-Siberia, Russia)


Still working on this

The Cod

Not much out there on this group

Drunk Monk (Baltimore-Maryland, USA)

Music Video for Baltimore surf band Drunk Monk???

The Beloved invaders (Front Range-Colorado, USA)

Band has 3 Cd's below

Biography (From Facebook Page)

Original band 1996 (Cannistraro et al.).
Refounded 1998 (Cannistraro et al.).
Johnson joined 2001. Bielman joined 2002. Kurt Reeber replaced Clay in early 2012. Andy Sweetser replace Kurt in early 2013.
Three piece band from 2007.

Boris Bond (Berlin, Germany)

Could not find much on Boris so far - update needed

Balu & die Surfgrammein (Vienna, Austria)

Terror strikes from the bottom of River Danube – this invasion of generic Viennese natives brings you a ton of reverb-drenched guitars, swirling melodies from a fretless bass and primitive, hyper-sexual pounding drums, celebrating sonic landscapes built out of high-speed instro-mental Rock'n Roll. Their origins and influences yet remain unclear; however, the most widely accepted theory is that they were taken at an early age from their natural parents Dick Dale, Edmund Sackbauer and Lily Munster by hideous aliens who exposed them to some sort of education solely consisting of B-movies and Man or Astro-Man records in a Martian orphanage run by the Cat Women of the Moon.

Balu & die Surfgrammeln: Los Chicharrones del Surf, Green Cookie Records (2015)
Various Artists: Breadcrumb Beach - File under: Contemporary Austrian Instrumental Surf Music, Plan 9 Trash Records (2018)


Johann und Josef Grammel, Hans Moser, Heinzi Conrads, Edmund Sackbauer

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