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Way Out West (Osnabrueck, Germany)

Biography below from:

A 3rd Wave Instrumental Surf-Music Band from Osnabrueck, Germany (since 1993). After hundreds of gigs and thousands of miles, these surf rock heroes still say: Six strings and a good Goddamn! Surf-rock scientist and guitar player, Dan Cooper teaches his disciples the great myth of the rocking Way Out West sound by picking out bubbling note

Note: Not sure if the live video is the same band - but I think they are the same band, a few festivals and bands have the same name . . . let me know if it isn't . . . That's all I could find on this band.

Last edited: Jul 16, 2019 11:49:12

2019 Surfer Joe Festival videos

Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion (Boston - Massachusetts. USA)

Originally from (Denton County, Texas)

As soon as the murmuring began, sightings of BEWARE THE DANGERS OF A GHOST SCORPION! grew scarce, and it was assumed that they had left town for good. In March of 2010, residents of Somerville, Massachusetts (roughly 1800 miles from Denton, Texas) began reporting strange sounds and electrical disturbances in the Union Square area

Last edited: Jul 19, 2019 10:57:13

Jake Logan and the Midnight Riders (Cincinnati - Ohio. USA)

About (From Facebook page)

Dedicated to making original spaghetti western and surf music a part of more peoples soundtrack to life.

The Tikiyaki Orchestra (California, USA)

About (From above link)

The Tikiyaki Orchestra exist in a class by themselves. There really is no other band quite like them on the planet. They take the Exotica tradition as established by pioneers Denny, Lyman and Baxter and bring it into the 21st century. Their unmistakable sound is a blend of the coolest retro styles--exotica, lounge, space-age bachelor pad, crime jazz, spy, surf, spaghetti western and more. They headline sold out shows, have appeared at the major Tiki festivals and have had their music featured in numerous television shows and Tiki documentaries.


Last edited: Jul 19, 2019 12:35:22

Selvagens (Brazil) 1960's

I thought this group was interesting, never heard of them, but appeared to go Beatlemania post 64 and even into garage rock a little later. Couldn't find much on them outside of this video as far as instrumentals go.



Biography (From Facebook page) translated from Spanish

From a hidden beach in Ourense comes this trio that is inspired by the instrumental sounds that popularized Dick Dale or The Ventures in the 60s and that stirred millions of young people on the Californian coast. With a lineup consisting of guitar (Diego Stringbreaker) bass (David Lone Crusher) and drums (Marcos Speedfire), his sound is marked by reverb on guitars and an unusual force in the genre that led to radio announcer Franky Zwiller's presented on his Radiolux show as "tremendous killer surf sound".
In just over two years since its inception, the band carries behind more than 70 concerts in Galicia, much of Spain and Europe, have been present at some festivals as relevant as Surforama (Valencia), Motorbeach Fest (Asturias), Kustom Shakedown (Basel), Riverside Crazy Car Hop (Calafell), Surfing The Lerez (Pontevedra), Rocktopus Tea Party (Toledo), or One Fine Day (Royal City) sharing the stage with groups and artists such as Eddie Angel (Straitjackets), Messer Chups, Sex Museum, Barracudas, The Goodfathers, Neandertahals, Surfer Joe & His Combo, The Longboards, etc...
In April 2015, his first album with the Catalan label New H-Records was released. It is a 6-song MiniLp (only released on 12" vinyl) that travels through classic surfing with a very personal touch and that is already sold out in the stores. The reverb-laden surround sound is reminiscent of the classic sounds of bands such as The Fender IV or Dick Dale but also drink from contemporary groups such as Satan's Pilgrims and The Barbwires that have repopularized the genre in recent years.
It is an original proposal for these latitudes that does not leave indifferent to the listener and that has been very welcome in the radios that have been responsible for taking the sound of the band beyond the beaches and mountains of Galicia , becoming regulars in dome programs "The Basement" of Radio 3, "The Perfect Wave" of North Sea Surf Radio, "The infamous Frankystein Dj" on Radiolux or "The Lost Refuge" on Rock'n Roll Therapy Radio, also receiving praise in the specialized press that has been echoed the quality of his sound device. In fact his song "bikini Beach" was selected as one of the best songs of the year 2015 by Diego Rj in "El Sótano de Radio 3" and the music blog Pentavox pointed to his album as one of the best billed in Galicia that year.
In April 2016 they edited a second new 7-inch vinyl that gave continuity to this first work. It is an Ep titled "Surfin After death" that was selected New H-Records to be its release of Record Store Day so it again made a limited edition release of green vinyl and monstrous cover of Roberto Arguelles.
In July 2018 the band released their third album a 12" with 10 songs called ... at Tiki Horror Island, its presence at numerous events throughout the peninsular geography is already confirmed. At the moment there is not much else to tell.... The rest is about to become history!!!!

The Lava Pups (Sacramento - California, USA)

About (From Facebook page)

We play instrumental surf and garage rock. Our goal for every show is for our audience to have fun. We have fun when you do. Non-pretentious and simple describe us and our music.

Start with a traditional surf sound, blend in a healthy dose of Northwest garage sensibility, add a heaping spoonful of Link Wray edginess and a pinch of punk irreverence, and you have the Lava Pups. Formed in late 2010 and hailing from Sacramento, the Pups play a combination of original songs and surf/retro standards. Even though they do not take themselves too seriously, they released their debut CD, “Into the Flow,” featuring 8 Pup originals in 2011. We believe that the songs on our CD take the listener back to a time when people picked up instruments for fun and played garage lo-fi rock 'n roll for fun. Phil Dirt (Reverb Central) gave 4 stars to two of our songs - "pacifica blue" and "lava tube." The New Gandy Dancer (the longest running instrumental music magazine) gave us a 4-star (out of 4 stars) review.

Los Apaches (Los Angeles - California, USA)

Last edited: Jul 23, 2019 14:45:35

Deke Dickerson (Los Angeles - California, USA)

History of Surf

Promo video's for SG101 convention


Motel List:

Alpine Village:

Map: Link

Last edited: Aug 08, 2019 15:08:58

Eddie Angel

Eddie Angel grew up in a house where Elvis records were constantly playing courtesy of his two older sisters. His brain was wired to play like Scotty Moore by the time he picked up a guitar at age 12. His early musical education was rounded out by a copy of "Play Guitar with the Ventures" and by wearing out every Beatles record he owned.

Today, Eddie tours the world with Los Straitjackets, internationally renowned instrumental combo. They have appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien six times, been nominated for a Grammy and have their music in TV shows and movies.

He lives in Nashville with his wife Melanie ,who runs Spinout Records and is a co-promoter of 60's festival Las Vegas Grind and Chicago Exotica

Reverb Galaxy (College Park - Maryland, USA)

The Atom Jacks (Brighton, UK)

Last edited: Aug 10, 2019 14:17:42

The Killer Bananazz (Wageningen, The Netherlands)


Killer Bananazz is a surf band started in 1998 by four friends from Wageningen. Their first gig was in 1999 on Kabaal am Gemaal (a liberation day festival with alternative music) in Wageningen, The Netherlands.
First few years they played some 50 gigs in student- and youthclubs all over The Netherlands. Later on they also played beyond Dutch borders, and at surfparties in the larger Dutch clubs, like Paradiso in Amsterdam. In the Dutch surf/rockabilly/60's scene this band is known for their energetic live appearance that makes any audience dance happily.
Their vintage surf'punk'n'roll sound they craft with original 60's and 70's tube amps and guitars, and lots of reverb (Fender reverb tanks), thus reminding of the old surf heroes like Dick Dale who perfoms the surf version of jiddish folk song "Misrlou" in Tarentino's Pulp Fiction.
In 2000 Killer Bananazz made their first demo-cd "seven yellow dotz". "Ocean Reef", their second cd, got reviewed by Phil Dirt from Reverb Central. Amongst later releases is their most sold CD "Frutti di Mare".
During the years 2003 - 2008 they moved from muses like Ramones, Stray cats and Man… or Astroman?


Seven Yellow Dotz - first 13 track demo-cd (CD, 5-2-2000)
Ocean Reef - 9 track promo-cd (CD, 15-1-2001)
Riptide - 16 track, first official album (CD, 27-4-2002)
Frutti di Mare - 9 track album (CD, 15-11-2003)

The Fabulous Nomads (Newport Beach - California, USA)

The Tequila Worms

Fender Play LIVE: Everything Surf Rock

Fender Play instructor Matt Lake & Ian Fowles of The Aquabats talk about Surf Rock & the history of the Jaguar guitar.

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