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Forever Surf (Moss Landing, ???

Not much out there

Forever Surf is a traditional instrumental surf band. Guitar driven with lots of reverb, our new original CD will take you back to the early 60's

Slingshot Dragster (Adelaide, Australia)

Slingshot Dragster is an instrumental surf rock band that formed in 2004.

Surf Good link to world surf music and bands

Looks like they have most bands on there maybe - just found this like 5 minutes ago. I guesstimate there must be about 1600 + bands listed on its band list based on just band names that start with A. Wow a lot more than I was figuring. Could there be more ? Confused

This thing is way bigger than I anticipated - I still can't get over how many bands are in this genre, I had no idea it was that big. Wow Shock

Sounds like Surf is doing pretty good around the world. Cool

I might turn into a Surfaholic soon at this rate …LOL

Last edited: Mar 14, 2019 09:55:09

Hawaii Samurai (Besançon, France)

French Surf Punk

Man or Astro-Man (Alabama, USA)

Last edited: Mar 14, 2019 14:14:20

The Phantomatics (San Antonio-Texas, USA)

Last edited: Mar 14, 2019 16:50:02

Satan’s Pilgrims (Portland-Oregon, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Satan's Pilgrims formed in 1992 during a series of house parties hosted by the members of the band, and were playing shows in their hometown of Portland, Oregon by 1993. Twisting their name from the 60's AIP film "Satan's Sadists" and donning their now familiar matching outfits complete with vampire capes, they became a real band.
The Pilgrims became one of the most influential surf instrumental bands around and while much of their sound has a definite Southern California influence, what sets them apart is the legacy of their Pacific Northwest rock 'n' roll ancestors: The Ventures, The Wailers, The Sonics and The Kingsmen.
This, along with three distinct guitarists and a relentless rhythm section, gives their live set a dazzling variety of dance party sounds to choose from, while maintaining their patented haunted sound. After years of touring, taking the band all over the U.S. and Europe (including a now legendary show in Slovenia), Satan's Pilgrims continued to develop the surf instrumental genre.
November 2000 marked the beginning of a hiatus, as drummer Ted Pilgrim moved from Portland to Memphis, TN to sweat, get autographs from all of his Soul and early Rock n' Roll heroes, and eat Bar-B-Q. Meanwhile, 6 Pilgrim offspring were birthed to various members.
After a few years of changing diapers, Musick Records announced that they wanted to release a retrospective culled from the Pilgrims’ original five albums. With renewed interest in the band sweeping the surf message boards on the internet, the Pilgrims decided that this occasion deserved some new material to keep their faithful fans from the 1990s as satisfied as possible. The band began writing songs again via the internet and got back together to record four new songs for "Plymouth Rock-The Best of Satan's Pilgrims". This double cd not only features fan favorites, but as a bonus, the second disc contains the new numbers mixed in with previously unreleased and rare cuts from the Pilgrims’ vault. Even more of a bonus was the fact that guitarist Bobby Pilgrim, who had amicably dropped out of the band in 1998, was ready to play again, returning the Pilgrims their trademark 3 guitar sound.
With the release of “Plymouth Rock-The Best of Satan's Pilgrims" in December of 2004, it turns out that the Pilgrims’ haunted brand of driving-guitar, dance-party music has endured into the 21st century. Without a single live appearance by the band since 2000, this album has gained more critical acclaim and worldwide notice for them than all of their original releases did during the surf-bombardment of the 1990s. The rest of the world is catching on to what only some knew ten years ago. That is, if you want a surfy, spooky, garage-stompin’ good time, put on Satan’s Pilgrims.
After 2005's and 2006's successful reunions, it has now become a semi-annual tradition. As in past years, fans will be making the pilgrimage to the Northwest from all over the country, and beyond, to see Portland’s own caped crusaders of reverb, so catch 'em if you can!!

Los Apollos (Berlin, Germany)

Jetpack (Los Angeles-California, USA)

THE SURFITES (Stockholm, Sweden)

Biography (from above link)

The Surfites are an instrumental surf band formed in 2004 by the two Fjellgren brothers of Swedish 90's surf music pioneers Daytonas. The band is a studio group only and decided from the beginning to not do any shows in order to be able to fully concentrate on recordings. Debut album Big Pounder came in 2007 and was followed by Escapades in Space in 2008 and The Surfites & Co. in 2010, all released on U.S. label Double Crown Records. 2010 was also the year that saw the launch of three of the Surfites' side projects: The Excelsiors, The Angry Breed and The Royal Vikings. 2011-2013 featured 7inch single and EP releases from the Surfites and the Angry Breed including splits with The Thunderchiefs and The Hangee V.

Tobiko Surf et Rockabilly (Granby-Quebec, Canada)

"TOBIKO is a musical project born from a dusting of retro music in the grooves of old forgotten vinyl records... " Back to the future "with classic sounds that will never age.

Created for about 6 years, TOBIKO is a group of 4 nostalgic enthusiasts of an era who see this opportunity as a modern and future horizon without limits. "

Wetter ( Vienna, Austria)


Wetter plays instrumental surf music that stays true to the spirit of the 60s

GT Stringer (Adelaide, Australia)

Biography(From Facebook page)

GT Stringer have been producing their own brand of spaced out, surf a-go-go instrumental music for close to fifteen years now. Their sound encapsulates all styles from the underground oceanic depths of Oceania to the far reaches of outer-space and back to the burning rubber of a petrol haven drag-strip. The band delves deeper into any unexplored, electronic-music territory while retaining their ever-present sense of humour.
With five independent original releases, together with numerous tracks used on independent films, GTS is considered an institution in Australia surf/avant-garde instrumental music.
These six men of undefined and boundless sound-scaping, have no known limits….the sound must go on to deeper reaches of “human” pleasurable enjoyment.

Dirty Fuse (Athens, Greece)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Dirty Fuse were formed in 2008 by guitarist Duda Victor and drummer Chris Kogios in order to explore the frenzied world of surf rock. Mainly influenced by Dick Dale, Ventures, Atlantics, Ramones and Television, their music is based on old school '60s surf music, channeled through the energy of garage and punk rock. As a trio (Guitar-bass-drums) begin wandering the live bars and venues of Athens playing mostly their own music. After a few lineup changes in mid 2009 they recorded their first songs which will be released a year later on 7" vinyl "Lost Riders". During 2010, Manos Kisamitakis (saxophone) John Drake (bass) and Kostas Bakoulas (guitar) added to the band, along with Duda Victor and Chris Kogios. In 2012 Dirty Fuse released a self-titled, full-length CD including the track "Sunset Beach" (a surf cover of V. Tsistanis' "Akroyalies Dilina") which meets great acceptance by DJs and radio producers (voted #47 of the 101 best surf tracks worldwide since the '70s by the listeners of North Sea Surf Radio and the members of the forum). In 2013 the band released a 10" vinyl titled "Surfbetika!" with 7 rebetika songs surfed up! (voted #60 of the 101 best surf albums worldwide since the '70s by the listeners of North Sea Surf Radio and the members of forum). In October 2014 "last wave" released by Deep Eddy Records(USA).The bands brand new album includes two previously unreleased tracks by Jim Skiathitis (The Atlantics). On March 2015 Duda Victor returns to Brazil and guitarist Eri Kapetanaki joins the band. On August 2015 following a succesfull tour in Crete, guitarist Kostas Bakoulas departs. The band plays on with Chris Kogios(drums), Manos Kisamitakis(Saxophone), John Drake(bass) and Eri Kapetanaki(guitar). Continuous shows and dynamic live presence became Dirty Fuse's trademark throughout the years.

Dirty Fuse's significant timeline marks are their 2018 Brazilian tour(state of Sao Paulo 10 shows), their appearance with The Atlantics in Greece for two shows on July 2013, North Sea Surf Festival in Amsterdam on September 2014, Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Italy [2012], their appearance with The Fleshtones in Athens on July 2014, the arranging of Surf Rock Mayhem (the first all-surf-music live event at Bios) [2013], following a series of successful events, the July 2015 fest is headlined by Daikaiju, the first ever american surf instro band to play Greece. Dirty Fuse also appear on several various artist releases, Continental Magazine [USA, 2012], the OST listing of «Welcome to the show (The musical heritage of Pavlos Sidiropoulos)» [2013],the OST listing of «Yusef's Song» [2014], Unsigned United [2009] and the first all Greek bands compilation «Search For Atlantis»[2014].


Lost Riders, 7 "EP (2010, self-released)
Dirty Fuse, CD (2012, Green Cookie Records)
Surfbetika!, 10 "EP (2013, Green Cookie Records)
last wave, CD/LP (2014, Deep Eddy Records, Ikaros Records)
Back to Brazil (2015 self released)
Calling of the Deep (2018 Ottitis Media Records)

Last edited: Mar 15, 2019 07:51:01

The Volcanos (Detroit-Michigan, USA)

(From above link)

Started in 1994, the Volcanos set out to create a high-energy reinterpretation of classic '60s surf music. Chris and Rick had previous experience playing surf in the Zombie Surfers. After cooking up a few originals, the band put out two 45s on their Neurotic Bop label. The records were greeted favorably by the then-swelling, post-Pulp-Fiction surf music scene. The boys then hooked up with Estrus Records for a series of 45s, LPs and CDs. At live shows the band mixes their original instros with surf and garage vocal tunes. They've played Garage Shock 97, Surfari USA and the Las Vegas Rockaround, as well as being regulars on the Detroit scene.

About (From Facebook page)
The Volcanos play a blend of revved up 60s surf-style instrumentals and frat party teen dance rock & roll. Twangy guitars abound.
Formed in the mid-90s, the band has released two albums with Estrus Records, as well as a stack of 7"s and comp tracks.

Last edited: Jun 11, 2019 16:40:01

Zamman (Los Angeles-California, USA)

About (From Facebook page)

Zamman is a Psychedelic Egyptian Surf Rock Band Specializing in Instrumental Bellydance.

Wetter from Graz performs "The Wind Beneath My Kilt" by The Penetrators
Live at Rostfest, Eisenerz on 22nd August 2015.

It's a real blast to see a band from Austria perform a tune by The Penetrators, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama / Atlanta, Georgia. R.I.P. Rip & Spanky.

Time for a look at the the original. I'm happy to say that I often see Trace and Sticks at surf shows around Atlanta.

SSS Agent #777

Marshall and The Martins
(Could not find where band is located)

Not much out there on this band - might be a studio creation not sue? Will update later.

Surf Rock Radio

Thought this link was interesting - has a lot of bands featured on this thread.

Check out these Surf Music radio stations

(From link above)

Surf Music playlists from Spotify, one from The Eliminators the other, the Pet Sounds album in honor of it's 50 year anniversary, and more.
Check out these Surf Music radio stations~
A Day at the Beach Podcasts
Big Surf Radio WOBC 91.5 Oberlin, Ohio, Tuesdays 5-7pm EST
Catching a Wave Radio Show
Electric Beach Party - Carol Busbey, Radio Hatteras, Mondays 8pm EST
Fiberglass Jungle Saturday 2-4pm
Instromania Three D Radio 93.7 FM Adelaide, South Australia, Mondays 1-2pm
Mixcloud search for Surf Music
North Sea Surf Radio
Radio Mutation
The Reverb Hour 89.7FM in Los Altos Hills, CA 8-9pm Saturdays (Pacific Time)
The Rockin' and Surfin' Show 6pm Saturday - Eastern time zone
Shrunken Head Lounge Surf Music Radio
The Sound of Surf Music Spotify playlist (262 songs, 12hr 29min last I checked)
The Southern Surf Stompcast
Storm Surge of Reverb
Surfer Rex WOBC Radio 3 pre-recorded songs
SurfGuitar 101 MP3 Compilations
Surf Report
Surf & Rock FM
Surf Rock Radio

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