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Neptune Cocktail (Whittier-California, USA)

Neptune Cocktail is a trio of veteran, accomplished jazz and classical musicians who love to play surf music. We offer a unique ability to play traditional and modern surf music and jazz.

Los Tiki Phantoms (Spain)

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The Mentawais (Bogor, Indonesia)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from Indonesian

The Mentawais surf instrumental band was formed in 2015 in Bogor, Indonesia. For two years, the band decided to not do the show altogether and focus in the studio to record their song material. In the year 2017, it worked with Rain Rekords and Kick it Records, The Mentawais will release their EP titled 1 Surfin ' Java on cassette tapes that would then be followed by their first full-length album in the same year.

The Night Tides (Cucamonga-California, USA)

The Vara-tones (El Sereno-Califormia, USA)

Biography (From above link)

The Vara-Tones originated in the early sixties when instrumental surf music was the big thing happening in Southern California.
Inspired by groups like Dick Dale, The Chantays, The Bel-Aires , and The Lively Ones, The Vara-tones released released a single, `Repeto' on the Kay label in 1964. The group disbanded in 1966.
In 1997, due to the resurgence of surf music, all the original members who could be found were tracked down for a reunion which ultimately resulted in their first album entitled "Jetty Subject To High Surf" which was followed by two more albums - "Headin' Out" in 2005 and “Have Yourself A ‘Vara’ Merry Christmas” in 2011.

Red Dirt Surf

That's all I could find right now

Los Nitros (Spain)

First band up on April Fool's day, Cool (Watch out for your shoes are un-tied jokes today and other hoaxes).

Dude Man Hey (Houston-Texas, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Knowing the time was right for instrumental surf rock to dethrone rap and take its proper role as America's most popular form of music, Dude Man Hey was formed in 2015.

Since then we have played venues all over Houston including:
House of Blues
Leon's Lounge
Spring Branch Tavern
and many more.

Bevel Emboss (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Bevel Emboss - Celluloid:

A group musicians, plunged into an Amsterdam studio to take up an instrumental challenge. After ideas bubbled up during an Amsterdam Festival, founder Louis de Wit started composing some guitartunes. He got enthusiastic response from musician friiends and quickly a band was formed with Jac Bico on leadguitar, Louis de Wit on guitar, Paul van Rijswijk on drums and Bart de Ruiter on the bass.

Now presenting the album: Bevel Emboss - Celluloid
An album containing 15 tracks, to be considered as an ode to pure guitar music.
Bevel Emboss has mixed the traditional western sound with Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and South American beat and sound expressions. A mystical experience and a pleasure listening, bringing joy and the feeling of being part of the action.

Black Kat Devils (Cincinnati-Ohio, USA)

B11 (Boston-Massachusetts, USA)

Cat Sith (Moscow, Russia)

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Coastal Twisters (Palm Beach County-Florida, USA)

Chiyo & The Cresents

Echo Express

Le Grand Miercoles (València, Spain)

(From Facebook page) Translated from Spanish

Le Grand Wednesday is a quartet of outlaws of the Levant whose instrumental proposal mixes the sands of the beaches of Jamaica, those of California and the desert and cinematographic Western

Nahuelaizers (San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)

The Mystery Men Atlanta-Georgia, USA)

The Revomatics (Milwaukee=Wisconsin, USA)

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The Malibooz! (Malibu-California, USA)

(From Facebook page)

John Zambetti and Walter Egan are celebrating more than 50 years of making music together as The Malibooz. Formed in the “surf mecca” of New York City, The Malibooz proved to be a major attraction on the Eastern seaboard from 1964-66. They released an EP in 1964 and the single “Goin’ To Malibu” in 1965. This led to appearances at The New York State World's Fair. First, at the New York State Pavilion and then as part of the first color TV broadcast live from the RCA Pavilion.

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