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simoncoil: Slowly loosing my mind over the mixing of the new record...
33 days ago

Brian: Testing... Confused
33 days ago

Surf_Skater: Happy Halloween!
31 days ago

wfoguy: just reset all the clocks.
30 days ago

mom_surfing: electric beach party starts in 20 minutes streaming on radiohattera...
22 days ago

Emilien03: BIG SUUUUUUURF! Cool
13 days ago

11 days ago

bigtikidude: Because they are always working, no breaks, they need a rest.
7 days ago

LoeD: Exited! Tonite our EP release show!
3 days ago

mom_surfing: ELECTRIC BEACH PARTY starts in a few minutes streaming at radiohattera... the first seven tunes after the opener are all written by lee hazelwood
17 hours ago

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THE BAMBI MOLESTERS . Documentary Brasil Tour

Submitted by mulletmonster on November 28, 2015.
Featured Videos

Documentary recorded during the tour of the THE BAMBI MOLESTERS by Brazil in Jan/2015.

One of the most important surf rocks bands of the present day did 8 shows in 11 days and recorded some Tv Shows in the bigger country of South America.

In the documentary it is possible know the band history, see the guys on the road and a little piece of different gigs in Brasil in cities like São Paulo, Piracicaba and Ilha Comprida.


Mamuteprod/Orleone Recz

Read More There is more to this story, continue reading ...

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Submitted by Brian on November 27, 2015.
Site News

It has been a very long time coming, but today I am overjoyed to announce that is now running on a secure https connection. I'm really sorry it took so long to get here, but there were nearly 10 years of hot-linked images in the forums that had to be dealt with. It would be unthinkable to just discard them, so a script was developed to copy all these thousands of images into cloud storage, then rewrite all forum and comment posts to use the new secure image locations. I then had to develop a way to let users either upload images to our cloud storage, or copy hot-linked images there. There were lots of other little details to attend to also. But it's finished and I'm going to grab a beer!

SG101 cares about your privacy and security!

We may have missed a few pages, so if you see browser warnings about non-secure pages or so-called "mixed content" issues, please send me a link to the page as soon as possible!


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Submitted by mulletmonster on November 26, 2015.
Show Announcements

THE MULLET MONSTER MAFIA (Brasil) back to Europe in the summer 2016.

Shows are scheduled between June 13 and July 05.

News soon...

Mamuteprod/Orleone Recz :

Hear :

Surf Thrash Lenha!!!


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Stories from Shamehill Release Their First EP ‘Same same but different’

Submitted by sixstringrooster on November 26, 2015.

Stories from Shamehill - an original surfrock band from (nearby) Amsterdam The Netherlands, with a modern take on traditional surfmusic - is proud to announce their first EP ‘Same same but different’.

The sharp dressed, three-piece (one girl, two guys) take you on a reverb drenched journey through their four smoking' originals. The EP is a fully analogue production (Analog tape recorder used during initial recording, analog tape recorder used during mixing, digital mastering).

Same same but different is available for download from

We also have cd’s, contact us via or

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Los Protones (Peru) Live Broadcasting Show in São Paulo/Brasil

Submitted by mulletmonster on November 22, 2015.
Show Announcements

Next Monday, Nov/23 at 7pm (Brazilian Time), LOS PROTONES (Peru) will do a live broadcasting show in São Paulo, at Sesc Consolação Theatre.

This show is part of the Project Instrumental Sesc Brasil; the Mamuteprod/Orleone Recz (Booking Agency/Label) booking some Surf bands in this stage in the last times. Bands like THE BAMBI MOLESTERS (Croacia), THE MUTANTS (Finland), THE MULLET MONSTER MAFIA and another ones, they made their concerts in the most bigger city of South America; also broadcast live show to the whole world by the Project site. (link below)

LOS PROTONES . Live Broadcasting Show in São Paulo
Monday, Nov/23 - 7pm (Brazilian Time)
Link :

See the show and send your questions for the interview.

Surf's UP!!!

Neri Emiliano

Los Protones

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LOS PROTONES (Peru) - Monstruous Brasil Tour - November 2015

Submitted by mulletmonster on November 19, 2015.
Show Announcements

The amazing band from Peru, LOS PROTONES come to Brasil at the first time in November, 2015. 5 gigs in 6 days. Also they will record some internet shows and a documentary about the band. They will play at the Instrumental Sesc Brasil, live broadcast show in São Paulo in November, 23 at 7pm (Brazilian Time).
Here the link :

Mamuteprod / Orleone Recz

Los Protones . Monstruous Brasil Tour

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Royal Aces returning to the late, great Gary Lee's club, Nov. 25

Submitted by fenderfan on November 16, 2015.
Show Announcements

Gary Lee Bomar, owner of Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub, passed away tragically last month.  Gary Lee was a memorable character and member of the Denver music and restaurant community.  His club continues to operate proudly, and the Royal Aces feel privileged to return there on November 25, at 10 pm. 176 South Broadway.

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The 'Verb Awakens 12.05.15 in Seattle

Submitted by JakeDobner on November 13, 2015.
Show Announcements

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Moment Of Truth Pt. 2 Mini CD by The West Samoa Surfer League

Submitted by tired on November 12, 2015.

The second CD bears subsequently the Title "Moment of Truth Pt.2".

The cover is the same like on their first cd, but the colours of it and the cd were changed to the first release from 2013. Again the youngsters have chosen 2 covers (Stampede by The Scarlets) and Tiki Torcher by The Tiki Men.

The remaining 4 tracks are originals by the band The West Samoa Surfer League:

  1. Hot Rodding
  2. Buhne 16 Twist
  3. Welcome To Malibu
  4. Godzilla Walk.

My favorites are Stampde and Welcome To Malibu.

For order information please contact their drummer Falko Tomaszek at:


In Germany the price is 6.50 € incling postage, to countries outside of the EU it will be a little higher I guess. Please support these youngsters by buying their beautiful cd and we will hopefully get more output by these guys.

If you don´t know how they sound please check it on Youtube, search for Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2015.

Greetings from Germany


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Santa's Surf Spectacular

Submitted by headley on November 09, 2015.
Show Announcements

Join us in North Seattle as we gather in the rain to welcome Surf! Aloha Screwdriver, The 'Verb and Banzai Surf, as well as Djake Noose, The Klipspringer Dance Troupe and Elvis Santa will all be there.

Darrells Tavern, 18014 Aurora Ave N. Shoreline WA


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