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The Surfites (Sweden)

Biography (From: )

"The Surfites, a gang of landlocked gremmies playing trad instrumental surf music, were formed in 2004 by the two Fjellgren brothers of Swedish 90′s surf band the Daytonas. Their debut album Big Pounder came out in 2007 and was followed by Escapades in Space in 2008, both on Double Crown Records. Their latest full-length release, Surfites & Co., shows off the bands skill at capturing a variety of sounds - traditional surf, fuzz guitar instros, Euro-style twang and frat rock. Not forgetting vinyl, the band released a 2 song 7" last year with one song featuring vocals by Baron Shivers of The Ghastly Ones."

Thanks for including us twice! Smile

T H E ✠ S U R F I T E S

The Beachcombovers (Boston Massachusetts, USA)

Biography -

"Led by Unnatural Axe guitar player and ZOOM TV alumnus, Tommy White, the Beachcombovers bring you surf rock, garage and exotica with a lighthearted edge. Formed in 2008 with drummer John Cahill (My Own Worst Enemy) and joined by guitarist John Prendergast (Jelly Mold) and bassist Bruce Scott (One), The Beachcombovers will engage you with the West Coast sounds of the Ventures, Dick Dale and the Surfari"

2019 Tiki Oasis band interviews and live videos

SPF-4 (The Sun Protection Factor Four) (Massachusetts, USA)

Biography (From

Continuing the tradition pioneered by instro-masters like Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Chantays, Link Wray and other 60's instro surfbands, SPF-4 shares the sound and vibe of the music, now in its current wave. With reference to the past and an eye on the future, SPF-4 is crafting its current wave of surf-inspired instrumental rock with energy and edge.

Formed in 2004, The Sun Protection Factor Four includes seasoned players that combine vintage surf-instrumental style with a modern edge/rock performance.

The unique vibe created by an SPF-4 performance is one of the band's many strengths. As the SPF-4 delivers their brand of faithfully toned surf-inspired rock, a cool scene emerges at each performance. The band taps into and delivers the punch and purity of the music, which is easily appreciated by a wide audience. People walk away feeling good.

SPF-4 is available to perform club dates, corporate functions, concert openers, charitable events, music festivals and college campus events.

Ed Yamaguchi & Tokyo Ventures (Tokyo, Japan)
エド山口&東京ベンチャーズ モズライトカフェ


Formed in 1996, the live performance of the super-first-class band "Ed Yamaguchi & Tokyo Ventures" that no one would know if you are a venture freak will finally be held at the Mozulight Cafe!
Of course, the technique of the performance, action and talk are also first-class products!


Happy Holidays (Everywhere)

Check out STORM SURGE OF REVERB Surf & Instrumental Rock&Roll
"Gremmy Awards 2018: Guest Gremmys" Link below:

Submitted by Hunter (a.k.a. . . ElMonstroPorFavor)

"Storm Surge of Reverb is currently just one person and I have my own fickle tastes. There are lots of albums that I know others enjoy but didn't click with me, and there are albums I enjoyed but not quite enough to find their way into the Gremmys. So I call on my friends to spread it out a bit! The following people are very well-versed in today's instro music and I want to thank them for letting me put that to use."

Main site link:

Start surfing for bands in 2020

The Apaches (Phoenix, Arizona - USA)



Biography (From Facebook Page)

" In late 2015, the Apaches suddenly appeared out of nowhere with an EP called Musica Surfica, Vol. I, and by March of last year this had combined with Vol. II for a full album of retrofitted surf music straight out of the desert. The Apaches are Eric Hirsch (lead guitar, organ), Adam Gold (drums), Andrew Jemsek [since 2018] (bass guitar) and Jacob Strong [since 2017] (rhythm guitar). They make authentic surf music in the vein of Link Wray, Dick Dale and the Ventures.
On Musica Surfica, Vol. III & IV, they sound even better and explore the soundscapes those pioneers found over 50 years ago. This is perfect music to play at any beach-themed tiki party. Like their influences, some of the material here borders on Ennio Morricone territory, and if you’re keen on the idea of making a spaghetti western, I’d recommend getting the Apaches to perform the score for you. The band’s name is almost certainly derived from the 1960 hit by the Shadows, which had vast influence in surf music circles and eventually hip hop.
Hirsch is the visionary, and he should be working on films for someone, because he has a knack for arranging instrumentals. The entire band sounds stellar on this release, and I truly hope someday they consider a limited run on vinyl, because that’s the only way it could sound even more authentic. Even the titles sound like tracks found on legacy records: “Pistoleros,” “Ghost Ride,” “Look Out!” and the obligatory “Surf Surf Surf.” The only cover here is the traditional “Dark Eyes,” and that’s a stunner, as well. If you’re taking a trip to the beach, I suggest you have this on repeat.”

Last edited: Feb 03, 2020 19:39:52

The Surf Kings (Oceanside California - USA)

Web Page

Biography (From Link Above)

"The Surf Kings are from Oceanside California, and have been together for 20 years. We have recorded two Albums of original material, and currently working on our 3rd. We have toured Europe 3 times, have many film and commercial credits, have appeared on TV and have played shows all over Southern California from the local clubs and venues to festivals. We are rooted in surf with rock influences, more powerful then a Tsunami, gentle as an ocean breeze. Or as Johnny Deadman from London put it, "it felt like the universe was exploding around my head!"

Danger Death Ray (Hamilton, Ontario - Canada)



Last edited: Feb 03, 2020 20:06:46

Surf Zombies (Cedar Rapids, Iowa - USA)

Facebook page:


Biography (From Facebook page)

"Surf Zombies raise surf rock from the dead with fast, crazy, original instrumentals that straddle retro surf, bubblegum punk, and garage rock. A Surf Zombies show is some combination of Saturday morning cartoons, beach parties, and hot rod car shows. The driving rhythms, swirling tremolo, crashing spring reverb from dueling guitars and authentic growl of vintage tube amps make for a truly weird Midwestern wonder. Their fifth studio album, "Return of the Skeleton," was released in October 2018 for fans of surf, punk, leather jackets, vintage guitars, and exceptional melodies.
Surf Zombies have reached a wide range of audiences playing hot-rod shows, breweries, bars, restaurants, theaters, and city festivals across the midwest. Their songs have been featured on TV shows like MTV’s Ridiculousness and A&E’s Bad Ink. Iowa Brewing Company honored the band by producing Surf Zombies IPA, and in 2017 the band received the Spirit Award from the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
“I couldn’t help wondering why festivals aren’t more careful […] to book bands like Surf Zombies more often,” said IPR’s Al Schares when asked about Surf Zombies’ 2019 appearance at the 80/35 Music Festival. “It was a long weekend of angry rockers, earnest singer/songwriters, and quirky indie pop bands; Surf Zombies were the perfect antidote.”

Southern Surf StompFest! 9/19/20 Atlanta, GA

The Exotics (Milwaukee, WI)
The Men In Gray Suits (Montreal, Canada)
Surf Zombies (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Nuclear Juarez (San Antonio, TX)
The Jagaloons (Albany, NY)
The Mystery Men? (Atlanta, GA)
The Surge! (Atlanta, GA)
Outersea (Athens, GA)
The Compartmentalizationalists (Atlanta, GA)
DJ Casbah (Brian Parrish)

Saturday, September 19 from noon-10:30 at Little Tree Art Studios (2834 Franklin St, Avondale Estates, GA 30002)

But wait, there's more! There will also be a pre-party the night before (9/18) at Trader Vic's (255 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303) featuring:
The Manakooras (Charlotte, NC)
The Johnny Zoom Hi-Fi Show (Saint Petersburg, FL)

Both events are family friendly and FREE!

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