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The Ghiblis (Piacenza, Italy)

Los Pataconas (Valencia, Spain)

Last edited: May 28, 2019 16:18:51

You know you have to edit the first post to include every band in alphabetical order, right? Otherwise who's going to sift through fifty pages?

Danny Deathtide

The Dentures Central Coast Surf Band (San Luis, California, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

The Dentures Surf Band hails from San Luis Obispo, California and has become a local favorite with the SurfRider Foundation. The Dentures were around when all these surf tunes were "new" hits on KRLA. Founded by Ron Saul (Bass) who considers instrumental surf music from the early 1960's as the relevant folk music of southern California. Ron worked for Ernie Ball Company, and since 1997 designs and builds Ron Saul Ukuleles which are world renown for high quality. Guitarist Steve Conrad hails from Downey, CA where at age 7 he saw the Chantay's record Pipeline in 1962 at Wentzels Music store. Later that same year his family moved to Glendora, where he recalls attending rehearsals by the Surfaris - "My older brother was friends with the band, and the first Electric Guitar I ever touched was Jim Fuller's - and i was hooked!" Mark Ciccone is on guitar and Vocals and hails from New York, but has adopted the ways of surf! Local Artisan Tres Feltman rounds out the band on Drums, and provides the steady Surf Beat to keep everything together.

Effective 2013,The Dentures are on hiatus - Today guitarist Steve Conrad carries on with Boomer Surf Band based in San Luis Obispo, CA

DeathTide wrote:

You know you have to edit the first post to include every band in alphabetical order, right? Otherwise who's going to sift through fifty pages?

Yeah I am working on a list right now and will have what page each band is on. I put a sample of one idea I was thinking of on the first post already. One idea is two lists one by country and another alphabetical order list. There are 968 bands so far, so to me by country works the best I would think, But. Cool Dunno

I find new bands all the time, so its hard to make a list yet.

SURF SQUAD (Northeast, USA)

A Tribute to Dick Dale "King of the Surf Guitar"

Biography (From Facebook page)

Nicknamed the "East Coast Prince of Surf Guitar" by his very close personal friend Dick Dale, Vinnie "O" has been making ears bleed with blistering surf rock since 2001, shredding the very best of Dick Dale's tunes for fans all over New England. Surf Squad has performed shows from Connecticut to Boston to New York and Vinnie has done individual guest appearance sets with numerous well known artists during their shows.

After a long hiatus and some personnel changes, Surf Squad is back with a vengeance! Better than ever and shredding hard, with Freddie Colgan on drums and Mario Agnello on bass, Surf Squad celebrates and promotes the growth and perpetual life of southern California style Surf Rock, pioneered by Dick Dale himself, not only for the diehard "Old School" fans, but also for the newer generations being introduced to the genre for the very first time.

SPF4 (Sun Protection Factor 4)

Biography (From link above)

Continuing the tradition pioneered by instro-masters like Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Chantays, Link Wray and other 60's instro surfbands, SPF-4 shares the sound and vibe of the music, now in its current wave. With reference to the past and an eye on the future, SPF-4 is crafting its current wave of surf-inspired instrumental rock with energy and edge.

Formed in 2004, The Sun Protection Factor Four includes seasoned players that combine vintage surf-instrumental style with a modern edge/rock performance.

The unique vibe created by an SPF-4 performance is one of the band's many strengths. As the SPF-4 delivers their brand of faithfully toned surf-inspired rock, a cool scene emerges at each performance. The band taps into and delivers the punch and purity of the music, which is easily appreciated by a wide audience. People walk away feeling good.

SPF-4 is available to perform club dates, corporate functions, concert openers, charitable events, music festivals and college campus events.

Last edited: Jun 03, 2019 19:23:12

Blood Reef (New Orleans-Louisiana, USA)

Last edited: Aug 03, 2019 18:06:02

The Fintastics (Wichita Falls, TX, United States)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Back in 2015, The Fintastics were created due to a lack of Surf Instrumental music in the Texas/Oklahoma area. The music is very unfamiliar with residents of both states, as it is strictly a genre native to California during the early 1960’s. With pioneers of Surf music by artists like The Surfaris, The Astronauts, The Lively Ones, and of course, Dick Dale, it was the top-favored music for the surfing and beach culture for many years. With the Beach Boys on the scene, the five-part vocal harmonies became an extension of the California life-style with easy to listen lyrics and impeccable song-writing. Surf instrumental music slowly became less popular as The Beatles became a world-wide phenomenon while other genres of music came onto the AM radio such as Motown, hard rock, and country. Surf music went full steam ahead again, in 1980, commonly known as “The Second Wave”. With new bands coming out making surf albums, the genre had peaked the interest of millions that have never heard it before.

The Lava Rats (San Francisco-California, USA)

Biography (From link above)

Since the early part of this century, the San Francisco Bay Area has come to know the name of The Lava Rats. With their distinct blend of fiery originals and razor-sharp covers, this trio of surf musicians has made a lasting mark on the clubs in their hometown and beyond. Travelling up and down the California coast, they bring their hard-boiled Nor-Cal surf rock to clubs from San Diego to Santa Rosa.
Bill Bergstrom fronts the band, and his arsenal of guitars attracts almost as much attention as he does. Kenan O'Brien, the ever-solid bass player lays down the foundation for Bill to jump from, all while finding the darkest corner of the stage to stand in. The red-faced drummer is Taylor Still, an accomplished drummer and percussionist, who rounds out the band by providing the solid beat and his own flair, all the while driving the band with straight-ahead surf chops.

The New Shockwaves (San Jose-California, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Here's the story...I wanted to play surf music again. Been away from it for at least 5 years. I tried to join other bands but it just didn't pan out. So I said "Heck I'll form my own band". And so I began the band the New Shockwaves. Why? Because I'm the original drummer and co-founder of the 1985 surf band the Shockwaves. We were from San Jose, California. This band is from Santa Cruz, California. Band members are: Stretch Riedle=drums; W Dogfish Pitts=guitar; Dennis Gardner=bass. While I'm not trying to reproduce exactly what we did 30 years ago, I am going to bring some of the elements into the new band. (Unfortunately, my orange Ludwig drum kit is long gone, but now I have a sexy Ludwig Blue Pearl kit.) Of course there's my connection, there are many of the songs we used to do that we'll do again [including our number 1 hit, for two weeks on KFJC, "Batwipe"], and I'll do my best to reconnect with all of the other players and bands we knew back in the early days of the surf scene. The Shockwaves were always about having fun and taking chances. The New Shockwaves will have fun, take chances, and make it as entertaining as possible for a trio of middle-aged dudes. We will be playing our first gig on August 22nd, 2015. Stay tuned... STRETCH

Last edited: Jun 03, 2019 18:53:49

List of Surf festivals

Reverb Rampage, November 18th, 2017, Germany.

Winter Surf Fest, February 3rd (so cal)

Aloha Fest, March 3rd, (Venlo, Netherlands)

Surf By Surf East, March 17(Austin Tx)

Surf O Rama in May, (Spain)

South Bay Surf Stomp, May (so cal)

Great Lakes Surf Battle ,June 1,2, (Toronto,Canada)

Hukilau, June 6-10 (Ft. Lauderdale Florida)

Wild O last weekend, (Mexico)

Surfer Joe Summer Festival, June 21-24 in (Italy)

Surf Rock Mayhem 7, July 13-14 (Greece)

Tiki-Kon July 13-15, (Portland Oregon)

Surf guitar 101, August 3-5 (So Cal)

Tiki Oasis August 8-12 (So Cal)-not all surf,but quite a few over 5 days

Asbury Park Surf Music Festival,Aug 17-19(New Jersey)

Southern Surf Stompfest sept 15 (Atlanta,Ga.)

Boss Cuts (Beijing, China)

The Steam Surfers (Bergen, Netherlands)

Last edited: Jun 09, 2019 13:15:40

The Sodbusters

Found these videos on above link, no info or other sites so far.

Last edited: Jun 09, 2019 13:29:52

Reducing Agents

Last edited: Jun 09, 2019 19:10:19

The Aquatudes (Central Connecticut, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Band members: Tom Bittel, Dick Bascom, Mike Rocchetti. •• These guys have been playing in rock bands for a very very long time. •• Tom Bittel's first band performed rock and roll songs of the 50's and 60's. He played lead guitar in a style combining elements of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and the Ventures. In 1984, Tom joined a Hartford band called "The Broken Hearts," who recorded a 9-song LP titled "Want One?" Tom was later a member of "See Jane Run," a Connecticut band who released their first CD in 1994 and a second titled "Weird Reality" in 2004. In 2002, Tom released his own 13-track CD titled "Dad's Noisy Basement" ( Tom wrote and recorded the first songs for the Aquatudes in 2006. In June of 2007, he met drummer Dick Bascom through the North East Surf Music Alliance (NESMA) and then the real fun began! • • Dick Bascom began hitting the hides at the age of ten in the mid-1960's. "Having chops" back then meant being able to thump a respectable "Wipe Out" drum solo on the the school bus seat cushions. Dick spent his fist years as a drummer terrorizing several school band directors by day, and then by night playing the central CT bar scene in the country rock band "Anonymous." Dick played a regular schedule of bar gigs, social club dances and weddings, which included the surf classics Pipeline, Walk, Don't Run, and of course, Wipe Out. After taking an extended time-out to live the American Dream, Dick expanded on the theme and hooked up with some other old guys in 2006, and played drums in Connecticut's Classic Rock scene for a bit. He also helped satifsfy his need to play and coach by offering drum lessons to beginning drummers, where the "surf beat" is required learning. Dick found the NESMA Surf rock classified ads in the spring of 2007, and soon made Tom's aquaintance to provide the drums for the emerging Aquatudes. • • Mike Rocchetti started playing rock & roll and blowing fuses in 1974 on an electric bass guitar (a short-scale Fender Musicmaster Bass with a 100 watt Fender Bassman Amp) that he bought with money earned working at a local shipyard in New London Connecticut. After ten years of raising hell, playing occasional gigs at local biker bars, sometimes disturbing the peace, and oftentimes dealing with irate neighbors, barking dogs, and local cops, he set his bass aside to focus on his schooling, career and family. After a long hiatus of musical inactivity, Mike jumped back in to the music scene in 2009 and hit the ground running. Mike plays a 1972 Fender Jazz Bass though an Acoustic B200H head with a B115 bass cabinet, and he assures us that this rig can blow the roof off any juke joint in New England. Mike's musical style is influenced by great bassists like Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Glenn Hughes, Tim Bogert, Jack Bruce, Rocco Prestia, Bob Babbit, John Paul Jones and many more.

The Concussions (Grand Rapids-Michigan, USA)


Biography (From link below)

"The Concussions are a mighty Michigan-based surf & instrumental rock n' roll combo. A few years ago they released their debut CD on their own label, and followed it up with their second disc, on Double Crown, called Magic Fingers. The disc contains twelve great tunes, eleven originals plus a cover of the Beatles tune "And I Love Her".

It's all wrapped up in the label's first digipak CD case and was produced by the band, and mixed by the band and Pete Curry of Los Straitjackets. They've been tearing up stages all over their home state and made an explosive appearance at Eddie Angel's Exotica Fest in 2008, opening for The Neanderthals and The Trashmen! Magic Fingers received the "Instrumental Album Of The Year" award from the Grand Rapids Press.

The band released their second CD for Double Crown, Fall In Love With The Concussions in 2012, which was followed by Break Up With The Concussions in early 2014."

Last edited: Jun 11, 2019 09:46:29

The Cholla (Newport Beach, California)

The Cholla is a one-man musical project that explores exotic territories with reverb-drenched surf guitars.

The Del-Novas (Northern California, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Sonoma County's favorite Rock 'n Roll combo specializes in classic surf, spy-themed anthems, spaghetti westerns, and far-out sounds of stereophonic sci-fi!

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