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Category: Bands

Get Three Coffins Ready Update!

Howdy Here Is A January 2008 Gig Schedule!
January 4th @ The Bluebird Theater, Denver, Co. W/ Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band
January 5th @ Mr. Nate's Hotrod Haunting Ground, Arvada, Co.
January 11th @ Bender's 13th Ave. Tavern, Denver, Co.
January 12th @ The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, Co. Performing For The Karl Alvarez Benefit Fund!
January 18th @ The Bluebird Theater, Denver Co. E.P. Release Show With Frontside Five And Others!
Please Try Come Out To Any Of These Shows As It Will Be The End Of An Era In Denver Surf Scene. We Will Be Recording Every Show And Videotaping As Well. So Come Out And Help Us Make Some Noise.
You Can Get Your Hands On Get Three Coffins Ready New E.P: "The Pain Of Numbers" for $7ppd By Visiting or emailing

Merry Christmas From The AquaSonics

Merry Christmas from The AquaSonics !

Click here for an AquaSonics Christmas wish.

The AquaSonics new web page!

Check out the new Aquasonics web page at Please update your bookmarks!

New at - Downloads!

(From Paul Johnson's email list... - BN)

Friends and guitar music fans ­

Just in time for Christmas, we've gone live with a MAJOR SITE UPGRADE at Now you can DOWNLOAD your favorite tunes and albums! It¹s quick, easy, and cheap; and its available on over 200 (!) of my tunes, many of which have been unavailable for purchase until now.

Online purchase of "real" CDs is still available too!...

We have several other new surprises for you here as well, and some great GIFT IDEAS to help you make short work of your holiday shopping. Please come by and see all our new toys!

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Retroactive Gamma Rays CD now available online

Recently a major galactic event has occured in the Pacific Northwest, a gamma ray burst larger than any in the last 50 years. Scientists believe the event occured the moment a NW surf band known as "Retroactive Gamma Rays" released their debut CD. The Retroactive Gamma Rays self-released debut CD, "Activate!" is now available online.

Twelve songs are available on RGR's, "Activate!", along with sound effects and sound clips from cult classic movie favorites like Hot Rods to Hell, Repoman, The Day The Earth Stood Still and more. Clint Beachwood from A Day at the Beach says, "Great CD!!". Speakeasy, the eighth track from the album, was the first song played on Clint Beachwoods November 15th radio show. More songs from the recently released CD are currently playing on Retroactive Gamma Rays myspace page here,

The CD is now available at a number of online CD purchasing portals, including, Double Crown Records mail order and Deep Eddy Records mail order. Below are links to the three websites were you can purchase the CD.

For those of you wondering how this natural occuring event may effect the Great Northwest, and the world, most experts believe,"The only side effects will be increased foot tapping and stereo volume knobs being tweaked to the left slightly more that usual, but everything should pretty much stay the same." These effects, however may ultimately be perminent and spread throughout the world according to speciests in the field. In response to this forever changing release by the Retroactive Gamma Rays Retroactive_Taj responds, "Buy it.". Well put Taj, well put.

Laramie Dean CD release party at the Mai Kai Ft. Lauderdale!


Laramie here to announce that I will be releasing my latest recordings on November 23rd at the Mai Kai. The cd includes 9 tracks recorded in June of 2007. The other 3 tracks are live, 1 track as a trio, featuring Dusty Watson, my bud who got me the job with Dick Dale. This show was impropmtu, my scheduled drummer could not make it. Dusty was like, "Lets do it! "I was opening for Agent Orange in Miami Fl and it was a great show. Miami Ink was filming and there was over 650 tickets sold, plus at least 5 other bands opened up!  A really fun show. Dusty is totally rad. Joe Queer introduced me to him almost 10 years ago, and we have been buds ever since.  I am hoping we can tour together next year.

The last 2 tracks were recorded live at the Drive Invasion in Atlanta GA. That show was great! This line up is a 4 piece, and the songs here we did not re-hearse together. I did  them last minute because my reverb tank crapped out, and every one was sort of expecting my old school surf punk sound anyway. So the fuzz really got people pumped! 

The album art was done by one of my newest buds in Miami, El Rey. I told my bass player I wanted a Rick Griffin style artist and he set me up with this kid. I met with him, and two hours later he emails me this work of art! I love it! He really killed it in short notice.

I hope to see all the South Florida Surf Punks at the show at the end of the month.



New Satan's Pilgrims T-shirts for Sale!!!!

Help us recover from near bankruptcy caused by our recent shows in Vegas and LA!

These are brand new, 3 color design, t-shirts with artwork done by PDX poster artist Mike King. It was originally used for a poster for a New Years show in 1996 (I think). This is a brand new shirt, never before available.

We have listened to YOU, the SG101 community and tried to give you what you demand! Our fans come in all shapes and sizes and want to look their best, so we have made S,M,L (pictured here) all on the small side. The XL and XXL, however, run big and are not as "form fitting" Wink . The XL and XXL are also not "heathered" like the one pictured, meaning they are a pure, deep color without the faded look.

$22 includes shipping. Don't forget to let me know if you need me to throw in a live DVD or Best of cd for the same shipping (total price will be adjusted based on the order). The paypal address is now
Ted Pilgrim
PS We didn't gamble the band money, I swear.
PPS Read more to see the shirt design.

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New Illuminoids CD Released!

The feature length, all instrumental CD "secret society of surf guitar" by THE ILLUMINOIDS has just been released.  We wish to thank all of the SG-101 members who gave us support and encouragement for our song "The Czar Of Surf Guitar" (Tribute to Ivan). 
The CD of mostly originals reflects a broad spectrum of influences.
Visit for more information.

The Madeira Update: Hot Rod Hula Hop III this Saturday!!

Hello all!

We hope you're enjoying your summer.  Things have been a bit quiet in the Madeira camp lately.  Three reasons for that: 1) we're all keeping quite busy this summer, 2) Patrick is not as easily available anymore, and most importantly 3) we're working very hard on the songs for the next album.  We have all the songs for the CD at this point (13 in total), and the recording session is booked for December.  We're very excited about the new material and feel it'll be a worthy follow-up to "Sandstorm".  The best news; you don't have to wait until next year to hear the new songs!  Read on...

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Pollo del Mar- SoCal Tour dates, Starbucks, the Sunday Surf Party returns

Hi Pollo fans, An update from the PDM world...

This Wednesday we head to SoCal for 5 shows- Marina del Rey, Pioneertown (hot!), San Diego, Los Angeles and Huntington Beach. If you are in SoCal, please check the PDM gigs page for details.

This summer, Starbucks has released a collection of surf music called "Big Waves". It has an excellent collection of vintage surf, but the last third of the CD is devoted to modern surf bands like The Mermen, Laika and the Cosmonauts and... Pollo del Mar. Wow! Check it out at a Starbuck's near you, or follow this link.

The Sunday Surf Party returns to The Hotel Utah in September and October! On 9/16 The Lava Rats open the show, followed by the return of Daikaiju (Alabama's monster surf band). Then, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of "The Ocean Is Not for Cowards" Pollo Del Mar will play that album, in it's entirety. (We haven't played some of those songs in years.) On 10/21, Slacktone returns to the Bay Area. Opening will be an excellent new band The Tomorrowmen, followed by The Pyronauts and PDM. More news on that show as the date gets closer.

And finally, The Beach Chalet has been asking bands to "turn it down", so we have been performing our monthly show there- without a drummer. I know, what is surf music without drums? Much quieter for one thing, but it seems to work well. Check the gigs page for "Skinless Pollo" show dates.

Thanks! Pollo Del Mar