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simoncoil: Slowly loosing my mind over the mixing of the new record...
33 days ago

Brian: Testing... Confused
32 days ago

Surf_Skater: Happy Halloween!
31 days ago

wfoguy: just reset all the clocks.
30 days ago

mom_surfing: electric beach party starts in 20 minutes streaming on radiohattera...
21 days ago

Emilien03: BIG SUUUUUUURF! Cool
12 days ago

11 days ago

bigtikidude: Because they are always working, no breaks, they need a rest.
7 days ago

LoeD: Exited! Tonite our EP release show!
3 days ago

mom_surfing: ELECTRIC BEACH PARTY starts in a few minutes streaming at radiohattera... the first seven tunes after the opener are all written by lee hazelwood
7 hours ago

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Stories from Shamehill Release Their First EP ‘Same same but different’

Submitted by sixstringrooster on November 26, 2015.

Stories from Shamehill - an original surfrock band from (nearby) Amsterdam The Netherlands, with a modern take on traditional surfmusic - is proud to announce their first EP ‘Same same but different’.

The sharp dressed, three-piece (one girl, two guys) take you on a reverb drenched journey through their four smoking' originals. The EP is a fully analogue production (Analog tape recorder used during initial recording, analog tape recorder used during mixing, digital mastering).

Same same but different is available for download from

We also have cd’s, contact us via or

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The 427's Release Their Full-Length Album "Mavericks"

Submitted by vankeir on November 09, 2015.

The 427's are pleased to announce the release of their full-length album Mavericks on Stingray Sounds.  The new album refines the "surf noir" style of their debut EP, continuing to be influenced by film noir, tattoos, motorcycles, and hot rods.  Joining guitarists Rob Day and Chris van Keir in promoting the album are new bassist Eve Hell and new drummer Lorne Petersen, who both previously played in rockabilly/psychobilly band Eve Hell & the Razors.  Mavericks is available for immediate download and streaming from

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"Los Chicharrones del Surf" Vinyl EP out now by Balu & die Surfgrammeln

Submitted by ElBirkerio on November 09, 2015.


Green Cookie Records and Balu & die Surfgrammeln are pleased to announce that our EP "Los Chicharrones del Surf" is out now and available via, and other vendors - enjoy.

Los Chicharrones del Surf

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Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart Now on Vinyl

Submitted by JakeDobner on November 09, 2015.

Recorded over three days in 2008, Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart has been long gestating for a physical release having previously only received a hushed digital release in 2013.

While appearing to flirt with a multitude of genres, the LP's songs were written only with big melodies in mind. Double-picking, counterpoint, trumpets, acoustic guitars, and lots of reverb create the distinct sound of Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart.

Available for purchase on

The allbum is pressed on 160gm vinyl and contains a free .wav download.


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New CD 'Bottoms Up!' From Agent:Octopus

Submitted by James_Tiberius on October 25, 2015.

Agent:Octopus is excited to announce the release of our debut CD

'Bottoms Up!' 8 tracks of melody-drenched, instrumental goodness. You can also see the boys at Unsteady Freddie's Surf Rock Shindig December 5th 2015 in Neeeew York City! 

Where can you get a copy, or just listen? 

Right here of course:

Or catch us on Clnt Beachwood's latest 'Day at the Beach' episode.

CD Cover


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The Surfaders new album "A Greater Silence" out now!

Submitted by jonastronaut on October 10, 2015.

“A Greater Silence”, the Surfaders' second album, is packed with great spaghetti surf sounds. Be in for a surprise as there are vocals featured on some of the songs.

Order CD from Double Crown Records or CDBABY. Also available via I-tunes, Spotify and other major webshops and streaming services.

cover The Surfaders - A Greater Silence

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X Ray Cat Trio - 'Out For Blood' Album Out Halloween 2015!

Submitted by ELNICO on October 07, 2015.

X Ray Cat Trio - Vampyre Surf from Leeds UK Release their new album 'Out For Blood' through Gin House Records

For Fans of Dan Sartain, Link Wray and Jim Jones

A Pre Order is availiable through ITunes including immediate download of track 'Rockero Fantasma'

'Wolfcop' availiable for download at Bandcamp

Keep up to date on Facebook


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New album from Martin Cilia - Electric Christmas

Submitted by Surfersaurus on September 17, 2015.

Martin has just completed his new album - Electric Christmas - an instrumental Christmas album. It will be released into shops and on iTunes on the 9th of October.

Pre sale copies are available right now at the Electric Christmas website with free worldwide shipping. You can also listen to some of the songs there. 

There's a video for the album's opening track.

Martin will have copies at his next Sydney solo (with band) gig at Lazybones Lounge on 25th September. So, if you're in Sydney, come along and be the first to grab a copy!

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MOMS I'D LIKE TO SURF EP#2 "Surf Cops Are Watching You"

Submitted by zelig73 on September 16, 2015.

Hi Everyone, 

Moms I'd Like To Surf are pleased to announce : EP#2 "Surf Cops is Watching You" is now available.

Please follow the link to listen or buy :

More info here :


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The Madeira - Ancient Winds CD

Submitted by Double-Crown-Records on September 07, 2015.

The Madeira - Ancient Winds CD (Double Crown)

The Madeira are back with their most diverse release to date - soaring guitars, pounding rhythms and exquisite, nuanced songwriting make this perhaps the best release by the band so far. Their previous studio CD, Tribal Fires, was named as the runner-up in Pipeline Instrumental Review's "Album Of The Year" awards for 2012 (and their latest release, the live Sonic Cataclysm album, won the Pipeline album of the year award last year), but this disc somehow manages, through the relentless efforts of all four musicians, to top it in what's sure to be one of the top releases of 2015. Ancient Winds features 12 original songs as well as a cover of The Atlantics' "Coral Island". Several of the songs were collaborations with some of the premier guitarists and songwriters of the last 50 years, including Jim Skiathitis of The Atlantics, Danny Snyder of The TomorrowMen, Jeremy Dehart of the Aqualads and Alex Faide of Los Twang! Marvels. Original cover art was created by Lorraine Schleter and CD layout by Ferenc Dobronyi.

Tracks: Journey To The Center Of The Surf - Hail, Poseidon! - Ancient Winds - Sirena - Caravela - Farthest Shore - Dawn In Cadiz - Coral Island - Prelude To Launch - The Argonaut - Here Be Dragons - Leviathan - Into The Deep

The Madeira - Ancient Winds CD - DCCD65 - $12.75 (Order From Double Crown Records)

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