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Ferenc & Ivan in Hawaii!
Ferenc & Ivan in Hawaii!

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Category: Bands

New Los Twang Marvels CD!

Found this on myspace: --BN

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of our new album "Jungle of Twang". It will be released by Kamikaze Records of Germany. The album is ...GREAT, we recorded it at Circo Perroti Studios, Gijon Spain, last December.

Check out our tour dates, we'll be touring a bit around Germany and Switzerland this Spring and Summer, and are to keep doing so for the next year.

Mucho love, cheers and beers!

Alex Anthony
Los Twang Marvels

Read more to see the artwork...

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A Message from Laika & The Cosmonauts

Editors note: received by email from Janne Haavisto:

There sometimes comes a time in a band's career when things are still great, but you can sense that the natural lifespan is nearing the end. It´s nobody's fault, there´s no reason for it, it just happens. That's where we are with Laika & The Cosmonauts now. We love the band & music and are very proud of all the gigs and records we've done. We don't wanna our good career to go where we end up being a bored/boring bar band that plays too few gigs to keep it tight, with the same songs all the time and gradually keeps getting worse and worse and in the process start hating the music and each other. So...

When we release the compilation, it will be , not only to celebrate our 20th anniversary, but also to enhance the enjoyment of our farewell tour and make it an appropriate finale for the 20 year on the road - we intend to have fun and play great gigs! We'll do as many shows as possible in Finland in August-November and then October in the USA.

We'll be playing the East coast, hopefully the West coast too and then play our final gigs at the Continental Club in Austin, our home away from home (Oct 31st and Nov 1st) and...after which we'll have a few beers and relax, you know...


Los Straitjackets to release Live In Concert DVD

From Yep Roc Records:

Yep Roc Records will release the new Los Straitjackets DVD Live In Concert, on May 13th, 2008.

Los Straitjackets have made a career out of being one of the most dynamic and skillful instrumental bands on the planet. Their renowned live show is filled with mind-bending guitar theatrics, group choreography and fuzzed-out experiments in high fidelity rock n' roll showmanship. On their new DVD, In Concert, the luchadores of rock document a 2005 gig at San Francisco's historic Great American Music Hall.

The set abounds with original tracks and signature far out covers ("My Heart Will Go On") done as only the Straitjackets can do them. The spellbinding shows are captured in Dolby 5.1 surround sound and crystal clear video resulting in a vintage snapshot of the band in lean, mean musical form. Complete with kitschy cool intro sequences produced by the band, In Concert is the quintessential document of the Los Straitjackets live experience.

In Concert will also be available on 12 inch vinyl, complete with an alternate track listing and songs not available on the DVD version.

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Mighty Surf Lords Update

Well, it's been a hell of a month to kick this year off!!!! Kinda sucky actually. After losing our drummer to the big stage in the sky, our bass player, Mike Warner has decided to call it quits with the Mighty Surf Lords.

We have hired a new drummer, and have spoken to a couple bass players who are willing to keep this project alive. But it is going to take time, yet again, to be ready to perform.

On a good note ( no not Bb ), the new album is currently being duplicated, and I got a release date of Febuary 14, 2008.

The CD's will be for sale at a normal price of $15. And to all my fellow SG101'ers,  $10 bucks!!!

Give me a shout and I will put an order together as soon as I receive the discs. I will have to catch up my bank account this week so I can use paypal. lol.

Get Three Coffins Ready Returns As A Trio!

After About 2 Weeks Of Grueling Reverb Levels And Boom Baps, Get Three Coffins Ready Is Ready To Start Playing Out Again. We Have Gone To Configuration B Which Is Both Guitarists Trading Off On The Kit. All Songs Have Been Painfully Reproduced To Our Stringent Standards.
Check The Myspace Profile For Some Dates We Will Be Performing.

New E.P. From Get Three Coffins Ready Out Now!

The Eliminators in the news

Surf music revival sweeps up party band

The Eliminators were well-respected in the surf genre.


This is a true story about how surfing brought together one of the most commercially successful SoCal surf bands of the '90s.

It all started in The Doheny Long Board Surfing Association Surf Club. In 1993, it scheduled its annual '60s Surf Contest. The rules said you could ride only pre-1968 longboards, 9 feet or longer. You had to dress the part, too. That meant no modern wetsuits and no leashes.

The Surf Club decided to have a jam session after the contest, using some of the organization's musical talent. Member Chuck McElvain, a surfer and guitar player who worked for Fender Guitars, recruited the talent. He hooked up with Joe Kurkowski, Preston Wilson, Doug Harlow, Bill Swanson and some other buddies from Fender.

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A Mighty Loss

We are so sorry to have to announce that we lost our drummer, Jeff (FIRECYN) Campaigne, last night to a heartattack.

He was a great band mate, a great father and family man, and one of my best friends.

Jeff will certainly be missed by ALL of those who had ever met him.

-The Mighty Surf Lords

Get Three Coffins Ready Update!

Howdy Here Is A January 2008 Gig Schedule!
January 4th @ The Bluebird Theater, Denver, Co. W/ Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band
January 5th @ Mr. Nate's Hotrod Haunting Ground, Arvada, Co.
January 11th @ Bender's 13th Ave. Tavern, Denver, Co.
January 12th @ The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, Co. Performing For The Karl Alvarez Benefit Fund!
January 18th @ The Bluebird Theater, Denver Co. E.P. Release Show With Frontside Five And Others!
Please Try Come Out To Any Of These Shows As It Will Be The End Of An Era In Denver Surf Scene. We Will Be Recording Every Show And Videotaping As Well. So Come Out And Help Us Make Some Noise.
You Can Get Your Hands On Get Three Coffins Ready New E.P: "The Pain Of Numbers" for $7ppd By Visiting or emailing

Merry Christmas From The AquaSonics

Merry Christmas from The AquaSonics !

Click here for an AquaSonics Christmas wish.