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Category: Bands

Kickstart The Coffin Daggers Second LP

Victor from the Coffin Daggers writes:

So we’ve finally finished recording and mixing our second album. We’re planning on a vinyl, CD, and digital release, but releasing records is expensive. We need help putting it out, so we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise the money for mastering and pressing. We’re offering lots of great rewards including album credit, cd’s, and lot’s of other good stuff. Check out our Kickstarter Page!

The Beechwoods - Party Time Discotheque CD Now!

Image Whether you like to Twist, Shake, Shimmy, Shout or Slop, the Beechwoods have got the beat for you. These four fine young men from Burbank, California were already favorites at the Sigma Pi fraternity house when they were still in high school. The girls can’t get enough of the Beechwood sound with that frantic beat that’s been known to whip hips from study hall to the dance hall. With Party Time Discotheque, their first full-length CD, the Beechwoods will keep your hands clapping and your soul singing.


Beechwood Beat – (They Call Me) The Late Bloomer – Don’t Monkey With Me – The Sultan – Tight Spot – It’s Party Time! – I Met A Girl From Pluto – A Little Soul (Part 1) – Jackpot! – Rick’s Drums

BONUS: For folks that order direct from Double Crown we will e-mail you an exclusive bonus track!

The Beechwoods – Party Time Discotheque CD – DCCD40 – $12.75

Castaway Motel by Pavlov's Woody

We are pleased to announce the release of our third CD "Castaway Motel" which will be available at CD baby hopefully by the end of the month (January 2011 in case your very casual about tuning like I am). Any DJ's who would like a copy for air play or other non-sinister purposes, please contact me via email.

This is a very short story,

Don Simpson.......Pavlov's Woody.......signing off.


New Thunderchiefs CD out now on Wormtone Records

The Interstellar Sounds of The Thunderchiefs is out now on Wormtome Records. Featuring 13 new space themed originals from the Texas Kings of land lock Surf Music.

Order from Wormtone Records or your resident SurfGuitar 101 music supplier extraordinaire: Double Crown Records.


New Daikaiju Album ''Phase 2'' Now Available!

Phase 2

At last -- the fresh NEW collection of DAIKAIJU greatest hits is out!!! Blast the SUUPAA-MECHA-KINGU sonic attack formations of PHASE 2 now!!! Order the CD from the Daikaiju website or iTunes. Better still, get your own copy with special blessing at a Daikaiju attack near you!

New Surfites & Co. CD Available Now!

Image It’s no secret that the Surfites, one of the most popular Double Crown bands ever, are a studio creation like the Kickstands, The Hondells and the Super Stocks. On this release the boys have put together their own unique collection songs with different sounds, and different band names (The Surfites, The Excelsiors, The Angry Breed and The Royal Vikings), but all delivered by the same group of musicians! 18 songs in all - all originals!

Tracks: Gnarly Charlie Brown (The Surfites) - The Picador (The Excelsiors) - Cycle Sounds (The Angry Breed) - Let’s Wail (The Royal Vikings) - Surf Reveille (The Surfites) - Vanadis (The Excelsiors) - Danger Ahead ‘66 (The Angry Breed) - Gremmie’s Blues (The Surfites) - Waggin’ Your Tail (The Royal Vikings) - Strange Planet (The Excelsiors) - Rebels Route (The Angry Breed) - Ankle Busters (The Surfites) - Campus Workout (The Royal Vikings) - Lunatic Express (The Excelsiors) - Barrel Run (The Surfites) - Disillusional Youth (The Angry Breed) - Western Moon (The Excelsiors) - La Ronde Infernale (The Surfites)

The Surfites Online: Official Website - MySpace
Order at Double Crown Records

Sad News from Catch a Wave

surfinreverb's avatar
It is with deep regret that Catch A Wave, a central NJ surf band announces the passing of our friend and bandmate, rhythm guitarist Wayne Pettersen.  Wayne passed away early in the morning of Tuesday August 31 2010.  Wayne was a frequent contributor to the SG101 discussions and we're certain that many knew him as "surfinreverb".  Please take a moment and keep Wayne and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you from the members of Catch A Wave.

Jimmy Dale on the Laramie Dean 2010 US TOUR!

Monday, August 30th, 2010 - 2010 US tour update!

Ok! Been super crazy here at DE*FI industries! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to re-schedule some dates from last week. My apologies to the promoters and clubs.

The great new is, I am making the last 12 days of this tour insane with some new surf punks on tour with me! The first guy to come on board was a real deal California surf punk by the name of Trevor Lucca! He is an 18 year old surfer from Long Beach that will be playing bass for me! Great kid! His first concert was a Dick Dale show! Speaking of the King, the next guy to help me out with this tour last minute is Dick's son Jimmy! He has been playing drums with his dad, on stage, since he was a little freakin baby! Jimmy is an amazing musician, entertainer, and I am honored that he is doing this!

Florida to New Mexico! Dates and details on my website:

Check out the Dick Dale billboard in Long Beach! The whole world is Dick's!

Ok, spread the word, I need tenor sax or trumpet at each gig! I am serious! Email me :

thanks! -LD

Everything Is Golden: New CD by Ravcon

Album Art

SurfGuitar 101 forum member Ravcon, aka, The Man From RavCon, has just released his new album, Everything Is Golden. It's a guitar-based combination of Surf/Spy/Spaghetti Western music, influenced by instro/surf pioneers such as Duane Eddy, Jack Nitzsche, Dick Dale, and newer bands The Surf Coasters, Laika & The Cosmonauts and The Tremolo Beer Gut. There's also a little John Barry feel thrown in the mix, as well as a surf rock arrangement of Morricone's classic Once Upon A Time In The West theme. These latter two influences help lend Everything Is Golden a cinematic appeal that ties it in nicely with The Man From RavCon's debut release, Zombie Pimp Cowboys From Outer Space!

Everything Is Golden is available for download now at the itunes store and cdbaby.

The album will also be available for order in CD format from cdbaby soon.

For more info on The Man From RavCon, see

Whimsical Surf CD the main feature on

Surf Band's New CD Acclaimed

The music of the surf-rock band The Insanitizers is now the main feature on the front page of music review internet site Music World Express 3000 ( They could have featured any CD and they chose the Insanitizers' new "Whimsical Surf." The review says "the 17 cut all instrumental CD is just the ticket to get things moving in this summer heat...The CD sounds great and the band has done a super job packaging...with excellent graphics."

The CD review is followed by a photo interview with lead guitarist Conrad Swartz, showing several unusual guitars. The music is "uptempo, lively, vigorous, energizing" and about having fun. Other band members are Ralf Palin on bass, Tim Ennis on drums, and Chad Van Dyke on guitar. This Summer the Insanitizers performed at the Hawaiian Festival and the Farmers Market, both in Vancouver, Washington.  Their MySpace site is