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Under the Covers With The Tremolo Beer Gut


Album out 10th October. Concerts this autumn

“They are here to put the URF! back in surf! They love tremolo, they love beer and they've got guts!”

Denmark’s - no, let’s just say it as it is - the world’s leading surf-orchestra is back with a new, old, album.
The Tremolo Beer Gut is known for doing everything in the old-fashioned way, but compared to most other
bands within the genre, they have always insisted on stepping out of the very schematic and rigid conventions
for surf-music. From the very beginning, it has been film-music and surf-elements, which are reflected
in the more contemporary music that has been the inspiration for the band. When The Tremolo Beer Gut
started on the music scene in 1999, it reverberated around the world’s surf forums: A new band was in the
midst of reinventing the genre backwards. A lot of reviewers on fanzines noted that: The sound is 100%
authentic old school, but the Tremolo Beer Gut writes fundamental original music, which takes the fast
track of the often reactionary songwriting that characterizes the genre.

This approach is highly reflected in the selection of cover songs, which the band has chosen to throw themselves
into through its lifetime. All the songs are now for the first time joined in one album, plus five new
recordings that has never been released before. There are therefore no surf-standards on the track list to
"Under The Covers With...". The closest you can get to it is Duane Eddy’s biggest hit: "Because They’re
Young", although it must be characterised as a western song, and Beach Boys’ legendary "Pet Sounds" that,
misunderstood by many, is still described as surf (Beach Boys sang of surf, but the music was not surf for
that reason). Besides these elder tracks, there are tracks as Blue Phantom’s "Diodo" (in TBG’s version "9
Times the Pain") and Lalo Schifrin’s "Danube Incident" from the original "Mission Impossible"-soundtrack,
which most know better heavily sampled by Portishead in their breakthrough hit "Sour Times". Other than
that, it goes on with, among others, Kraftwerk’s "Das Modell", Tom Waits' "Midtown", Sonic Youth’s "Death
Valley '69" and Depeche Mode’s "Useless" (with a little hint to The Pixies' "Hey!") up to the present time,
where the newest track is Danish Who Made Who’s "Every Minute Alone". Along the way, The Tremolo
Beer Gut has also been so kind to make new versions of songs from the members’ former bands, including
"Damn Right" with Tothe International, "Las Vegas" by THAU and "Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme" with the
prelude for "Eggstone", Johnnies Sykel. The last mentioned two tracks never made it to a release, but they
were played live in the old 90’s anyways.

All in all, it is a fresh bouquet of good-humoured, shameless but kind reinterpretations of a number of very
diverse tracks. The songs are recorded in the period of 1998-2011 in a large variety of lo-fi analogue stereo
formats. Some of the tracks has been featured on the band’s own releases, others in stead of so-called
"remixes" on other bands’ releases (e.g. "She Said" by Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion, "Turn Me up" by
Superheroes, "Rave Kned" by Beta Satan and "Le Jacquet" by First Floor Power) and some others can be
found on compilations ("Deep Under the Chinese Snow" by The Mopeds). So even for TBG fans, there will
be more than the five newly recorded songs that seems new.

The Tremolo Beer Gut was "invented" in 1998 af Sune Wagner (Psyched Up Janis og The Raveonettes) and
Jesper "Yebo" Reginal (THAU, Tothe International, Psyched Up Janis, Junior Senior, Heavy Trash etc.) in a
Psyched Up Janis tour bus, and expanded right away with Jens Ole "Jengo" Lembcke (Trains and Boats and
Planes) and Per Sunding (Eggstone). Sune Wagner left the band after The Raveonettes began to gain success
in 2002, and was replaced by the group’s producer The Great Nalna (aka Ulrik Petersen from THAU,
Heavy Trash and Tothe International). Sune therefore appears on a number of songs from before 2002 ,
while Nalna is performing on almost all the tracks (as he in fact played on earlier recordings too).
As it is seen, the members in The Tremolo Beer Gut are known from a series of bands that has created a lot
of attention both nationally and internationally. Today however, TBG is the primary band for Per, Jengo,
Yebo and Nalna. Other bands did not stand the chance, but TBG still stands. In daily life Per Sunding studies
psychology and is producer (for e.g. Bob Hund, The Cardigans, Peter, Bjorn and John and Danish Sort Sol,
Swan Lee, Magtens Korridorer, Superheroes, Sterling etc.). Nalna is systems programmer and co-owner of a
indie label, which his brother Yebo is head of in the daily life. Jengo is, after being into fruits and vegetables
and big business in the past, now a co-owner of the bars Dyrehaven and Bakken in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
This autumn, the gentlemen will be on the road, touring in Denmark and Northern Europe to celebrate the
release of "Under the Covers With...".

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This story has 2 comments.


This is great news,
I wish that it was posted in the general discussion area.
and maybe will get more views there.

bigtikidude | 13-Sep-2011 19:27:51 | Flag

Love this band, they come up on Pandora all the time and have a straight forward, old school no frills sound.
Reminds me of Link Wray stuff a lil bit.

ManOfMystery | 26-Sep-2011 23:02:38 | Flag

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