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A Trio of Vibroverbs
A Trio of Vibroverbs

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The Tikiyaki Orchestra Releases Aloha, Baby!

Aloha, Baby! Cover

Instrumental music fans...Aloha, Baby!, the brand-new album from The Tikiyaki Orchestra has been released and is now available for purchase!

If the combination of Exotica, Surf, Hawaiian, Crime Jazz, Lounge, and Atomic-Age Pop (and more) sound interesting to you, you'll definitely want to check out this genre-bending musical soundscape!

Visit HERE for more info, and a chance to grab the limited-edition DELUXE VACATION PACKAGE, which includes not only the CD, but a crazy limited edition Bosko Tiki mug, a pendant, custom-molded soap, a room key, ice bucket, ashtray and matchbook--all souvenirs from Tikiyaki's Polynesian Village Hotel in Waikiki!

More info HERE 

The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Tikiyaki Airways

The Tikiyaki Orchestra's Polynesian Village Hotel

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