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bigtikidude: Heyoooo
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Twangy: mosrite
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synchro: Did the mimes attack Shecky, Mycroft, or one of your other personalities? Smile
55 days ago

mpmizzou: zverb
51 days ago

fenderfan: Hello BTD - trying to send you a private message, but it says your mailbox is full.
48 days ago

bigtikidude: I'll clear it out, But better to email me direct, bigtikidude@...
48 days ago

bigtikidude: Dates and Line up announcement for the 11th annual Surf Guitar 101 convention: https://surf...
41 days ago

GatoStrato: Back to the future!
12 days ago

The_Sea_Gees: ooga booga !!! Big Grin
8 days ago

Tqi: I like Chicken. I like liver. Meowmix Meowmix please deliver.
6 days ago

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I am glad it worked out! Smile

Interesting. I got some raspyness at volume so I backed off the gain pot a little. The sound became ...'Crystaline'.
Being used to the FRV pedal, through the SurfyBear, the sound of my instruments are MUCH clearer, and shows off the tone for which I built them. The attack is pronounced and right up front. When double picking, you almost can't tell there's any reverb at all. It's not at the back of the hall anymore. Is that a characteristic of the accusonic pan I'm using? Do y'all find different pans change that attack character?


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