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Clint: Attention: If your band has a music video or you know of a surf music video, please pass it along and I’ll add it to my YouTube channel: Thanks!
277 days ago

sysmalakian: Birthday month starts now!
244 days ago

diceophonic: Vampiro Classics 2024 reissue
225 days ago

bigtikidude: New link https://m.yo...
197 days ago

bigtikidude: New link https://m.yo...
197 days ago

SabedLeepski: Sunburn Surf Fest for some scorching hot surf music: https://sunb...
182 days ago

skeeter: I know a Polish sound guy.
110 days ago

skeeter: I know a Czech one too!
110 days ago

PatGall: Surfybear metal settings
30 days ago

Pyronauts: Happy Tanks-Kicking!
8 days ago

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Thanks folks I'll contact them directly to see if they can help. I expected a bit of a volume drop but not this much.

congernet wrote:

I finally finished my build after collecting the components over a few years. I'm a bedroom picker who plays mostly instro, surf, & rockabilly.
When I started, my main goal was to have a copy of the Fender reverb unit since I couldn't afford to buy one. With the Surfybear kits I could buy what I needed one piece at a time (like Johnny Cash built his Cadillac).
With that in mind, and very little experience with any of the skills involved, I chose to combine the reverb and tremelo kits. I liked the idea of having 1 powered unit that did both. I briefly considered adding the guts from a delay pedal but realized that was too much to bite off.
I built a cabinet with the plans on this site and found some inexpensive tweed pattern tolex and grill cloth on Amazon to get a decent imitation of what I really wanted. I took the Fender logo off of a small bass amp.
In the end I'm very happy with the results. I never played a Fender unit but this sounds just like I think it should.
My thanks to everyone who posts on this site such great information.

That is absolutely great. You’ve combined two very useful effects into one classic package.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

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