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Permalink R.I.P. Baja Marty, Paypal account active, info for Memorial event last page

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Last edited: Jun 27, 2012 21:56:33

Tikitena wrote:

Baja Marty Memorial Fund

This is the same paypal account we used for Marty's benefit show last year. If you choose to donate, we will forward funds to Marty's wife, Letty.

I will post that in the first post also,
and add to the thread title that its there.


here is a video of Baja Marty being interviewed by John Blair
for the Sound of the Surf Documentary.

quintessential Marty at his best


Marty was one of the very first people I remember meeting from the surf scene circa 1994 when Don Murray was still very much alive and Marty caught us on video happily dancing to the Eliminators at an outside gig in Dana Point. That memory stayed in my head for years every time I would see Marty, no matter where we were. The fact that he had been there when Don was alive was just so very special to me and I would bring the memory of that day up to him from time to time and he would give me that bear hug of his. Even though Marty knew we were worlds apart (my politics being just slightly to the right of Abbie Hoffman), he always treated me with love and a kind of protectiveness that I will never forget.
Jeff, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet friend.
Crying Jamie

enjoyed that video of Baja Marty, gives a glimpse of his passion, thanks - helps me understand

Tim O
oestmann guitar



ConcreteSurfer wrote:

Marty kept the flame burning bright for the surf music scene. I think it's our duty now to keep that torch lit for Marty (and that reverb cranked).....Jeff - my condolences to you too.....Hang in there man......
Gary / Wave invasion

This is something I've been feeling too, because although I'd seen Marty at many shows over the years I never officially met him. For this I blame myself, because for whatever reason I tend to just hang back and say hi to whoever I already know, and for this I missed out on knowing a really great guy. Jeff, I am truly sorry for you and Marty's family's loss and like Gary said I do feel a duty now to "keep that torch lit" in honor of him by making a real effort to get to know as many of the incredibly cool people who love this music and make the scene so awesome as I can. Godspeed, Marty, may your memory live on in all of us.

Bill S._______

HELLDIVER on Facebook

I remember the first time Baja Marty came up to me after a show several years ago and stuffed his business card into my hand and asked me if we needed help schlepping gear. Surprised, I took his card and then saw him at many surf shows after that. He was a true fan of surf music and will be missed. I donated $ to his fund on behalf of our band, The Breakaways. RIP Baja Marty.

Craig Skelly

Thanks guys,
that really means a lot.


Baja Marty's brother Mike here. Finally weighing in from Portland, Oregon. Each night this week I have been printing out this thread and taking it over to my parents. All of you have been instrumental (pun intended)in making this week more bearable for them, and for me. As some of you know, the Big C took my other brother Rod just 15 months ago, so my parents are having a tough time of this. Tonight I am taking my laptop over to show them the pics and play the videos and music for them.

I knew Marty was into Surf Music but I had no idea he was immersed into it so deeply. Nor did I realize how big the scene was, how good the music is, and how wonderful the people are. The comments and anecdotes you've all made have brought him back to life for my parents and me. Jeff, you're awesome. Can't wait to meet you. Thanks for the YouTube clips and everything you've done.

Regarding a memorial, my parents are very traditional, plus they don't get around too well so they just want to do a small graveside service with the family here in Portland on July 21.

Jeff mentioned that maybe the Surf Music Community will do something this summer. If that happens, I'll be there and I'll bring Marty with me! He was cremated per his request and I think it would be fitting to bring some of his ashes "home" to his bros. I'm sure that after a few bent elbows we'll think of a memorable ceremony in his honor.

Hey Mike,

Great to see you join, and chime in here.

Its the least I can do,
I wish I could do more that would bring him back.
But I know that he is Home now, with the Big Kahuna in the Sky.
And pain free now.

I have some ideas about what to do Memorial wise, I will email you.
It's looking like Sun. July 22nd (but not in stone)
is gonna work best for down here.
let me know how that works for you.


Last edited: Jul 02, 2012 19:40:01

Tikitena wrote:

Baja Marty Memorial Fund

This is the same paypal account we used for Marty's benefit show last year. If you choose to donate, we will forward funds to Marty's wife, Letty.

Some nice donations rolling in already.
thanks to those of you who have donated.
It really means a lot.


I noticed Bob shared some of the Facebook threads here, but some of them don't show all the comments. I wrote this on FB, and our friend Dr. Z (not a member here) wrote a nice comment:

I wrote:
RIP Baja Marty. A big loss to the surf music community. We will all miss the fist pumps, reverb overdose, knealing before the amps, bear hugs and aftershave smell, but most of all the great friend and good soul that he was.

Dr. Z:
Jeff Hrzina: I'd only met Marty a handful of times, but he'd give me a big bear hug every time, like he'd known me for years (and I'd get a dose of that aftershave - fond memory, Ran!) Friendly, warm & generous - he will surely be missed, even by those of us who didn't know him long...

The Scimitars



Jeff sent me this photo and note from Falko to post here:

Hi Jeff -

on last Saturday we decided to dedicate our show in Neu-Ulm to Baja Marty.
Within a shot of the stage with a pic of Marty on the left.
If you like upload it @ SG 101.
All the best and greetings to all


That's really cool guys.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Thanks for that Brian.

I am working on having a Memorial event for Marty,
shooting for Sun. July 22nd, after the HB pier show.
If everybody to be involved is in, then I will find a venue.



Pyronauts played Baja on Sat. night at Don the Beachcomber,
and dedicated it to Marty.


Be sure to check all the separate pages on the SG101 convention website.
Especially the Baja Marty Memorial page.

I am dedicating this years SG101 convention to the Memory of Baja Marty.
He thought "it was awesome" what I was doing, and that I was bringing
such good bands from Far away to this one Huge event.
I wish he could be there, hopefully he's got the best seat in the house now.


Wanted to reiterate my sadness in losing Marty in this thread and show Marty's joy of hanging with his Surf heroes...

bIG wAvE Dave


awesome, thanks Dave.


See the Dedication page of the SG101 convention to Baja Marty


Last edited: Jul 14, 2012 01:41:12

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