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RIP Baja Marty...always such a genuine guy, and the kind of person you felt like you'd known for years even when you had just met him. He'll be missed.


Ding Dong Devils:
Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks:

othersteve wrote:

"Reverb is forever and forever in my blood, in my veins and the whole thing. It just gets all over me, y'know, just like milk 'n honey. It just makes me go crazy."
~ Baja Marty


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

On behalf of my husband John, myself and the volunteer staff at The Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum we wish to send our deepest condolences to Marty's family and BTD. Marty was like a big brother to all of us, greeting everyone with great big hugs and kisses as though he hadn't seen us for decades. Marty was such an awesome guy you felt as though he were your best friend the minute you met him. Even on his worst days you could always count on Marty to schlep your gear on to the stage during Surfin' Sundays or any surf music gig. He was a great guy and friend to all of us and will be sorely missed. Jeff we know how much he meant to you so we are deeply sorry for your loss as well. I am comforted by the fact he is no longer suffering and I know Marty, Scotty and Daddy Dave are up there ripping up a storm to the reverb drenched surf music they so dearly loved. RIP dear friend. Love as always John & Linda Miller

I'm a lover not a fighter, a hugger not a handshaker and I take friendships very seriously...Love the life you live, live the life you love. Cool

Marty sounded like quite a person, appreciate the comments from those
that knew him.

Last edited: Jun 25, 2012 20:19:56

RIP Marty. I feel blessed and honored for all the times we got to hang out and talk .Whether it be about old surf bands,new surf bands, or anything in general you always had the best insight. Thank you Marty for being a good friend.

Oh Marty...I'm so sorry to hear this. My prayers and best wishes go out to his family and his many friends in the reverb community.

Thank you Jeff for bringing Marty down to some of our gigs. I always felt like we were playing for royalty when you guys were there. I remember his bear hugs and then smelling his aftershave on me the rest of the evening...was that Old Spice or Hai Karate?

The picture posted above where Marty is blessing the amp and reverb tank was at a Secret Samurai show with Superwave opening at the Tiki House. I remember talking with him that night about the NASA jacket and those vintage Beatle boots he was wearing...what a character, a fun, cool guy, and truly one of a kind.

Well miss you Marty and we'll always think of you when we play Baja. Head down, fist up for Marty!

I am sorry to hear this. Though I never met Marty, I can tell he was a wonderful guy.


Canadian Surf

So sorry to hear that. So many good memories of Marty at Toes Tavern back in the Halibut days, and then every other band I've been in. I think he even showed up once and saw me playing in a jazz band. Always a big bear hug when he saw me. He was a true music fan.

Big Tiki only posted the sad news of Baja Marty's passing 2 hours ago and we already have 3 pages of folks expressing their sadness, sharing wonderful memories, and posting great photos of Marty. That's quite a testament to what he meant to all of us. His demonstrative enthusiasm for reverb and for the bands that fullfilled his jones for it will never be forgotten. I'll miss his bear-hugs and "I love ya brothers" as I know we all will. Let's all give those reverb knobs and extra twist for Marty this summer! Marty, I love ya brother.

"Hello Girls!"

Very sad indeed. What a loss to the surf community & the rest of the world. Marty was always there to help, support & tell ya to crank up the reverb.
I'll never forget him


This is how I'll remember Baja Marty.

Be careful following the masses. Sometimes the "M" is silent...........................

I was sitting about five feet from Marty when he was feeling the reverb at the Secret Samurai's show. He just couldn't have been happier and I loved the way he showed his passion for surf music. There's a reverb crash leading into a thundering glissando announcing his arrival at a place where the bands go non-stop and the reverb is at 11.

R.I.P. Marty


RIP Marty.

Jeff Utterback

I was just reminded by someone about his love for the Eliminators, then I remembered Marty's Theme.

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty


These are all images of a show from the Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA. The last picture is while my band was playing, which I take as high praise that Baja Marty got down and gave us the fist pump.

I only met Marty a couple of times, but he left an impression. The first time was the afternoon before the show above at BTD's house. He was dressed in shorts and a tank top, and seemed like a nice guy - I only later found out what a wild man he was! The whole night he and Jon Paul stood front stage, and banged heads, and fist pumped, and even grabbed ass for a while. I honestly thought that Marty was a bit "off" - I mean, how could anyone enjoy the music that much? Surely this dude must be hammered drunk, high, or both..... On the ride home that night, we discussed that crazy dude Baja Marty, and what his deal must be. Fast forward to the next day at the pier show....
Marty walked up looking nothing like the day before. He was dressed up in a turtle neck and a big gold medallion, and as CraigtheKeg mentioned, I could smell him from a mile away, and he smelled kinda good. He was articulate, and mentioned how much he enjoyed the show, and how we played several of his favorite songs, including "Baja". After he left, Bass player Matt asked who that was, and I said "That's Baja Marty, the guy from last night" Matt replied "Really?, I thought that guy was crazy! - Are you sure thats the same guy?"

I saw Marty several times after that, and he always mentioned the show at the Doll Hut, and how much he liked my band. He was always really cool and I'm glad to say that I knew him.

"You can't tell where you're going if you don't know where you've been"

Saw him at the convention, but never got to meet him. Jeff.....sorry doesn't cut it, but it's all we got. I lost my best friend 9 years ago, and it still hurts. Sorry, brother.


"You're done, once you're a surfer you're done. You're in. It's like the mob or something. You're not getting out." - Kelly Slater

The Luau Cinders

Wow, just found out. So sad. What a great guy he was. A positive soul like no other. Speechless. RIP

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

This was such heart wrenching news for me to hear. Marty was a good friend, a rabid surf fanatic, and truly one of the kindest hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It won't feel like a trip to SoCal for me without being on the receiving end of one of his classic bear hugs.

RIP big guy

I met Marty at the '09 Convention. What a personality! The man was the consummate surf music fan, In the 48+ years I've been playing this stuff I've NEVER met anyone so enthusiastic about the genre we love so much. I believe anyone who was onstage when he was in the audience played a little bit better, witnessing how he responded to the music.

Marty is irreplaceable. Godspeed, my surf music brother and condolences to his wife and family.

aka WoodyJ

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Marty my dear friend it was a blessing to have spent time with you while you were up here in Portland this year you will be missed, such an amazing person such and amazing soul I will miss you, now go ride that ghost wave up in the heavens.

Your #1 favorite song from us The Verbtones "Ghost Wave"

Hugs and love from me, Marie and the kids.

Cheers Marty!

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