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What can I add to all the comments made thus far.. just that I too loved Marty, and will deeply miss him. I cannot say we were long-time close "buddys," but I have always regarded him as a true friend, and perhaps the best friend that surf music ever had. I was encouraged, just a couple of months ago when I visited him in his hospital room, to see that he was smiling and in good spirits, despite his obvious state of physical decline; for this he credited the Lord; seems that amid all the trials of his condition, he had renewed his relationship with God, and the resulting joy he felt over this more than compensated, so he said, for the difficulties he was going through. Upon his sharing this with me, we then had a wonderful time of prayer there together, and God's love for Marty was palpable in the room. So in closing, i will add that I do look forward to seeing our friend Marty again on "the other side."

PJ -

Paul Johnson
Belairs / Galaxies / Packards / Surfaris / Duo-tones / etc.

Stand tall Jeff, we are all with you and we are all in this together. ed

Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

In '09 he made me feel like The Surge! was the only band there. Unmatched enthusiasm...I know what one of the previous posters meant when they said they thought he might be a little "off" (sorry I haven't read the whole thread). I thought he was nuts at first (but in a good kinda way). Turned out he just really loved it all that much.

The Mystery Men?
SSS Agent #31

I'm bummed and on my Birthday too....I never really got to meet Marty, but I did attend the benefit show for him. Despite him being sick, he sure was into the show, and was up and making rounds and talking with everybody. Regardless of what it is, whether it be music or a sport, or whatever, there is always that one person that is the number 1 fan, the person that can give you facts, and tell you stories about every facet of that particular subject....and from all of the comments and posts I've read - Marty kept the flame burning bright for the surf music scene. I think it's our duty now to keep that torch lit for Marty (and that reverb cranked).....Jeff - my condolences to you too.....Hang in there man......
Gary / Wave invasion

Oh Marty was Nuts alright, Nuts for surf,
and everything in Life that made him Happy.

and I am glad for that, I wouldn't want a friend to be a cookie cutter
version of the Mr. Perfect (Joe American).

But that being said, he was very much a traditionalist in Many ways.
A. Very Religious, we had disagreements about this a lot, but tried not to talk about it often, and focus on the things we were into.
B. a Huge Family guy, he was the one that urged me to lighten up on razzing people about not going to shows, and that Family always comes first, and that sometimes he couldn't go, because of Family issues.
C. a 100% Patriot, he loved the USA, and the Military.
when 9-11 happened it hit him really hard, and whenever he would see pics
of the twin towers, pre- or post attack, he would get all choked up.
and he would always thank military people for their service.
D. Very Conservative politically, another thing we disagreed about.
Not that I am 100% liberal, I'm a fence rider on many different issues.
But he said it would be stupid for us to not be friends of something so petty as Politics.
I was happy the Day I got him to admit that
George Bush Jr. was a complete nit-wit. Wink
E. Marty was a really funny Potty mouth sometimes,
(he was an ex-sailor after all)
but he was always very polite when women were around.
F. a firm believer in coming home and putting yer feet up, and having
a few drinks or beers, and relaxing from the work-day.

**Not really in the same vein, but made a big impression on me.

  1. He always wanted a real CD/or LP from a band. If they were outta print
    or really hard to find he would have me make him a CD-R.
    and I am the same way. Buy from the bands, and support them.

  2. Marty would go with me to Go-boy or other record shops that had surf when I was first getting into surf, and was my mentor in what to buy and what to pass on, from his experience. He leaned more towards the Trad side at the beginning, and I liked some of the out there stuff.
    But he got me to be a Huge fan of old and new Trad.
    and I got him turned onto the really good out there bands.
    He ended up buying all of the Insect Surfers, Pollo Del Mar, Mermen,
    and couple other bands. a few MoAM cds. But I could never get him into
    Daikaiju. He said they were good, but (not surf related)
    traditionalist to the end. Wink

That is just some of the things I remember off the top of my head.


Last edited: Jun 26, 2012 23:01:57

Over the past few years I have attended very few surf events but Marty, if present, would always offer a warm hello and reminded me of what a cool community this is. Even us cats on the periphery will miss him.

Par Avion (w/guest drummer Dusty Watson) and Perro Agradecido | Mexico/Latin America:

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Bernard wrote:

Over the past few years I have attended very few surf events but Marty, if present, would always offer a warm hello and reminded me of what a cool community this is. Even us cats on the periphery will miss him.

Good to see you here Bernard! Congrats on takin' the helm with the Chum Boys Smile Let's book some gigs!

Be careful following the masses. Sometimes the "M" is silent...........................

Last edited: Jun 26, 2012 23:31:45

Hey Bernard Welcome aboard,
thanks for posting about Marty.

Now that yer a CHUMster,
hope to see ya here more.
post yer show info in the show announcements area.


Just finished reading all the posts on this thread... with joy and sadness at the same time. I'm convinced that losing a true loved one is one of the toughest things we have to deal with in life.

I have wonderful memories of Marty: the man-hugs - he was not afraid to let you know that he was really happy to see you. The reverb injections - he would walk up to the stage, fist pumped, arm out stretched, begging for the guitarist to drop the headstock onto his bulging veins, and his unapologetic display of love for the music.

Marty was a one-of-a-kind and will truly be missed.

some more pics of Marty,

here he is with George Barris (car builder-Batmobile-Munster mobile, etc)
at the Guitar Geek Fest

Marty punching the air, or the apostrophe in the sign, while Outerwave
is ripping it up at the HB pier.

Baja Marty totally surprised by 50 plus people at his 50th B-day party

after regaining his composure, giving the infamous hang lose sign.

Marty getting silly with a kid, and George Bush Jr.

Marty soaking in the sounds and some suds.

and here is the 2 B-day cakes that Kristena and I stayed up making the night before Baja Marty's 50s b-day party/show

the Showman cake

and the small reverb tank cake for him and his wife to take home.


Last edited: Jun 27, 2012 01:26:27

Not really much to add, but it's been great to read everyone's stories and encounters.

One thing I always loved was it didn't matter if Marty was meeting someone for the first time or seeing an old friend for the third day in a row, there was always the same warmth. Within minutes of meeting him you felt like you'd known him for years. He was a legitimately great guy, something which seems to be rarer and rarer these days.


That was excessively violent and completely unnecessary. I loved it.

So much to's all so surreal and still difficult to keep it together long enough to focus. Just can't wrap my head or heart around it. I'll just share for now that I played Baja last night at a rehearsal for the first time since Monday and was overwhelmed with feeling Marty's spirit. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to play that song again for the rest of my life without thinking of the big guy. Can you hear us, Marty? How is it up there? Crying

Insect Surfers
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Crying indeed


Can you still donate to the cause ? There probably are a lot of medical bills that still need to be paid.

I think the Paypal account is closed.
But we will be taking donations for Marty's wife Letty at the
SG101 convention.

The 2012 5th Annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention will be dedicated to the Memory of Baja Marty.


DaveF wrote:

Can you still donate to the cause ? There probably are a lot of medical bills that still need to be paid.

Probably and sadly true. After my mother and brother died, the bills came in for over a year. I'm willing to do what I can.

This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.

Sean said he'd look into re-opening the paypal account.

If a memorial is held soon for the "surf family," then we should probably take donations at that time too.

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Last edited: Jun 27, 2012 21:17:43

Thanks Kristena,
let me know what he finds out, soon.


We're working on it.

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

Baja Marty Memorial Fund

This is the same paypal account we used for Marty's benefit show last year. If you choose to donate, we will forward funds to Marty's wife, Letty.

"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

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