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To Baja Marty! Cry

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I bet Baja Marty is hanging out with Carl Wilson wanting to know why back in the early Beach Boy days he didn't use more reverb.

I'm so sorry and saddened to hear this Jeff, sending my deepest condolences to Marty's family and to all of his closest friends and loved ones here. A truly beautiful human who shared his stoke with abandon, I'm so happy to have met him.

Sound of the Surf, the movie
Facebook SOTS

JonPaul showed up here and he, Jeff and I got misty eyed all over again. Jeff broke out the Good RUM and JP and Jeff have been doing shots all afternoon for Marty. We're all telling our favorite Marty stories and laughing at some of the pictures posted, like Sonic Chris
when Marty and JP were being Manbros. Classic shots for sure. We are remembering Marty like he was here with us.

Craig the Keg

Hodad makin' the scene with a six pack.

What an amazingly great guy Marty was. My condolences to his family, they must be devastated. Very sorry for BTD and others within the surf music community who got to know him well and spend time with him. I vow to turn up my mix and dwell more in honor of Marty. Very stoked that I got to meet him...

goodnight Marty

I didn't really know him but saw him one time at Suzy's the day after the 2010 SG101 Convention. It really made an impression on me how much he loved the music, I never forgot him. I add my condolences to everyone else's, especially to BTD who sure knows how to be a friend.

All these comments and pics and stories are so amazing.
It's choking me up so much to read them, but its all because of the love.
Thanks everybody.

I have tons of great Marty stories....
I want to go on, but its hard. maybe tomorrow.

Baja Marty:
A true Brother, and the best friend ever.
I will remember you forever, and miss you the rest of my days.


Last edited: Jun 26, 2012 00:49:55

a few more things,
Marty had a Huge collection of Surf.
I'd say probably 2000 cds, 300 lps, and 200 45s.
I did pass him at some point, because he wasn't into some of the
"out there" stuff that I was into.

Anyways, he had a lot of obscure and great surf music that he loved.
But he always said that Baja and Misirlou were his favorites, even though
everyone played them.
Baja was his Theme song,
and he always said that Misirlou was the Surf National Anthem.

I know you've all heard them before,
but for Marty, Crank it up, and put yer fist in the air.
and play the 2 above songs.

and if yer playing them live in a band,
Crank up the Reverb and Break Off the Knob!

and here is Marty after a awesome performance of John Blair,
with Jeff Utterback, Matt Quilter, and Paul Johnson at the SG101 convention.

Goodnight Marty.


A truly unforgettable character, larger than life in every respect. The world will be a more mundane place without Marty in it. Vaya con Dios, Amigo.

May God receives and welcomes his soul on high.

Deepest condolences to his dear ones.

Thanks Guys,
Matt n Abdel,
Marty thought that you guys were 2 of the best unsung guitarists in So. Cal.
Keep up the great work.

Below is a post by Jonpaul from this thread:
thoughts and comments about Marty for his get well party in Oct.
This says it all, and best:

Marty is like the quiet storm--seemingly mild-mannered at first, but with a sleeping, passionate lion inside, just waiting to leap out and attack!
He's one of those truly rare individuals that makes a profound impression just by being himself. He doesn't try, he just is.
His tremendous passion for what he loves is a real inspiration for everyone, and something that I personally think of quite often.
Marty's kind heart, his love for family and friends, his dedication to the music he adores, and, of course, his public displays of affection (for both his bros and reverb!) are all the things that keep his spirit alive and well and will undoubtedly get him through this difficult time.
We love you brutha! Here's to many, many more good times in the future!
(Kneeling on the ground, head down, one hand on the reverb tank, and the other as a fist in the air)


see also Baja Marty's 50th B-day thread from 5 years ago:


REALLY sad about this news. Keep Marty in reverb mind ever.

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea

Thanks Ralf,
that Means a lot.
Marty Loved you guys,
and he always loved to point out about the vinyl records you sent him in the mail, after you got back from your tour here.


here is a Pic of Marty giving the fist pump to Wronski,
playing Misirlou at Marty's 50'th b-day party.



i wish i knew who's camera i used at suzy's a few years ago. marty and freddie were both up front in full worship mode. i crawled under a table and got the shot from floor level.


I filmed this twice



Marty will be missed. I was so overwhelmed the first time I met him- the bear his, the cologne, the enthusiasm. Wow, the real meaning of super-fan. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.

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Sad I didn't get to meet Surf's Superfan, but I am really getting a sense of what a warm, loving guy Marty was, please keep these stories up! My deepest condolences to his family, and his brother-friend Jeff... I definitely know from experience what a tough road you're on right now, so wishing you all much support and strength. RIP Baja Marty!


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