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Marty was an original...and a great man! I remember at first I was rather intimidated by his presence at Surf Report shows...but when I got to know him that all went away! He was funny, gentle, friendly, approachable...he always asked us to play Miser-slide (our Miserlou/Landslide medley) at Surf Report shows...and he expressed his disappointment that we went from a 4 piece to a three piece (NEED MORE REVERB!!!)

Crank up the reverb all you SG101ers!!!! Do it for Marty!!!
Miss you, Marty!!!

Ah geez.

"More Reverb!" Every time we perform Baja, I will look to the heavens for support and guidance.

Loved you dude.


Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

So sad to hear this news. I only met Marty a couple of times, both at Brookdale (Surf Coasters and Phil Dirt "retirement" send off) if I recall correctly, and truly enjoyed his spirit. I feel for you, Jeff. RIP, Marty.



So sorry to hear. My condolences to his family & all his close friends.

Typical Marty story: Outerwave was playing at Don's.
Marty grabbed a chair & sat only a couple feet from the band.
Outerwave was rippin' it up as usual.
Between songs Marty would say something like "POUR THAT ALL OVER MY SOUL!".
Somebody would jokingly reply "Security".


Here is Marty the day I met him at his 50th Birthday party with John Blair and Jeff in the background. Here's to you my good man.

We be drinking a toast to Baja Marty and polaying a song for him at our show on Saturday.

RIP from the UK.

Los Fantasticos

Real sad to hear about Baja Marty's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. I'm amazed of the love just surfing out from here and FB for Marty. Indeed he was a special to person to alot of people who came into his life, especially from here. And his support for surf music was amazing according to everyone hear as I'm reading. Wish I had met him. Here's to you Marty, looking down from Reverb Heaven.

Oh Man, this is rough,
I thought it would be easier today,
not so much.

thanks again for all yer posts n pics.
one day I will be able to go back later
and remember my Buddy in a better light,
than when I saw him last.

Its amazing to me how he touched so many people,
in such a positive and uplifting way.


can somebody post a link to the facebook threads about Marty please?


Baja Marty was not only big on surf but he had a deep spot in his heart for the british invasion and that mersey beat big time for those who don't know.

Marty, this one goes out to you bro! and Jeff I love you both with all my heart.

"A Summer Song"

Beyond The Surf YouTube channel
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The Verbtones @ Instagram
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Beyond The Surf YouTube channel
Beyond The Surf Instagram
The Verbtones @ Instagram
The Verbtones @ Facebook
The Verbtones @ bandcamp

Here's the first thread that I saw on Facebook yesterday:


Here's some more threads on Facebook:


Wow.... stunned is an understatement. I want to go turn on my amp and reverb unit, turn it up nice and loud and play for Marty. And I will play Miserlou... he would just go into a trance wouldn't he, he loved that song above all others. Never have I met a man with so much love for his brothers, that Fender reverb unit was his holy grail.. that sound captured his soul, it was beautiful. I will miss Baja Marty... our hearts go out to his wife, family and friends.

I am glad that I met him a few years ago. It was possible to feel the Reverb in his veins! What a great and nice guy. I send him big Reverb splashes when I turn on the Reverb for on now.
...just so sad...

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea

Thanks again guys

Here is a pic of Marty worshiping at the feet of the Master.
Jon Blair and the Trespassers, at Billy Blast off's 50th B-day party



Last edited: Feb 17, 2015 21:20:02

diceophonic wrote:

Baja Marty was not only big on surf but he had a deep spot in his heart for the british invasion and that mersey beat big time for those who don't know.

Marty, this one goes out to you bro! and Jeff I love you both with all my heart.

"A Summer Song"

Thanks for posting that Kyle, I have been meaning to say that.
Actually Marty was a fan of Music in general.
He was also a Big Elvis nut.
and Loved the Rat Pack stuff,
and Had a Huge collection of late 60's thru early 90s, Rock and some
Heavy Metal.
I even got him into Exotica music, and he was really diggin what
Tikiyaki Orchestra was doing.


Here is a Video of the Eliminators,
with Marty Introducing them from his Hospital room,
over the phone.

and thanking everybody for their thoughts and prayers.


Last edited: Jun 26, 2012 14:40:08

Truly sad news....

I first met Marty down at Toes Tavern.15-17 years ago ??? I dont know it was post~pulp fiction but pre~lively ones reunion at Hard Rock Newport. Im not even certain the Dynotones had begun yet. I was there to watch some strange incarnation of the lively ones. The club was not very packed at all. I was very judgmental at the time of everything( in my 20's)Jim Masoner looked to me like he was wearing a Beatle wig. If it wasnt for my love of surf music ...I definitely wouldnt have stuck around.
After moments of being there...I noticed another guy there that was even more CRAZY and nuts for surf music than me. He kept throwing his fist up in the air and screaming for the band. It was as if this guy alone was filling the void of the 75 people that should have been there watching.
On his fist was this huge ring.
When the music stopped he come up and introduced himself... Marty presenting his anthem about reverb and a fist with this ring on.
That is when I notice that the ring was Dick Dales skull and guitars logo.
I was completely envious !!! I never seen anything like it. I wanted one.
So one of the first things I said to him was " WHERE DID YOU GIT IT ???"
Marty told me that he was Dick Dales biggest fan and helped him roadie.
I thought that was sooo cool. He asked if I like the Eliminators and that he also roadie for them.
Marty and Jeff use to come out to my old bands shows and support. They constantly promoted all things reverb.
It didnt matter what you were doing long as you are pumping out surf sounds Marty was stoked and made you feel like you are part of some tribe.

As soon as the Dynotones started playing shows 14-15 years ago he came out right away....
He instantly gave me the thumbs up... he loved the new band I was playing with and wanted us to keep going.
Early on with in this band... I caused a lot of trash and debates on what was then Cowabunga. So much to the point that if I showed up at surf gigs ...I would get dirty looks or people afraid to come up and talk.
I was also a lot younger with a lot of attitude. But I think some thought it was politically incorrect to even mention the Dynotones.
Marty always saw through this. He knew different.
To the point that I would go to shows and see him wearing a Dynotones t~shirt ...when it wasnt P.C. to do so.
I cant began to say how much this meant to me....
it was brought up many times at rehearsals as well.
Dano has visited Marty a couple times in the hospital...

Im sorry Marty... that I did not make it there to see you.
But you will be missed. You will not be forgotten.
And much gratitude from the Dynotones for including us in "your" reverb tribe. Thank you Marty.


Last edited: Jun 26, 2012 16:40:30

Right on Rob,
great post, Thanks.
looking forward to having you guys at the Convention.


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