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Category: Bands

The Thunderheads release

East Tennessee's one and only all instrumental surf band has released it's second CD on LandLocked records titled "Live at Bikini Beach" . A throw back to the Classic 1960's Surf Sound with a modern twist. The band formed in 2006 and in 08 released it's debut "Shark Attack". Hailing fron East Tennessee, not exactly a hot bed of instrumental Surf music but the one time home of The Ventures Drummer Mel Taylor. The band consist of,  Billy Crawford - Lead Guitars, Dave Vaught - Rhythym guitars, Charlie Aesque - Bass guitars, Carnell Cross - Drums, Joey Cross - Percussion. You can check out the band in action and purchase both CD's at

The Moe Greene Specials

Speedball Jr | video medley

Wadadli Riders' new album - Made in Antigua

The first full album of Wadadli Riders will be out on July, presented at the Surfer Joe Summer Festival. This will be the very first surf record ever produced in the Caribbean! Title will be "Made in Antigua", and it's true, completely produced on the island by Surfer Joe Music. 10 new original tracks, cover artwork by Fred Lammers, lots of Caribbean vibes and much fun.

Some preview tracks will be available within the end of June at the band's MySpace page. Hope you'll like them!

antigua,surf,wadadli riders,caribbean,lorenzo,valdambrini,wadadli

The Del Sonics Launch

The Del Sonics have arrived, and are embarking on their "World Domination Imminent" tour! Commencing in their hometown of Brizvegas, Australia, the run of dates continues until total global power is achieved.

The engine room rhythm section of The Big Kahuna (bass) and Krank Daddy (drums) power like the Starship Enterprise on steroids. Out the front and directing traffic on Fender Mustang guitar (and with aircraft landing technology at his toes) is the one-man tsunami, Twang! It's surf music, Jim, but not as we know it........

Sounds like, hmmmm..... The Ramones and The Ventures hanging out at Frank Zappa's beach house with John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees. Later, Ritchie Blackmore and The Ronettes will drop in for fondue and bikini Twister!

See ya in the surf, grommets!

website -

videos -

The Mullet Monster Mafia from Brazil

Received via email:

Hi there. We are THE MULLET MONSTER MAFIA, Power Surf Music from Brasil. Listen our music & Join The Mafia!!!

Goodbye to The Sundogs


Robbie Allen Ditches ‘Sundogs’; Says Hello to ‘The Outer Edge’

Sacramento, CA – With the band’s one-year anniversary looming just months away, Robbie Allen along with his band mates Josh Hester and Gary Christensen, have announced that they will be dropping the current name of the band (“The Sundogs”) for a title that better portrays their image and style of music. The surprise announcement comes in the wake of a legal hang-up regarding the use of the band’s current name, already a registered trademark of a Berkeley, CA based roots rock group. “The Sundogs” name was originally coined by Gary Christensen after much deliberation between the band’s original members. Gary and Robbie have both stated that it was not their intention to infringe on the rights of the current trademark holders and, at that time they were unaware of the Bay Area group (who ceased from touring nearly ten years ago) that had seven major releases – some of which are still available at select retailers. The band’s recent move to the title “The Outer Edge” was mutually agreed upon by the members of the group after considering over two-hundred titles. The decision was based on legal advice from the band’s attorney. In response to an email, Robbie Allen commented from his apartment overseas: “We think that while the core theme of our music draws heavily on the instrumental guitar trends of the 60s including surf music, on the same token, our style is very versatile and constantly adapting to the melting pot of influences and creative whims common to all three members of our band, not to mention the people we collaborate with behind the scenes. I think the new name reflects the edgier-sounding ‘acid surf rock’ vibe that is beginning to define us more and more.” The band has also decided to maintain “Robbie Allen” as part of the group’s name so as to avoid confusion during the transition. More info can be obtained by sending an email to

There is more to this story, continue reading ...

Docteur Legume Live at last !!!!

Docteur Legume played live @ Zogra (ITA) last 10/2/09

Doc played tikidrums, farfisa & Weird Sound Generator

Absolutely mad show featuring:

Andrea "ZIO" Giunti: CAJUN
Marcello Milanese: THEREMIN

There is more to this story, continue reading ...

The Svens, Corvallis, OR

Just introducing the surf world to "The Svens" we are more of a performance art band with heavy surf influence. We perform "Cowboy Surf Poetry"! We do a show every five-six weeks at Bombs Away Cafe in Corvallis, OR. What a hoot! There's an on going Western Saga, new "Cowboy poetry" every show, mixed with Soundscapes and Surf. Check us out if you get a chance.

Viking and Svens

Little Girls Xmas Session

12.20.2008. YOKOHAMA JAPAN

CHICCHI is 11 years old.
SALA is ten years old.

SALA has been one month since the lesson of the drums was started.
Her grandfather is teaching drumming.

It is a wonderful performance of CHICCHI and SALA.

Diamond head~Pipeline 'CHICCHI & SALA with BEAT POPS'