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JJ and Trash Dogs (New Orleans-Louisiana, USA)ôr-do-sol-ep

(From above link)

JJ and Trash Dogs are the newest New Orleans surf band, I believe with only 4 shows so far, two of which I attended and somehow missed the band. Arg.

However, I've spoken to the other bands that played with them Friday night and everybody was pretty thrilled with what they heard, and there was a specific reason they cited: it's classic trad-styled surf, something that we in New Orleans have almost never had access too (trust me, I've been looking). Two guitars, bass, sax and drums and a nice classic reverbed twang. The songs on this EP aren't classic surf arrangements though -- three originals and one cover of the rag tune "Temptation". They're not the only instro group to cover that song, but it's indictative of their expressed want to cover jazz tunes as the Ventures did. There's a reason behind that too: they share members with the popular local jazz group Tuba Skinny, though they don't advertise that fact and appear to want to keep their projects separate.
This is only an EP with two of the songs on the mid-pace/moody side, so I don't expect them to set the larger surf world on fire just yet, but in our own New Orleans surf microcosm there's reason for excitement.

Jubarte Ataca (Mossoro, Brazil)

Last edited: Mar 15, 2019 15:08:00

Sailor Ksou and the Seasick Surfers (Thessaloniki, Greece)

The Splashdowns (Hamburg, Germany)

The Spotnicks (Gothenburg, Sweden)

" The Spotnicks is an instrumental rock group from Sweden, who were formed in 1961. Together with the Shadows and the Ventures they are counted as one of the most famous instrumental bands during the 1960s. They were famous for wearing "space suit" costumes on stage, and for their innovative electronic guitar sound. They have released 42 albums, selling more than 18 million records, and still tour. "

Los Cowabungas (Mexico)


Vostok Deluxe (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

The Surfaholics (Lake County-Indiana, USA)

Ther seems to be about 3 Surfaholics bands in Surf, but this one is definitly from Indiana

The Batrays (San Francisco, California, USA)

About (From Facebook page)

A San Francisco Surf Rock Band paying special tribute to The Blue Stingrays, The Ventures, The Lively Ones, and all the classic surf rock bands.

Undead Bureaucrats (Ottawa, Canada)

Last edited: Mar 16, 2019 04:33:31

The Weekend Turtles (El Puerto de Santa María, Spain)

The Viking Surfers (Seattle-Washington, USA)

Lulufin the woo hoo (Osaka, Japan)

Shoot The Pier (Jacksonville-Florida, USA)

We are on Instagram at @shootthepiersurfband
Shoot The Pier is a father-daughter band based in Jacksonville, FL. We are going on nine years now, and Ellie and I are still having a blast traveling the sandy path of writing nontraditional instrumental surf music. Over that time, we've been fortunate to have our music included in films and commercials internationally, as well as played on several college stations. We will release a new EP or CD in the summer of 2019! You can hear some of the tunes on our reverbnation site or in the attached videos. Our last EP was Sirens of Sado, released in December 2016, and is available with all our music on iTunes and all digital stores, (hard copies available through us...send a message). Ellie and I play all instruments on Shoot The Pier recordings. - Bill Sims
The legendary Phil Dirt rated both our EP Low Hangs The Moon and CD Surf Dance 4 out of 5 stars! Both are on iTunes with hard copies through us. (Unfortunately, we learned he has since retired from reviewing surf records.) Our new EP Sirens of Sado and our prior EP Low Hangs The Moon are both live on Pandora. Look it up, create a channel.
Both being life-long surfers, writing surf music came naturally. We try to encompass all of our surf experiences into our music. Our greatest musical influence was/is the Croatian band The Bambi Molesters... coolest band in the world.
Also, daddy-o paints. His eclectic art is at if curious.

Last edited: Mar 21, 2019 19:04:41

Os Aquamans (Surubim, Brazil)


THE AQUAMANS is a surf music band formed in early September 2014, in the Pernambuco city of Surubim, which is distant 120km from the state capital. The band emerged unpretentious during the rehearsals of the extinct band The Mincer, in the rehearsal intervals, some of the remnants liked to take sounds with instrumental surf beats. Also in August of the same year, an invitation arose to present this new experimental project during the cultural week of the city. Thus, missing only one week for the presentation, decided to create the band "OS AQUAMANS", and due to the excellent response of the audience decided to continue with the band definitively and not experimentally as before.

The Sub-Vectors (Omaha-Nebraska, USA)

The Tremolo Wankers (Norway)

Originally a soft-surf trio, from the sleepy town of Arendal, southern Norway, the Rockets were delighting friends and fans with their mixture of Hawaiian shirts, greasy hair and unbeatable groovy surfing rhythms since the mid-nineties. Later on (autumn ´99), some line-up changes were made, and BAM!, welcome the birth of The Tremolo Wankers!

Via Combusta (Seattle-Washington, USA)

Barbatanas Instro Surf (Curitiba, Brazil)

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