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Stories with tag: "2023"

New double side singe from Waikiki Makaki

Ukrainian surf band Waikiki Makaki (now consisting only of German based band leader Vitalii Yakushyn aka Samurai) presents new double side single. On A side you may find a mid tempo ballad “Rhino blues” and B side provides an energetic rocker “Full Contact Surf”.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vitalii Yakushyn in Stromberg Studios. Cover art by Kateryna Yakushyna.



SRW267 Voodoo Surf Tribe - Dark Magic (Digifile CD) 


Sleazy twangy saxy surf from the dark side of the reverb tank. Pulling together all the E.P.'s on one album, Dark Magic marks the first phase of the Tribe's output.


SRW277 The Breakers - A Seahorse Of A Different Color (Jacket CD)


The Breakers return with a collection of 18 psych surf instrumentals, ranging from galloping garage stompers to more experimental and atmospheric cuts, this hypnotic release will get your synapses firing! Featuring the previously released single, "Monster Storm", along with evocative tracks like "Escaping Through the Window" and "Garage Door To Your Mind", this one is sure to blow your stack!

Includes contributions from adjunct band members Dan Klapman (Saxophone), Gary Kretchner (Trumpet), and guest collaborators Jeff Bond (Guitar), Neil Hansen (Bagpipes) and Craig Williams (Keyboards).

The album was recorded and produced by Craig Williams at Dr. CAW Recording, Chicago and features cover artwork by the legendary Mark “Topes” Thompson.


SRW264 Magnatech - Herr Magnatech bittet zum Tanz (Jacket CD)


Magnatech's 4th album provides you with an eclectic mix of stompers, ballads and twist tunes. From the Astronauts-like "Hecate" all the way to the sophisticated mid-tempo ballad "Blanche Monnier" you will embark on a journey that will lead you from the US to the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France and back to the Netherlands again all the while jumping to the beat but with a little time to breathe and cool down during the ballads, which invite you to slow dance or just enjoy the melody.

"Herr Magnatech bittet zum Tanz" is a collaboration with A Guy Who Owns An Organ and will keep you on the dancefloor whilst giving you also the chance to relax! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Buy it now:

SRW261 Mark Malibu and the Wasagas Haunted Hot Rod Beach Party (Digipack CD)


The fourth full length release from Mark Malibu and the Wasagas is more than “just another” CD. The disc contains 18 Surf & Horror instrumentals compiled from their last three vinyl EP releases, plus rare and unreleased tracks released for the first time on CD. Including audience favourites like “Hip Shake Go-Go Baby” and “Hellbent for Speed”. Once again the artwork was created by Darren “KING” Merinuk.

Woven into the playlist is a 6 chapter radio drama “The Haunted Hotrod Beach Party” written and recorded especially for this release. Inspired by shows form the golden age of radio, BBC’s "Appointment with Fear", the Goon Show, EC comic books like "Tales from the Crypt" and mystery cartoons like Scooby Doo.

Buy it now -

I DARE YOU… to listen to this entire disc, … at NIGHT… IN THE DARK !!!

Merry BAT-mas!

You think Gotham City is a peaceful city this Christmas? Ho Ho Ho! Put your gum under your seats, hold your nose, and get ready to deodorize Batman and fumigate his diabolical enemies! OUT NOW! "Batman Smells", from horror surf rockers Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th, is an ode to the season of The Caped Crusader's fetid, foul, funky, malodorous, putrid, rancid, rank, reeking suit and is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp! For those who dare download the single will receive additional digitized Yuletide gifts! So be sure to use that grapple gun and swing over to the link below! Will Robin sprout an embryo encased in a hardened calcium carbonate shell? Can the Batmobile keep its tires from relinquishing the axle? Is this the ghastly end of our dynamic duo? For Batman's sake, keep your fingers crossed and your nasal passages plugged at all times! Same Shriek-time, same Shriek-channel!

Listen here:


Surfin Kitty X-mas 4 - OUT NOW !!

Surfin’ Kitty X-mas 4 is available Now in digital download and CD. Delivery in about a week. Every cent from the sale of these CDs will go to the Pinetree Stables/Cat Sanctuary in Grand Bahamas which fixes and feeds all the abandoned cats on the island. The CD is $10 but you can pay more if you want.

We also have a very limited 4 PACK and a special 3 PACK as Kitty X-mas 2 is essentially sold out.

Like every year, there are songs (mostly instrumental) donated from AWESOME BANDS from around the world… The Tourmaliners, The Surf Hermits, Supraphonics, Whoa Nellie Vera & Johnny!, Magnatech, Jason Janik, Voodoo Surf Tribe, Jim And The Sea Dragons, The Angry Red Planet, The Slimetones, CRAB BUBBLES, Hermey & the Humbugs, The Breakers, with Dan Peters, Francis P Randazzo, The Surf Junkies, The Terrorsurfs, The Aquaholics, Hitchcocks, Thunder Glove and those loveable Wasagas.

Start the Holiday season off right by thinking of our furry friends ... Thank you !



Interstellar Rider New EP coming on Friday, November 24th!

Hey there!

Interstellar Riders new EP drops on Friday, November 24th!
Available on all the usual streaming platforms with vinyl coming in 2024!


Although the official release is on the 24th, we now have it available on our Bandcamp page.
Giver a spin!

Bandcamp Link

We also released our new video, Astro Surf!

Astro Surf - YoutubeLink

Hope you dig it!


Debut Single from The Wretched Edsels

New band, new song! A bunch of us L.A. garage rock and surf music veterans have formed a new group. Here's our first offering, free on Bandcamp: "Echo Mountain" from The Wretched Edsels. Hope you enjoy!






New Single from Kris Bone

Hey there! Here’s the next new single off my upcoming album. My take of the new school classic Cecilia Ann. Wild, Inspiring, motivational and may make you drive way above the speed limit.

Give a listen and thank you!



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