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DannySnyder: 6:30 is the best time on a clock, hands down
11 days ago

DannySnyder: I have an inferiority complex, but it's not a very good one.
11 days ago

DannySnyder: No matter how kind you are, german children are kinder
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bigtikidude: Danny has truely morphed into Groucho Marx
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Category: Surf Scene News

Radio Free Bakersfield Podcast Hypes SG101 Convention!

Submitted by Brian on June 23, 2009.
Surf Scene News
Whore-Hay at Radio Free Bakersfield has done it again. This time by turning over the mic to Jeff "Bigtikidude" and Baron von Shivers of The Ghastly Ones. Hmmm, not a wise move. But this time it turned out fantastic. Want to get pumped up for the August 2009 SurfGuitar101 Convention? Then listen to Radio Free Bakersfield Podcast #136. Jeff and The Baron spin some great tunes by bands that will be featured at the convention in August. Thanks guys and congrats on a brilliant and funny show!

Read more for the track list...

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New Double Crown Website & URL

Submitted by Double-Crown-Records on March 24, 2009.
Surf Scene News
After months of work, we're ready to launch the brand new Double Crown Records website!

Check it out at:

It has a bunch of features that we're really excited about. It's easy to integrate video and audio into the website, both on the front page and in blog posts. We are still using CCNow for order processing, so for all of you long-time customers that part of ordering with us will be the same as usual. The shopping area of the website is much easier to navigate than the old site, and every item has a cover scan and track listing (for CD's and 7"s). There are options to view 10, 20, 50 or all items on a page, and best of all, there is a search function, so you can enter a band name or keyword, and get a list of every CD, 7" and magazine that features that band or keyword. For example, search for "The Madeira" and you'll see all 3 Double Crown CD's, plus the 3 issues of The Continental magazine that they appeared on the CD comp.

I have gone through the site and looked for any mistakes or broken links, but if you find one drop me an e-mail at: I would also welcome any comments or criticisms about the new site.

The old URL, , will continue to work indefinitely. I will update both sites for the next few months or so, until I know that the new site definitely works. At that point I will then redirect to the new site, so both URLs will work.

It's a big step - I haven't really ever updated the look and functionality of the old site, and it shows!

Order from either site until March 31st and take 20% off any order over $20.00 using coupon code: MARCH20
Double Crown Records

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Los Straitjackets Summer Camp 2009!

Submitted by Brian on March 20, 2009.
Surf Scene News
Roasting marshmallows around a fire, a pristine mountain setting and rock & roll guitars...? That's right amigo, Los Straitjackets Rock & Roll Summer Camp is back! August 25th through 28th spend three days and nights with the men behind the masks!  Enjoy three great shows, get personal instruction in guitar and rock & roll showmanship, and share the camaraderie of fellow fans. At the spectacular Full Moon Resort located in the heart of the Catskills Mountain Preserve in upstate New York.

Package(s) include:
  • Three nights of live music with Los Straitjackets and special guests. This year, Dieselbilly legend Bill Kirchen will sit in with the hombres and teach a workshop to boot. 
  • Three nights of comfortable country inn accommodations at the Full Moon Resort with over a hundred pristine acres of mountains, fields and streams to wander and explore.
  • Opening night cocktail party. 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared each day by Full Moon’s on-site chef.
  • Guitar workshops with Eddie Angel, Daddy-O-Grande and Bill Kirchen.
Check out all the details at!

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John Blair Joins the Eliminators!

Submitted by Brian on February 05, 2009.
Surf Scene News
John Blair

Surf guitar legend John Blair of Jon & The Nightriders, who is responsible for starting the second wave of surf music, has joined The Eliminators Surf Band.

Jon & The Nightriders electrified music lovers in 1979 when their maiden effort "Rumble At Waikiki" exploded on to the Hollywood scene and ignited what music historians now call the "second wave," or modern school of rock & roll's first electronic revolution: "instrumental" surf music.

In addition to reintroducing the nearly-forgotten style of guitar-based, instrumental surf music that laid the groundwork in the late 50s and early 60s for heavy metal and fusion styles, Jon & The Nightriders inspired classic "first wave" bands such as The Ventures and Dick Dale to resume touring.

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New McParland Book: REAL GONE GASSERS!

Submitted by Brian on December 22, 2008.
Surf Scene News


Surf and Hot Rod Music LPs of Interest

This book presents the real stories behind some of surf and hot-rod music’s more interesting record albums. In all, over 40 surf and hot-rod music albums are discussed in detail, detail that includes a look at the group/individual responsible, the music recorded, the artwork and any other interesting side stories that are relevant in some form or another to the record album discussed.

Groups featured in this book run the gamut from instrumental surf bands (such as the Tornadoes, Surfaris, Challengers, Pyramids, Sandals, etc.) to vocal ensembles (such as the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Super Stocks, Hondells, Risers, Fantastic Baggys, Roadrunners, etc.) to even Annette Funicello and Candy Johnson!

It is all here … everything you ever wanted to know!

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Happy Bithday Herbert Hooke

Submitted by tired on December 10, 2008.
Surf Scene News
Herbert Hooke aka The Cruncher turns 60 years old (young) today (December 10th)!!!

In my eyes he is one of the most profilic surf music producers of the second and third wave surf music.

All the best to a dear good friend and special human being.


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Induct Link Wray!

Submitted by InductLinkWray on December 06, 2008.
Surf Scene News
Surf Guitar 101 nation, I would like to inform you all of a new site I have begun devoted to getting Link Wray inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is long overdue! We might still be listening to Sh- Boom had Link not come along. Link and so many others from the surf/instro genre belong there. Let's draw attention to our favorite music and get those corporate bastards to take notice. I will forward every 500 signatures to the hall. Eric

Category: Surf Scene News Comments 16 comments Permalink

The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music 4th Edition is Now Available!

Submitted by Brian on November 13, 2008.
Surf Scene News
Hot off the press, from John Blair:

The new 4th edition of "The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965" is here!
Hundreds of 45s and LPs with labels and album covers in full color. The new edition is 248 pages with a Foreword by Dick Dale. There are Appendixes for compilation albums, movies and documentary soundtracks, and surf music on the Top 100. The new 4th edition also has a greatly expanded index from earlier editions.
Price is $46 plus p/h.  Order up to 3 copies directly at using PayPal or credit card. Email to for price and shipping on quantity orders.

Click read more to see the book cover...

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Pounding Surf - DVD

Submitted by Brian on November 06, 2008.
Surf Scene News
From Paul Johnson's Website:

Pounding Surf - DVD
TWO complete programs on one DVD: The feature-length documentary, A Drummer’s Guide to Surf Music, presents a colorful history of the genre (´60s-to-present day) along with great live performances, interviews with key figures and other special features. A separate program, The Art of Surf Drumming, offers instruction from four top surf drummers.

Please be assured: this package is NOT just for drummers — it’s for everyone who loves good music! What started out as just a simple idea for a “surf drum instruction video” has ended up as a much larger concept...  I was invited into the project early on to contribute guitar parts for the drum lessons; then I was asked to narrate “a bit of history” ... This grew to more ambitious proportions as we began to see the potential for producing a general-interest documentary feature along with the lessons. I was soon co-producing and doing the video editing, and we continued developing and refining the content until we were satisfied that we had compiled the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment of this subject that has ever been done.

You´ll see many of the top musicians from the original and present-day scenes, performing and telling stories illustrated with lots of great photos, video clips and graphics from every period. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who views this documentary will gain a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the surf music movement and how it evolved to what it is today!

— PJ

Head on over to Paul's Pounding Surf page and check out a preview clip of the DVD. Read what your fellow SG101'ers are saying about the DVD in this forum thread.

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Shout out to all surfers/musicians

Submitted by surfersearch on September 20, 2008.
Surf Scene News
Hey guys, 

I am a casting director looking for 4 surfers/musicians for a new scripted docu/drama show.  These guys will get to travel, surf, jam, hang out  and avoid the 9-5 lifestyle.   We are holding casting seasons in San Diego and Santa Cruz on the below dates.   You can submit your picture, contact #, location and any links to the following email address: 

If you are in SAN DIEGO and/or  NEIGHBORING SURF SPOTS --- We will be in San Diego this Monday, Sept 22nd and Tuesday Sept 23rd.    You can submit online at the above email for an appt. for Tuesday or you can find us at PB Bar and Grill on Monday from 11-5 pm.  

If you are in SANTA CRUZ and/or up the coast to San Francisco --  We will be in Santa Cruz on Friday Sept 26 and Saturday Sept 27th.  You can submit online at the above email for an appt. for Saturday or you can find us at Coconut Grove on Friday from 12-6.

If you are in other areas please feel free to submit online also for future casting sessions.

Looking for surfers all levels and/or surfers who do and don't play music.  FUN, CHARISMATIC GUYS.    This is a great opportunity.   Hope you'll submit

Have a beautiful day.

Barbara Stordahl
Stordahl and Terry Casting

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