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The Surfrajettes (Toronto, Canada)

Last edited: Jul 27, 2019 15:24:22

Slacktone's "into the Blue Sparkle" cd is still available from the band directly.

I believe the Huntington Cads are from Huntington Park, Ca.


Thanks for the update bigtikidude Smile

In case anyone missed Slacktone's "into the Blue Sparkle" CD being mentioned earlier on this thread: Really excellent Surf on there ....excellente

The 2nd video has Dave Wronski showing how to play the 2nd track on this CD callled: Longboard Legato Love that song Cool

If anyone knows a a direct link to buy this CD please post on this thread - Thanks.


Jacksonville, Alabama

THE KBK ... This is the last known signal. We offer Sanctuary.

Big Fez and the Surfmatics (Saratoga-New York, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

" Dressed in black suits, dark glasses, and fez, Big Fez and The Surfmatics claim to have first hit the scene in 1960, broke up in 1966, and re-formed to bring the sound of the surf into the 21st century. The band includes Johnny Fez (who claims to be from the “Big Island” and is an indirect descendent of Don Ho…his aunt Heidi was Don Ho’s third wife), Donny Fez (former car wash attendant and waxing specialist who hails from the “Long Island”), JB Fez (Marine surfing instructor from “Paris Island”), and Mikey Fez (airplane pilot from “Fantasy Island”). "

The Del Vamps (Arizona??? USA) 1990's

Not much out there on this one except on comment on video below:

" I'm the only member of the Del-Vamps in the Coconauts, but I've been playing surf with these guys for a while.

Thanks again for putting my song up on YouTube. I don't even have a copy of this disc anymore!"

The Coconauts (Arizona, USA)

The Coconauts are an out of this world reverb-drenched instrumental surf band based in Phoenix, Arizona. These astronauts that were lost in time and space found their way back to Earth during July 2009 and brought their classic sound from the '60s to Arizona. With a large repertoire of originals and their own take on classics, The Coconauts are sure to convert you with their Coco-naughty sounds of the surf. So, bring a little reverberation into your life, kick back and imbibe their intoxicating concoction of multi-dimensional sounds of the summer of 1963.

West Samoa Surfer League (Neo-Ulm / Germany / Bavaria)

(Translated from German)

WEST SAMOA SURFER LEAGUE from New Ulm turn back the clock half a century and the globe a fair bit to the west. To the beaches of California, to the time of the fat convertibles with tailfin, the station wagon with wooden doors and surfboard on the roof. There, SURFMUSIC was the soundtrack of countless rebellious teenagers in the early "60s, preferring surfing, beach and parties to a" bourgeois "life. The electric guitar was just 10 years old and there was a lot of exciting to discover new music.

Ended by the British beat invasion, however, SURF disappeared underground again, always on the go to become "The Next Big Thing." That's charming – because let's face it, which band would like to hear their songs between two sweepstakes on a private station? Then prefer SHRUNKEN HEAD LOUNGE, WUNC, NORTH SEA SURF RADIO or RADIO FREE BAKERSFIELD ...

On the surface, of course, the classic clichés fit: "Hey this sounds like out of pulp fiction"

Slacktone has 2 studio cds and 2 live cds.


bigtikidude wrote:

Slacktone has 2 studio cds and 2 live cds.

Uh oh Jeff, you're slippin' bro!
You forgot this- Big Grin


Bill S._______

HELLDIVER on Facebook

Kozmic Gorillas (Curitiba, Brazil)

Kozmic Gorillas surgiu com a proposta de uma surf music tradicional aliada ao punch do punk rock, psychobilly e garage em composições próprias e versões.

Video below:
The band of surf Music of Curitiba/Londrina, playing in the "Psycho surf Attack " organized by Zombilly in the tribe's Bar in Maringá, Brazil.

(Translated from Portugese)
Kozmic gorillas came up with the proposal of a traditional surf music allied to the punch of punk rock, psychobilly and garage in own compositions and versions.

The current formation meet Marcio Tadeu on guitar, Raphael Gorny on bass, Matheus Moro on drums and Tiago Felix on trumpet.

remora1 wrote:

bigtikidude wrote:

Slacktone has 2 studio cds and 2 live cds.

Uh oh Jeff, you're slippin' bro!
You forgot this- Big Grin


Touché there is also the compilations that they and Dave Wronski solo are on.


The Del Mars (San Francisco - California, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

" Bringing the beach to you again and again. Bill Rock founded the Del Mars in Berkeley around 1990. The group played nothing but surf instrumental covers from the Rhino Records Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 5: Surf. Bill hustled up a lot of gigs for the band.
The original members drifted away leaving Johnny Del Mar and a constantly shifting group. Johnny began writing surf instrumentals, “Party Wave,” “Rip Tide,” and after a false start at a studio at Sound Wave in Oakland Johnny recorded the two instrumentals at John Denn’s studio in Oakland’s Bridgeport Building with Robert David and pressed it on blue vinyl. The studio had a board that had belonged to the Eurythmics and a 16 track Otari reel to reel.
Years later Johnny recorded a full length CD named for the title song, “Surf Monkey.” This included remakes of the instrumentals on the single. The CD is now in its second pressing. In 2016 Johnny recorded tracks at Prairie Sun Studio, started mixing the instrumentals and basically ran out of money. The last work at Prairie Sun was December 28, 2017. Since March, 2018 the recording has been on the back burner at Bill Williams’ Hayward studio but with only a few tracks left to reassemble the recording may be heating up again. "

The Travelers (St. Petersburg-Florida, USA)

The Travelers play #1 hits from the '50s to the '80s, commemorating the history of Rock & Roll. Normally a three piece band.

Their recordings are featured in the Lost Legends of The Surf Guitar
from 1963.

Video below has guest Rhythm player Big Larry from The Fabulous DELTONAS

Last edited: Mar 07, 2019 07:59:47

The Fabulous Deltonas (Treasure Island-Florida, USA)


There must be 5 bands with this name - not sure if this is the same early 60's band from Sacramento, California or not -...anybody know? please post a update here - thanks

The Reverburritos (Little Rock - Arkansas, USA)

Homegrown southern fried surf instrumentals... just like granny used to make.

The Ventures, Jack Lord, Chin Ho and that crazy 5-O gang, The Martin Denny Orchestra, all things Tiki and more...

The Tikinauts (Milwaukee-Wisconsin, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

When THE TIKINAUTS aren't prepping their rocket for a blast to the past, they're dusting off the surf classics to bring you a balanced dose of vintage nostalgia and surf tradition. Dedicated to the reverb drenched melodies of 60's summer fun, THE TIKINAUTS pride themselves on their uncanny dedication to the songs and styles that keep Tiki culture and surf swag alive and well in the 21st century. The band is the perfect soundtrack for your BACKYARD LUAU PARTY, CAR SHOW, FESTIVAL EVENT or CLUB.

The Zillatones (Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong)

Note: Could not find any live videos - must be a studio band or solo recording artist - anyone know?

Biography (From Facebook page)

The 'Zillatones bring you 1950s B-Movie Surf Rock from Planet Lantau. In 2004 a freak experiment to create the galaxy's biggest reverb tank caused an inter-dimensional portal to appear in the depths of the South China Sea, The 'Zillatones emerged and quickly acquired a vast selection of Hagstrom gear from a nearby cargo vessel. Their only means of returning to their home planet was to create a reverb field by getting everyone on Planet Earth listening to surf music!! In 2013, after mating with Earth-women The 'Zillatones were able to adopt human form and resided in Hong Kong disguised as part-time English teachers. A chance meeting with representatives from Sharawaji Records led to the production of an entire album. Today these shape-shifting reverb-addicted prehistoric space lizards retain a taste for twang, obscure tunings and a penchant for girls in bikinis.

Last edited: Mar 07, 2019 11:26:19

The Terrorsaurs (Birmingham UK)


Hailing from Birmingham UK The Terrorsaurs unique mix of garage, surf and classic heaviness is indefinable by any genre save that of pure Rock ‘n’ Roll. Originally founded by Ian B (King Fink), some early recordings were released by WILD records before the classic line-up emerged in 2015 and since then their notoriously theatrical live show has taken them all over the globe. This vital energy is perfectly captured by the studio output recorded at WILD studios, Hollywood CA. The ‘One Night Only’ and ‘Swamp Beat’ albums together with the ‘Crab Walk’ vinyl 45 establish a raw, hard edged sound which becomes fully realized on the double vinyl LP ‘Alive or Dead’ (released mid 2019). With twelve USA and European tours already behind them The Terrorsaurs are trailblazers of instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll. Check the tour page to catch the worldwide Swamp Stage…..KUTANGA!
‘A band without a singer that don’t play any boring surf shit. Mean, loud and savage guitar sounds’ – Reb Kennedy (President WILD Records)

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