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Chum (LA/South Bay California, USA)

Biography (From Facebook page)

We don't care about credibility, because we are incredible.

CHUM is not your dad's surf music. No pretty harmonies, no old ladies from The Valley, no matching suits/hawaiian shirts... Guitar, bass, drums, reverb, a bit of distortion, some attitude, and a suitcase full of bad jokes. CHUM is about a good time fueled by pints of the good stuff (insert your favorite beer here, or use Guinness as a reliable default.) CHUM hails from L.A.s South Bay. Yeah, the same area that brought you Dewey Weber, The Belairs, The Beach Boys, Black Flag, and Pennywise. Surf Music by surfers, for surfers... For those who know what a mouth full of salt water tastes like, the smell of a wetsuit that's been in your trunk a bit too long, and a crotch full of sand.
Adrien Anthony - Tubs...... Willy B.- Bassoon...... Alan Thomas - Guitar
The list of who we're NOT influenced by is WAY, WAY shorter!!!
Sounds Like
Los Straitjackets, The Black Widows, Slacktone, Pollo Del Mar, Agent Orange, Powerflex 5, The Lava Rats, Secret Samurai, Chingon, Your Mom, and a host of other bands you've never heard of.

Frankie & The Pool Boys (San Francisco California, USA)

" Spin The Bottle is Frankie & Pool Boys third full length album on the Double Crown Records label and features 20 songs. That’s 14 new originals, 2 covers (Booker T and the MGs, The Surf Coasters) and 4 vocal versions. Every effort was made to use vintage instruments, recording equipment and techniques. The biggest change on this album is that the Pool Boys line-up solidified into a tight, consistent unit. So, rather than every song featuring guest artists sending in tracks from around the world like on the first two Pool Boys albums, the whole CD was recorded in one weekend with the dedicated band of five. Dusty Watson (drummer for The Sonics, Dick Dale, Agent Orange, Slacktone) was brought in as chief ass-kicker (Producer). Ass-kick he did, whipping the Pool Boys into a tight unit, streamlining arrangements, encouraging dynamics, all with attention to sonic detail.

The album cover art was created by legendary Oslo artist Fred Lammers. A lengthy companion PDF featuring extended liner notes, tablature, recording notes and photos can be downloaded from

Tracks: Seafoam Angels - Poser - Smoke Jumper - Spin The Bottle - El Valenciano - Magic River - The Wet Season - Summer Cold - Fast Loud Hard - Hang 'em High - Tan Line Fever - Kill Devil Club - Prayer Wheel - San Quixote - Raise Hell - Pool Boy Stomp - Spin the Bottle (Vocal Bonus Track) - Summer Cold (Vocal Bonus Track) - Fast Loud Hard (Vocal Bonus Track) - Pool Boy Blues (Vocal Bonus Track). "

Dinosaur Ghost (San Diego California, USA)


Banned From The Beach (California USA)

Last edited: Mar 05, 2019 13:39:02

Luau Or Die (Toronto, Canada)

Luau or Die have been a part of the Toronto surf scene for a good while now (there's videos going back to 2009 on Youtube) but for us way far away from Toronto, we can dig this EP. "Dead on the Floor Vol. 1" is comprised of four originals and a cover of "Llorando Se Fue" (I had to look up the original) with quickly picked guitar and tight playing. It's a live album, but very clean and honestly better sounding than an awful lot of surf rock studio recordings. You can get it directly from the band by visiting their website

Strange But Surf ( Long Island New York, USA)

(From above link)

" We play Surf Music with Tude, Dude... We were formed in 2005 on the Boardwalk at Long Beach, NY. We have risen to become Long Island’s Premier Surf Rock Band, We are Internationally known and have played all over the NYC/LI area and beyond. We regularly play at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC as well as large halls like The Capitol Theatre, The Space @ Westbury, Mulcahy's of Wantagh and many more clubs, bars and dives. We are more than just a Surf Instrumental Tribute Band, we play many original songs, both Vocal and Instro, as well as many covers from the 50’s to the present in our own Surfy, Twangy style. We hope to see you at our next show.
Visit our website at to get cool SBS stuff and CD’s. Please contact us if you would like to book Strange But Surf at your event.
May the Surf be with you.... Always. "
Strange But Surf has been an established surf-rock band on Long Island since 2003. They play at venues across New York and appear regularly at Otto's Shrunken Head - a renowned surf & tiki club in NYC.

On January 31, 2015 Strange But Surf opened for the world's greatest party band - The B-52s at the legendary Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY.

hey have released 3 albums, "Making Treble", "Swimming in Reverb", and their newest release "Stranger Than Ever". In addition, they appear on the surf compilation CD "Off the Deep End" by Deep Eddy Records.

I am a big fan of Banned From The Beach, among many others that you have included on this list. However, I don't think the facebook page you linked is their actual band page. Smile

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

^ Ok fixed - Thanks SixStringSurfer Smile Yeah I get spacy after about 5 band posts on here. Confused What makes it hard is when there's two bands like the one below: Not sure if this is the same band?

The Abominable Showmen (Columbia Missouri, USA)

Waikiki Makaki (Ukraine - Russia)

(Russian Translation)

Here's how to make video clips! and girls dance and how to play at once show that tablature not asked)

New Year in the tavern with karaoke. Raspberry-haired gentleman administrator:
-Listen to Starshoy, bring you to us live musicians.
-I have one group. But only jazz plays!
-Give your jazz.
Jazzmen come, and jazz starts to play. One play is played. Another... Third.. Brilliant improvisation) The hall will be quiet and sober. One of the brothers comes to the stage, wait for the end of the play, coming to the pianist and sympathetic asks Whisper:...

Первая украинская сёрф команда Waikiki makaki выступает в Москве на Garage Day фестивале

The first Ukrainian Surf Team Waikiki Makaki performs in Moscow on the Garage Day festival.

ПоВесить десять серфер команды Cool

Surfing_Sam_61 wrote:

Waikiki Makaki (Ukraine - Russia)

Surfonica (Hurlingham-Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Surfonica: Guitar: Juan Sebastian Faccio, guitar/keyboards: Pablo Leonardo Labriola, drums and percussion: Ezequiel Alván bass: Nicolas Manzi.
Released October 10, 2016 graphic art: Caro Tabor produced by Pablo Leonardo Labriola and Juan Sebastian Faccio recorded and mixed by Pablo Leonardo Labriola.
Mastered by Pablo Rabinovich guest musicians: Eber Retamar-keyboards in Flower Power El Papu Kahunas-Solo in the M Song all songs composed by Surfonica

Video shot by arrow, from Alien Land.
Instrumental Surf Band from West zone of Greater Buenos Aires.

Video filmado por Flecha, de TIerra Ajena.
Banda de Surf Instrumental de Zona Oeste del Gran Buenos Aires.

The Huntington Cads (Long Beach-California USA???)

a.k.a. The Kaisers of Kalifornia Smile

Not sure about links or music here! Argh Thats all I can find

The Incredible Catheads (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Los Reverb (Maldonado, Uruguay)

A nice wet set of classic surfy reverb tracks!! Los Reverb is bendng the strings in all the right places, and Hanging Ten all the way down the line!! Cowabunga!!!

Un buen conjunto húmedo de clásico surfy pistas de reverberación!! Los reverb está bendng las cuerdas en todos los lugares correctos, y colgando diez todo el camino por la línea!! ¡ Cowabunga!

Surfing_Sam_61 wrote:

The Huntington Cads (Long Beach-California USA???)

Not sure about links or music here! Argh Thats all I can find

More Huntington Cads videos here:

Thanks summerfun Smile I had trouble finding info on them so many bands!

Bamboogie Injections (Moscow, Russia)

Bamboogie Injections Story

July 31, 2018
Having evolved from the beach culture of 60-s the Surf Music has plenty of incarnations all over the world today. Surf band "Bamboogie Injections" appeals to classic part of the style creating original stuff on the intersection of Surf and Instrumental Rock where rough Dick Dale style doublepicking touched the smooth psychedelic surf-ballads.
Bamboogie Injections are: Den - as a guitar charmer, Kate - as a psyko-bass femme (in studio & on stage) as well as keyboardessa (in studio) and Mr. Deadly Stab - as a drum guy.
On June 2017 Bamboogie Injections were participants of Surfer Joe Summer Festival, 12th Edition (Livorno, Italy).

Don’t Fear the Reverb (Cincinnati-Ohio, U.S.A)

Performing live instrumental surf music and spy music and spaghetti western type music.

Huevos Rancheros (Calgary-Alberta, Canada) 1990-2000



Initially consisting of guitarist Brent Cooper, bassist Graham Evans and drummer Richie Ranchero,[3] Huevos Rancheros released the six-song EP Huevosaurus independently in 1990 before releasing the EP Rocket to Nowhere in 1991 on Estrus Records.[3] In its early years the band was sometimes described as a cross between Led Zeppelin and The Ventures.[3]
The band then signed to C/Z Records, which reissued Huevosaurus in 1992 before releasing the band's full-length album Endsville in 1993.[4]
In 1995, the band signed to Mint Records.[5] Around the same time, Evans left the band and was replaced by Tom Kennedy.[6] The band's instrumental rock record Dig In was released that year.[7]
In 1998, their album Get Outta Dodge was nominated for a Juno Award in the Best Alternative Album category.[8][2]
After touring in Europe with Duotang,[9] in 2000 the band released the album Muerte del Toro.[10][11] They broke up soon after, although they have performed occasional reunion shows at benefit concerts to raise money for a journalism scholarship named in memory of former Calgary Herald music critic James Muretich.[12] The reunion show lineup has featured Evans rather than Kennedy on bass

Los Meteoritos (Zárate, Argentina)

e edición de Surfin´ Cemento, disco de Los Meteoritos.
Grabado en 2009, 2010 aprox. con canciones nuevas que no habian salido en discos anteriores.
Arte de tapa por Andrés Domínguez

" and edition of Surfin' ´ Cement, meteor disk.
Recorded in 2009, 2010 approx. with new songs that had not been released on previous discs.
Cover art by Andrés Domínguez"

Like many other bands on here its hard to find home town info and information about the band. Not very good as far as promotion goes. It seems like the bigger bands have all that kind of information avalible - could be a reason why some do better? - but that's debatible too being so many other factors are involved.

Last edited: Mar 06, 2019 05:22:56

Otto and the Ottomans (Phoenix -Arizona, USA)

Last edited: May 27, 2019 18:40:30

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