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Bang! Mustang! (Leipzig-Berlin, Germany)

(From link above)

BANG!MUSTANG! was founded by members of successful international bands, incl. Los Twang! Marvels, Messer Chups and The Rob Ryan Roadshow. The Mustangs sound like wild west, 1000 PS and hypnotized amerindians who celebrate the musical excess of all cultures! With oiled straps, burning guitars and marvelous melodies in their gats they delighted the continents from the year one with brilliant, sparkling sounds, surging guitars and roaring rythms - Surf Music in the proper sense! It's all about dynamics, devotion and passion!

Baleia Mutante (São Paulo, Brazil)

Eldanka (Finland) ?


Member in good standing, Mentone Beach Syncopation Reverberation Association

Last edited: Mar 18, 2019 12:38:47

^ Bound to know somebody with 1600 bands out there Cool

I keep coming across this video over the last few years - does anyone know where you can get this or was it even ever made ...I can't find anything on this production ...looks like about 12 years ago or so ...anyone know?

Hi Surfing_Sam, I ordered my DVD copy from this site just a couple of years ago. Dusty even included an autographed picture.

SSS Agent #777

Thanks SiverFlash your the best, I will check that out.

Beertubes (Bandung City-Indonesia)

The Sand Devils (San Diego-California, USA)

The Surfusions

The Typhoons (Wedel-Schulau, Germany)

Perlende Gitarren, große Melodien, rasende Beats, Südseewellenträume und Sprrrring Reverb from Hell...The Typhoons are back!

Beading Guitars, big Melodies, frenzied Beats, South Sea Wave Dreams and Sprrrring Reverb from Hell ... The Typhoons are back!

Tidal Wave (Tampa-Florida, USA)

Biography (Form Facebook page)

Tidal Wave is a three piece instrumental surf rock group from Tampa, Florida. Taking a cue from the surf greats, they play original surf rock songs that have a unique sound to them, as well as putting a twist on some of the surf classics.

"Beach Party" has been played on various surf rock radio shows on community radio stations around the country. Tidal Wave has been featured as the artist of the day by the Tampa Bay Times and were listed a must see act in the 2013 TBT Ultimate Music Guide.

Billy Blastoff & the Surf Rockets (Huntington Beach- California, USA)

Last edited: Mar 18, 2019 19:27:33

High Tide (Huntington Beach - California, USA)

The band:

Juan Alvada (from The Body Snathers) on drums,
Billy Scanlan (from The Detonators, Billy Blast-Off & The Surf Rockets) on guitar,
Jon Paul Balak (from the Insect Surfers, Tikiyaki Orchestra) on bass,
Matt Quliter (from The Reventlos) on guitar.


The Reventlos (California, USA)

The Driptones (Memphis-Tennessee, USA)

They play early 60's instrumental surf music, with the occasional vocal thrown in here and there. They use genuine Fender guitars and amplifiers to recreate that traditional surf sound. They are a family friendly band that plays all types of venues and special occasions.


Last edited: Aug 21, 2019 11:09:04

The Astronauts (Boulder-Colorado, USA)

The Astronauts were an American rock and roll band, who had a minor hit in 1963 with "Baja" and remained successful for several years, especially in Japan. They have been described as being, "along with...(the) Trashmen, the premier landlocked Midwestern surf group of the '60s."[1] For most of their career, the band members were Rich Fifield, Jon "Storm" Patterson, Bob Demmon, Dennis Lindsey, and Jim Gallagher

Last edited: Mar 25, 2019 06:50:19

Thank you very much for sharing this video with us.
It is really awesome!!!
As there are lots of pictures and tone documents of
The Beach Boys in Japan 1966 I wonder if there are
some tv shows available from The Astronauts in Japan.
I read that they were the second most succesful American
band in Japan behind The Ventures.
See the film "Beloved Invaders" about The Ventures in Japan.

Yeah The Astronauts would have been big everywhere if it hadn't been for
Beatlemania. The Astronauts music is still being played by many bands in Japan even today. I have the Astronauts CD box set and many Ventures albums and Beloved Invaders DVD too. Yes great stuff. Cool

Speaking of Beloved Invaders (The Ventures)

Hard to put into words the influence The Ventures has had on not only Surf music but modern Rock in general. So many guitar players learned how to play guitar because of this band to the point its beyond discription here. Hard to believe and bricklayer and a used car salesman were originally responsible for all this great music.

Will have to divide The Ventures legacy in half being the origional members are no longer in the present touring band. Don Wilson is the only surviving origional member and he is retired now. Gerry Mcgee was a session player that joined The Ventures in 1967 and has also retired (Gerry is a lot older than he looks)and was in the band decades and was always considered the new guy in the band for some reason.

Interesting Ventures videos

Out of order timeline wise but good representation of the change up line-up wise over years. Don Wilson has consistently been in the band up till he retired from touring just a few years ago.

There seems to be as many videos on this band as their albums. Smile

Last edited: Mar 19, 2019 07:18:15

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