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Stories with tag: "terrorsurfs"

SRW066 The Terrorsurfs - From The Jaws Of Hell (12" Hell Red Opaque/Smoked Vinyl LP)

SRW066 The Terrorsurfs - From The Jaws Of Hell (12" Hell Red Opaque/Smoked Vinyl LP)


It's been 5 years since "Mutant Surfing Trash” but now those masked zombie surf rockers The Terrorsurfs are back with their 3rd full length on "hell red" coloured vinyl, CD and digital download.

New drummer King Fuzzo powers through 12 new cuts of throbbing surf punk and trashy garage twang. Favourite live track "Methro Skull" kicks it off with a Dick Dale inspired rumble, followed by the baltic belter "The Bolshevik Beatdown" boasting a bonkers Balalaika, Blimey! The single "Spit Roast" (already "leaked" on a few compilations), has an awesome "Supermarionation" style video including an introduction explaining exactly how to roast your Easter lamb and "Revenge of the Surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire Girls" is the fictitious favourite film of Dave (Red Dwarf) Lister, maybe there'll be a lawsuit from the BBC... But, guitarist El Guapo's dog Hector has met Craig (Dave Lister) Charles on a film shoot, so we should be fine!

Buy it on Vinyl, CD and digital download now -

The Terrorsurfs release "Surfin' Mutant Trash"

THE TERRORSURFS are back with more sonic mayhem! The “savage suitar driven power surf twang” has now been expanded to a 4-piece with the addition of extra guitarist The Reverend Tonto, he make an unholy racket!! The twang is joyously abundant, power surf with killer riffs, forged with primeval DNA.

And you.. can actually see them at the album launch on Friday 23rd February at the crew in Nuneaton.


The purple splatter vinyl runs at an “audiophile” 45rpm for that full Zombiphonic Hi-Fi sound experience.

From the off, the boys are in pure surf territory with “Terrorsurfer”, the the surf/time continuum is almost ripped apart with mission control sound effects and even a theremin on “Kosmonauty” (watch the far out video) while “Bat Shit Crazy” is exactly that. “(I Wanna Get me Some Hot) Surf Burger” could be just a song about being hungry on a beach, but watch the animated video and make up your own mind! “Murph” moves into psychedelic surf territory, even utilising some backwards guitar, and “Terrorsurf Apocalypse”rounds it all off with an apocalyptic cinematic climax. Phew!!



One of the most popular episodes of Surf Guitars from Mars featured The Terrorsurfs, and a whole bunch of people wanted to hear more, so Surf Rock Radio is proud to present a brand new show...


Coming up Sunday at 9pm HKT / 1pm GMT on

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