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The Surge (Atlanta-Georgia, USA)

Threesome (Beograd, Serbia)

The Q-Trons (Colchester, United Kingdom)

Biography (From Facebook page)

The Q-Trons are a three piece 60s inspired garage surf band from Colchester who play a mixture of classic tracks by surf greats such as The Belairs, The Lively Ones and The Surfaris, whilst throwing in some original surf tracks with a modern twist. With pounding drums, rolling bass and reverb-soaked guitars The Q-Trons deliver an energetic set which will please surf and rock fans alike.

The Monterreys (Charlotte-North Carolina, USA)

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Mickey & the Invaders (East Los Angeles- California, USA) 1963 to 1968 ?

(Quote from bottom video)


"Land Of Broken Hearts" was supposed to be the "A" side, but the flip side... "BLAST OFF" was the side that took off and became a popular SURF song.

This song was actually studio musicians, in which Mike Aversa (Mickey) just added his voice to the track!"

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Meteor IV (Wilmington-North Carolina, USA)

Influences (From Facebook page)

The Astronauts, Ventures, Dick Dale, Los Straitjackets, The Pyramids, Link Wray, Chantays, Trashmen, Surfaris, The Centurions, Marketts, Fender IV.

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Los Tsunamis (Úbeda, Jaén, Spain)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from Spanish

The Tsunamis are an instrumental surfing band with epicenter in Úbeda (Jaén). A mixture of the Rock´n ´ roll instrumental of the 50, surfing of the first 60, passing by subgenres like the Western, space surf or terror surf...

Flamingos (Cordoba, Spain)

Dr. Triton (Mexico City, Mexico)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from Spanish

Dr. Triton is a band originally from the relatively young CDMX that "struggles" to keep the Mexican surf movement in effect. Heirs of a scene that by generational gap took almost 30 years to be represented in Mexico by the precursory bands in the late 90 's.

Dr. Triton as Messenger of the depths of the sea, retakes the surf scene almost 15 years later, sharing his instrumental sound driven by a pair of guitars with waves of reverb, a low extravagant and drum drums wild but accurate.

Despite being known on the first day of the year 2010, Dr. Triton has been playing formally since the year 2014.

Last edited: May 10, 2019 02:02:47

The Phantom Four (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Biography (From Facebook page)

The Dark Exotica of The Phantom Four

The Phantom Four·Thursday, April 12, 2018
The Phantom Four from Amsterdam combine music from all over the world (from Middle Eastern folk music to South-American cumbia and Oriental influences) with the typical guitar sound of Western surf guitars. Since 2004 their unique mix of different styles turned venues and festivals in Europe and the USA into exotic dance parties. After a short break, the band is back with a new album, a new guitarist and new energy, ready to heat things up again!

Frontman Phantom Frank gained fame in The Netherlands and abroad during the 90's with his surf group The Treble Spankers. In the slipstream of the success of the Quentin Tarantino movie "Pulp Fiction", the band was one of the earliest groups in the 90's in Europe to play surf music at festivals, venues and television programs in their home country and abroad. After that success Phantom Frank started the Phantom Four in 2004. After playing numerous festivals in Europe and the USA, the band has been praised as being part of the world's top instrumental exotica groups. After several collaborating projects, including an album and tour with rapper Rudeboy, lead singer from hip-hop/rock crossover pioneers Urban Dance Squad, The Phantom Four are back in 2018 with a new instrumental album called "Live at Pacific Parc".

The Me Gustas (Sacramento - California, USA)


Biography (From Facebook page)

Not bound by tradition, but with a heavy respect for it The Me Gustas forge their own brand of instrumental tunes. If spaghetti westerns and surf tunes were composed by untrained punk rockers, The Me Gustas would be the go to band!


Thin White Rope, Dick Dale, Green on Red, Link Wray, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Iron Maiden, Mojo Nixon, Tiger Army, Calexico, Koffin Kats, Ennio Morricone, Adam and the Ants, Rolling Stones, Descendents, The Cult, The Clash, Rancid

Last edited: Jul 06, 2019 13:06:52

The Emotionals (Wisconsin, USA) 1967

The Cruncher (Wilhelmshaven, Germany)

Solo artist Herbert Hooke a Guitarist from Wilhelmshaven, Germany

The Derangers (Boston-Massachusetts, USA)

Biography (From above link)

Conjuring the feel of a bygone era in America, when neon lit the evening sky along Route 66 and a cowboy with no name rode across a Drive-In movie screen...
The WESTERNMENTAL SOUND!! NEW CD release, "Derangers: The Legend of Daphne Blue" releases March 1 2014 on Deep Eddy Records!
One hot Saturday afternoon in 1988, blues guitarist Drew Townson, then freshly relocated from Dallas to Boston, was laying on the couch nursing a hangover. He was watching the "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" on TV. The music in the classic Italian Western caught Drew's attention, big time. He jumped off the couch, grabbed his Stratocaster, and began playing in a whole new way. That moment changed Drew's musical direction forever. By 1989 he had started a band called the Derangers (rhymes with "strangers"), dedicated to playing spooky instrumental themes, encompassing Spaghetti Western, Surf, Spy-Jazz and more. The first original recording by The Derangers was a cinematic western called "Rio Sangre," which was internationally hailed as a standout track. By the early 90's film directors like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino were also exploring this haunted, reverberant sound in their movies. Drew had always been a fan of original Surf-guitar kings like Dick Dale and The Ventures, along with Duane Eddie and other twangy guitarists, so it was only natural to combine all these influences in to the Derangers' "WesterMental" sound. With Drew's Strat a-blazin' the trio gigged, toured and recorded from 1990 to 2000, Now, after a decade of dormancy, those bad bandidos are BACK! Hide the women and lock up the tequila - The Derangers Ride Again!

The Hicadoolas (Berlin, Germany)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from German

Here is the whole truth about The Hicadoolas.
The whole thing started in 2010 with Sancho Pansen and Katrina Hurricane in small but fine Saarland. Fern away from any surf and a rather modestly large body of water, the Saar, could celebrate The Hicadoola's first successes and lay the groundwork for the special Hicadoolas sound. Through appearances at clubs, fairs, festivals and vintage shows, Katrina Hurricane and Sancho Pansen gained valuable experience, refined their interplay and followed the call for Me (e) hr in 2016.
More city, more cool people, more space for your passion: The music. So set sail and set on to Berlin! There goes something! And how!

A new team quickly hired and the band became really international. A quintet from England, Argentina, the Netherlands and Germany continue to develop the sound into a style they call a "Berlin reverb."
They also continue to provide the feeling of sun, sea, bring the beach party to every club, big or small, and stand for music with that certain extra.

In 2018, they release their long-awaited debut album, "Sympathy For The Ocean." As multifaceted and profound as the ocean itself! Vocals and guitars, melancholy and euphorie.This all mixes to the Berlin reverb sound. Just listen to it!

But who are The Hicadoolas? Well, this is quite easy to answer:
Frontwoman Katrina Hurricane provides the right voice and is actively supported by guitarist Sancho Pansen and bassist Davy C. Rockett. Guitarist Nacho Rompantodo provides the southern temperament, while Mischa tactfully takes care of the right groove on the drums.

The Katatonics (Bloomington-Indiana, USA)

(From Facebook page)

High energy, reverb drenched, instrumental surf-a-billy punk

The Maladroits (Queen City-Ohio, USA)

Danny McMartin & the Psychedelic Surfers (Sydney, Australia)

Biography (From Facebook page)

Danny McMartin is a guitarist/bassist based in Sydney Australia. Currently recording with up and coming Alt/Rock outfit "Stellar Addiction".

Danny has performed intimate shows for Amy Winehouse, members of Jamiroquai and The Clash and has had the pleasure of playing INXS greatest hits with original members.

His latest solo EP “Surfer Libre” is an organic feel good vibe of Surf Rock tunes that transports the listener straight to the beach.

Jim Waller and the Deltas 1961 to 1967

Les Bitnicks (Boulogne-sur-Mer, France)

Biography (From Facebook page) Translated from France

After skimming Martinique from 1993 to 2009 with the first grind of the Bitnicks, Fred puts it back in France with a brand new surf-Pub-rock repertoire.

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