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Black Tarantula (Leiden, Netherlands)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

Black Tarantula is the only Netherkraut band in the world.
Netherkraut is an amalgam of surf, psychedelic garagerock and krautrock; timeless Sixties music kept timeless via the psychedelic time vacuum. Their first album 'Deze kant boven' was released in 2014.

Mai Tai Surf (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

Mai Tai Surf is the reverb-drenched, retro surf rock off-shoot of our fantastic "day job" cover band Mai Tai Friday which features vocalist/guitarist Duncan Minett.
Mai Tai Surf and Mai Tai Friday are fun, professional music groups here to entertain your guests at parties and special events.

Jason Lee & The R.I.P. Tides (San Diego, CA)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

A Tiki Oasis Favorite! Instrumental Surf Music with a twist, Jason Lee & the R.I.P.tides brings a broad mix to the culture of Surf Music. After 9 years this band is now hitting hard under Dionysus Records.
*** Inspired from Classic Surf, Ska, Roots and Biker Flicks we want to be the highest energy Surf Band you've ever seen! We bring Skill, Go-Go girls and a vibe that is unlike any other. Give our New Full length record a spin and see for yourself! We play all over so check our show listings for updates.

Los Freneticos (Córdoba, Argentina)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

Los Frenéticos invite the crowds into a wild dance with a non conventional music style in Argentina,
even less in Córdoba (their native city) as is Surf Music is. Since 2008, these mediterranean surfers
have toured the local scene with a combination of instrumental rock, Beat, Punk, Spaghetti,
Soundtrack and Surf music.
In 2012, they published their first album called "El Playa", composed by 10 own tracks and 2 covers
("Break It All" from The Shakers and a classic romantic melody, "La Playa" from Claude Ciari). This
album was recorded in Buenos Aires and mastered in USA.
At the end of 2015, after an intense year of hard work, they published "El Sonido que Perdura" released
by Scatter Records, an important indie record Label from Buenos Aires. It contains 14 songs, 13 of their
own and a cover song, "Rosa Rosa", written by the father of Argentinian rock, Sandro. This second
album shows us a mature and professional sound, each one song with its own identity. These tracks
present a great musical range, from typical Surf tunes, dense and climatic environments to cadences
close to spy movies music.

The Boss Martians (Seattle-Washington, USA))

Evan Foster solo release

From the band The Boss Martians (Seattle-Washington, USA)

The New Waves (Las Vegas-Nevada, USA)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

In 2013, ex-Apollo 14 members, Ben Dubler and Eric Chamberlain got together to start playing surf again. But this time, playing New Wave all instrumental surf style! The New Waves are rounded out by guitarist Darin Cox (ex-Fueled By Failure/Exit One Eighty) and bass player extraordinaire Eddie Schaller (Durango 66).

The Pyronauts (Northern, CA)

Los Changos del Mar (New Mexico, USA)

Biography From,16803

What do monkeys have to do with the ocean and what in the heck do either one have to do with the Taos music scene? Well, according to local musician Roger Landes Los Changos del Mar, literally translated as Monkeys of the Sea, is Taos’ new (and perhaps New Mexico’s only) “extraterrestrial, psycho surf punk, spy-billy, harem conjunto.” And they’ll be debuting tonight (Aug. 21) when they open for Kim and the Caballeros at Taos Plaza Live. Admission is free.
Now, it’s not quite like Chicken of the Sea where the comparison of tuna to chicken is obvious, so exactly what does this conjunto have in mind. “Well,” said Landes who is the band’s lead guitarist, “first there’s the reference to the era in which surf music first originated.”
The “sea monkeys,” as Landes explained, were a kitschy kind of novelty toy of the 1950s and 60s. “They were brine shrimp in suspended animation that would come back to life if you put them in water,” he said. “Kids used to cut coupons out of the back of comic books and mail order them. Second, ‘chango’ is Northern New Mexican slang for monkey. It can also have not so positive connotations such as clown or buffoon when applied to adults. But when used for a child, particularly a young boy it is used endearingly and means monkey, or rascal or scamp.” Continuing, Landes added, “The name Los Changos was suggested as a possible band name by our drummer’s mother. Then, adding the modifier ‘del mar’ we thought it made the perfect name for an instrumental surf rock band from Northern New Mexico.”

Maremoto (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain)

Biography (From Facebook Page) Translated from Spanish

It was in September 2013 when we gathered in Sanlúcar de Barrameda the guitarist Cristino Márquez (also known as Fat Tino of the Farelli). Juanma Gonzálvez (bassist of Bourbon). José Miguel Monge (guitarist member years ago of several local bands). And Servando Jiménez (drums of Hatowers and Wishkah) to form a tidal wave. In February 2014 we gave our first concert, and since then we have not stopped acting and increasing our repertoire.

The sound of Tidal wave is a tribute to the most rocking instrumental surf from the 60 to the present day. Leave a little aside the most classic repertoire of instrumental surfing and bet on a more modern and fresh sound but respecting the sound clean and reberverado along with country themes or a border sound.

Among others it is composed of Dick Dale, Los Coronas, The Sadies, Straitjackets, Lost Acapulco and some other contribution

Pagueta (Canoas, Brazil)

Surfana (Delair, New Jersey, USA)

This is the Facebook page of Nirvana surf tribute band Surfana, whose debut album "Whatever" was released November 2014.

Tablatones (Udine, Italy)

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The 'Verb (Seattle-Washington, USA)

The Bahareebas (Zürich, Switzerland)

Biography (From Facebook Page) Translated from German

The Bahareebas were founded in 2002 in the St.Gallen Rhine Valley. In the beginning, the main program was the instrumental surf sound of the early 1960s. Over time, however, the musical spectrum has become increasingly expanded and pieces in which sometimes they sing have been added to the set.

Bands like The Bomboras, Satan's Pilgrims, The Sonics or the whole 60 ' ties Surf & Garage compilations à la "Surfer Mood " or "Nuggets " provide the musical role model.

So The Bahareebas offer a safe style mix of surf and garage offset with some punk and psychedelic. The combo alternates with a twinkle in the eye diligently vocal and instrumental pieces.

Since its inception, The Bahareebas have played in numerous locations. Among others in the Salzhaus and Albani in Winterthur, In Abart, Mascotte, Kinski, Palais X-tra and on the Werdinsel Openair in Zurich, in the Reithalle in Bern, in the Kiff Aarau, in the Kofmehl Solothurn, in the Usine in Geneva and yes, even once at the Montreux Jazz Festival. In addition, there was a two-week Germany Tour and a small Giro d 'Italia. Like an uncontrolled ride on the surfboard and with no regard for losses, The Baraheebas rush away on it, just as it belongs to a decent rock ' n ' roll band in shell! Let's go heaven, times straight to hell ... Just where it's most fun!

The Crazies

The Del Rios (Cleveland-Ohio, USA)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

The Del Rios were formed in 2013 from the Del Rio Bandits, an instrumental cover band that had come together in 2008. Guitarist Dean Cohen and Bassist Skylar Keffer decided to form The Del Rios to pursue their interest to write and record original music with a retro feel, but an updated sound. They quickly recruited drummer Austin Latare.
Last (but, of course, not least) was the addition of guitarist and vocalist Will Robinson

The Huaraches (Kingston-Ontario, Canada)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

The Huaraches are Kingston, Ontario’s finest/only purveyors of instrumental surf punk. They take the spirit of artists like Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and The Ventures, add reverb, jumpsuits and impunity, then just straight-up put on a show.

To truly understand The Huaraches, see them live. This crew believes in giving audiences their money’s worth. On any given night their act could include lucha-libre go-go dancers, limbo contests, therapeutic hug sessions, and a machete. They're high-energy. They have fun. It's contagious.

The Jimmeez (Grass Valley-California, USA)

The Mushburgers (Dublin, Ireland)

Biography (From Facebook Page)

Avant-Garde instrumental surf, distinguished by reverb-drenched electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and The Ventures in the US and the Shadows in the UK.

The Mushburgers are Shane Latimer (guitar/synth), Eamonn Colgan (guitar/theremin), Cormac O’Brien (bass) and Shane O’Donovan (drums). Formed in 2015, The Mushburgers sound harks back to the California sound of the 60’s, single coil Fender guitars, big amps with big valves and epic reverb. Having played in some of the anchor live venues in Dublin, The Mushburgers have honed their sound, diving through high-tempo party rockers, noise-scape interventions and face-melting psych-surf dream sequences.

The Mushburgers players appear in many bands on the Irish scene: Mixtapes From The Underground, OKO, Multiverse, Temporal Riff, Rhythm Method, Bebop & Rocksteady, Inni-K, The Weekend Lovers, Outerspaceways Inc. & many others.

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