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Stories with tag: "zvuki-dedov"

Volna | A New Surf Rock Release By Zvuki Dedov

Zvuki Dedov, meaning Sounds of Grandpas, embraces the beauty of imperfection and the nostalgia of old technology. Inspired by stumbling upon a Tarantino movie OST CD as a child, this Eastern European artist embarked on a 10-year journey to discover the essence of 60s American music. The result is their latest single, "Volna" (The Wave), a revival of the surf rock genre that captures the timeless vibes of the past.


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Zvuki Dedov - the first single by a Russian Lo-Fi Surf Band

Zvuki Dedov, an independent Lo-Fi Surf Rock artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia, releases his first single Doska (The Board).

The song explores deep emotional breakdown of a simple Russian surf rock fan, unable to get a hold of a real surf board, forced to use an ironing board instead.

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