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The Nebulas in Aktion
The Nebulas in Aktion

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Clarkston Surf Fest 2011!

Clarkston Surf Fest 2011

Clarkston Surf Fest 2011 is upon us!

This year, the fest will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2011, and will showcase many of the best, and most diverse surf music bands in the southeast region! This day will certainly give you just about every surf music experience that is out there!

The 2011 lineup:

Daikaiju (AL)

Aqualads (NC)

The Intoxicators! (FL)

The Mystery Men? (GA)

The Surge! (GA)

The Necronomikids (AL)

Kill, Baby... Kill! (AL)

The Monterreys (NC)

Stratogeezer (GA)

El Fossil (GA)

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