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FENDERONI DIAVOLO Split with Ralf Kilauea & Surfer Joe

For the first time Ralf Kilauea of the German Kilaueas band and Lorenzo Surfer Joe got together to produce some original surf music! We are talking about a 7" split of 4 tracks, pure surf music fun mood with Lorenzo Surfer Joe on drums and guitars, Ralf on guitars and Tom Kilauea as guest on bass.

The digital release on and other usual channels is on JUNE 15 while the actual little vinyl record will be available hopefully at the Surfer Joe Summer Festival or the end of the month.

The songs titles are surely funny, but the songs have been produced with serious attention and great great sound! Also these songs will only be available with this EP release exclusively, both Ralf and Lorenzo are not planning to include these tracks in any future albums.


  1. Ralf Kilauea - Pazzo Furioso Sensazionale
  2. Ralf Kilauea - Fenderoni Diavolo
  3. Surfer Joe - A Fistful Of Schnitzel
  4. Surfer Joe - Mozzarella Sunrise

Get ready to spend some more $$$ for surf music! FENDERONI DIAVOLOOOOOOOOOOOO

This story has 12 comments.


A Fistful Of Schnitzel!!! LMAO

Brian | 03-Jun-2014 21:16:22 | Flag

I must own the vinyl.
bring it to the US in aug.

bigtikidude | 03-Jun-2014 22:05:56 | Flag

I bring all in August of course with a free pizza diavola for all sg101 people!

"fistful of schnitzel" yes... very good title.
I wrote this song in a few minutes in the studio and it was a sort of spaghetti western (by the way recorded with a beautiful 1963 Jaguar), but I wrote it in Germany... so I decided that "fistful of schnitzel" would have been appropriate!

surferjoemusic | 04-Jun-2014 01:52:55 | Flag

How do people like the cover?

Anyway, this is a must have surf release.

Give us your money, please!
After producing this we are totally out of money…
But to be honest, we don`t care!


Thanks in advance

HallmarkSweptWinger | 04-Jun-2014 05:20:41 | Flag

"A Fistful Of Schnitzel" is not Spaghetti Western. It is Schnitzel Western.

HallmarkSweptWinger | 04-Jun-2014 07:39:45 | Flag

I hope the pizza diavola has bufalo mozzarella on it Smile

Can't wait to hear this!

DannySnyder | 05-Jun-2014 01:29:16 | Flag

nice one, sign me up Smile

kick_the_reverb | 07-Jun-2014 03:38:57 | Flag

I'm so stoked to hear this! Hope to be able to get copies to sell through the Double Crown shop. I'm ready to give you my money!!!

Double-Crown-Records | 09-Jun-2014 18:03:09 | Flag

Available NOW > FENDERONI DIAVOLO EP > Surfer Joe + Ralf Kilauea

surferjoemusic | 15-Jun-2014 05:57:44 | Flag

Lovely cover, who is Das Model?

bigtikidude | 16-Jun-2014 19:23:03 | Flag

I shot the cover and backside pic. The model is called Julia. She is on the backside of the cover again, with another nice pic. Therefore it is good for everyone to get the vinyl.

HallmarkSweptWinger | 17-Jun-2014 09:43:25 | Flag

The 7inches are out now!!!
It became reality!!!
Order it at Surfer Joe`s music store.

HallmarkSweptWinger | 03-Jul-2014 12:12:16 | Flag

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