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New Aloha Screwdriver music video

We're very happy to finally show of Aloha Screwdriver's first real music video for our song "Doom Buggy Hellride".

We shot the whole thing in our hometown of Alameda, CA. I'm sure that a lot of you will recognize the tiki bar, Forbidden Island. Our friend Bryan Wright shot and edited the whole thing, and we're super proud of it.

The song is available now as a single on iTunes But you can also get it for free by sharing on Twitter. Or if that's not your style, we're also giving it away if you sign our mailing list.

Full album due out on 4/25/13. Pre-order available here.

Thanks for watching!

This story has 3 comments.


Still waiting for my lousy AT&T connection to load the vid on yt. But I see titles of lots of cool "Eastern Block" tunes on the right, including "korobeiniki" and something called "soviet surfing". Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the communist beach party?
Kidding aside, have you attempted to cover the title tune to "Nu Pogodi", the sov cartoon from the 70s & 80s? I find it intriguing but can't figure it out. I see vids of Russian shredders with their horrid distorto-tone rippin' it up but can't make head or tails of what they are doing.

JObeast | 29-Mar-2013 10:16:31 | Flag

Very cool song+vid! I miss Alameda and Oakland. You rich surf guitarists should hit up Jay Rosen there for your vintage Fender gear. Now what is making that nasty distorted sound? Is your preamp tube exhausted? And that high pitched whining noise – I guess the club's PA was on the fritz? Laughing

JObeast | 29-Mar-2013 10:31:18 | Flag

you guys rock!

bandita | 03-Apr-2013 22:15:35 | Flag

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