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Dusty Watson Turns 50
Dusty Watson Turns 50

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Category: Bands

New Illuminoids CD Released!

The feature length, all instrumental CD "secret society of surf guitar" by THE ILLUMINOIDS has just been released.  We wish to thank all of the SG-101 members who gave us support and encouragement for our song "The Czar Of Surf Guitar" (Tribute to Ivan). 
The CD of mostly originals reflects a broad spectrum of influences.
Visit for more information.

The Madeira Update: Hot Rod Hula Hop III this Saturday!!

Hello all!

We hope you're enjoying your summer.  Things have been a bit quiet in the Madeira camp lately.  Three reasons for that: 1) we're all keeping quite busy this summer, 2) Patrick is not as easily available anymore, and most importantly 3) we're working very hard on the songs for the next album.  We have all the songs for the CD at this point (13 in total), and the recording session is booked for December.  We're very excited about the new material and feel it'll be a worthy follow-up to "Sandstorm".  The best news; you don't have to wait until next year to hear the new songs!  Read on...

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Pollo del Mar- SoCal Tour dates, Starbucks, the Sunday Surf Party returns

Hi Pollo fans, An update from the PDM world...

This Wednesday we head to SoCal for 5 shows- Marina del Rey, Pioneertown (hot!), San Diego, Los Angeles and Huntington Beach. If you are in SoCal, please check the PDM gigs page for details.

This summer, Starbucks has released a collection of surf music called "Big Waves". It has an excellent collection of vintage surf, but the last third of the CD is devoted to modern surf bands like The Mermen, Laika and the Cosmonauts and... Pollo del Mar. Wow! Check it out at a Starbuck's near you, or follow this link.

The Sunday Surf Party returns to The Hotel Utah in September and October! On 9/16 The Lava Rats open the show, followed by the return of Daikaiju (Alabama's monster surf band). Then, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of "The Ocean Is Not for Cowards" Pollo Del Mar will play that album, in it's entirety. (We haven't played some of those songs in years.) On 10/21, Slacktone returns to the Bay Area. Opening will be an excellent new band The Tomorrowmen, followed by The Pyronauts and PDM. More news on that show as the date gets closer.

And finally, The Beach Chalet has been asking bands to "turn it down", so we have been performing our monthly show there- without a drummer. I know, what is surf music without drums? Much quieter for one thing, but it seems to work well. Check the gigs page for "Skinless Pollo" show dates.

Thanks! Pollo Del Mar

Martin Cilia ''Revenge of the Surf Guitar''

Revenge of The Surf GuitarMartin Cilia, the lead guitar player in the current lineup of The Atlantics (the ground breaking first wave Australian band) has a new album called "Revenge of The Surf Guitar". Check out his myspace page to listen to some tracks and purchase the CD.

From his myspace page:

"1963 was a big year for instrumental guitar music, particularly surf music. This was the year that found Pipeline by The Chanteys, Wipeout by The Surfaris, Bombora by The Atlantics, Dance On & Foot Tapper by The Shadows all on the "hit parade".

This was popular music. That was until The Beatles arrived. However, I’ve always loved the sound of the surf guitar and this is my tribute to that music.

The guitars and amps I used on this recording were a 1963 Fender Jaguar (black), a 1963 Fender Stratocaster (candy apple red), a 1963 Fender Vibroverb (2 x 10" speakers) and a 1963 Fender Outboard Reverb Tank. All of these instruments just happen to be from 1963. This was not planned. It just worked out that way because they all had a unique sound that attracted me to them. I played the Fender Jaguar on 95% of this CD. This is the first time that I had played a Jaguar and discovered an amazing sound.

So here is a little 1963 "Revenge of the Surf Guitar". I hope you enjoy what you hear."

New Instro CD from Terry 'Buffalo' Ware

"Reverb Confidential"
Terry "Buffalo" Ware


Live from the Mystic Theatre featuring Dusty Watson can now be purchased online!

Follow the link, and buy buy buy!!!

Exciting news from Lava Land!

Hey folks, you've heard the talk, you've read the rumors, you've probably yawned my antics, but here is the word:  The Lava Rats new CD is finally ready!  The album, "Don't Drink the Water" will be arriving at the Rat Cave tomorrow, and we will be sending out the first batch of discs to those who have already pre-ordered. 

If you want to pre-order your very own copy, send me a PM.  We are running an "SG101" special: from now until July 14th, if you order a disc from us, we will waive shipping costs, and you will have a brand new LR CD (and the accompanying pin) in your sweaty little hands for a mere $10. 

The next bit of news that accompanies the release of this disc is as follows:  we will be playing a CD Release Party here in SF some time in late July.  Details on that to follow.  There are confirmed dates for another exciting bit of news:  The Lava Rats Pac NW Invasion!!!!   We will be playing August 10-12 in the Pacific Northwest - Friday the 10th at Rogue Hero in Bellingham, WA with The 'Verb and The All-Nighters (I think I heard something about The 'Verb releasing a new disc somewhere...), and Saturday the 11th at The Green Room in Portland with The 'Verb and The Verbtones. 

We can't wait for you folks to hear (and see) this new disc -- more info and some helpful reviews to come....

The Mighty Surf Lords Are Back!!!

Reno's own Mighty Surf Lords are back, with Billy Woods on guitar, Mike Warner on bass, and Jeff Campaigne on drums.

Check out our webpages and links

Will get more pictures up this week. We will be available for shows in August 2007.

"Praise The Lords"

The 'Verb's Debut Album Out Now!

Reverberated For Your Pleasure is officially available to buy. We are selling them for $15 which includes the shipping and handling. All you have to do is paypal the money to and I will ship one out your way.

Check out some previews at
The actual recordings are of a much higher quality.

The packaging is in really great digipacks and let's face it those are much cooler to have than a jewel case. Click read more for the album art.

So again, $15 to via paypal. Vintage payment options such as through the mail will also work. Contact me about that.

Any questions e-mail me at jacobdobner "at" or you can pm me.

Read More...for cover art!

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The Pyronauts

The Pyronauts “Surf and Destroy” California Tour:

The Pyronauts are hitting the road and coming to a town near you in California this summer! Along the way they will be performing with many of their friends in the surf community like Pollo Del Mar, The Detonators, The Longboards, The Sand Devils, and Slacktone!  Will will be within a couple hours of virtually everywhere in CA!  We will also be releasing a new CD entitled: The Pyronauts Live at the Mystic Theatre featuring Dusty Watson.  More info on that soon.  Here is the schedule:

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