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Dusty Watson Turns 50

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Category: Bands

Video by Volny Sovetov, a sovietwave surf band

Filmed in Moynaq, once a seaport on the Aral Sea. The original tune is by Alyans, a soviet synthpop band.

Click the Link to watch the video.


Music video for our new single, Haunted Swamp

Please check it out and let us know what you think, thanks!

  • The Creature Preachers

"Shrieker Stomp" cassingle b/w Groovie Ghoulies cover

An ode to the bloodcurdling screech that jumps from your throat as you walk home from a nighttime swim on the haunted shores of Pemaquid Beach when you turn around and see.........?????

OUT NOW! The SHRIEKER STOMP CASSINGLE - A new conjuration to help you celebrate the cold hand of death that shakes the trees bare as we head into your favorite season. Side B of this terrifying tape contains a chilling cover of "Chupacabra" by Groovie Ghoulies, which is the ONLY WAY to hear it! Each purchase comes with a FREE sticker and pin.

Listen here:


New Single from Kris Bone

Hey there, just released a new single off my upcoming album. It’s my take of a classic with an upbeat, high energy, good vibes only feel. Kept it classic with the look too. Check it out and Thanks for listening!



Apple Music:

YouTube channel:

Band camp:

Follow and say Hello:


Los Meteoritos New Release "La Otra Orilla" EP 2023... Surf Music from Argentina

Hello! Los Meteoritos here, sending a message to all surf music lovers: New waves are coming from Argentina with the release of our new Los Meteoritos EP, "La Otra Orilla". Recorded in the heart of Buenos Aires LE Studio Zárate, with visuals by vj t0n and art by Andrés Domínguez, this EP consists of 3 new songs spanning the wide spectrum of the genre and promise to be a true Tsunami of Surf Music.



We hope you enjoy it! And save the date: September 21, 2023 - New waves come from 'The Other Shore'. See you there.

New Single from The Creature Preachers

Our latest single Haunted Swamp from our upcoming album Necro A Go-Go is now live on all streaming platforms. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

The Routes - New album! New EP! UK Tour!!!



NEW ALBUM: Reverberation Addict (Topsy Turvy Records)
Release date: October 6th 2023

The Routes are back with their fourteenth studio album “Reverberation Addict”.
Having tackled the music of Kraftwerk on their 2022 album “The Twang Machine”, The Routes have applied their sound (described by Iggy Pop as “beat-you-to-death surf music” on his BBC Radio 6 show) to the genius of Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks.
“Reverberation Addict” sees fifteen Buzzcocks songs reimagined and rearranged as 60s surf guitar instrumental bangers (à la The Ventures, Dick Dale, Terauchi Takeshi, Link Wray, The Surfaris and The Astronauts and more).

And what better endorsement or seal of approval is there than having UK graphic design icon Malcolm Garrett MBE RDI (and designer of the original Buzzcocks records) onboard for the design? Yes, it’s the real deal!

Whether you see it as musical blasphemy or musical alchemy, The Routes have provided the world with another potential future cult classic, destined to irk or jerk future generations for years to come.

Available as a regular black vinyl LP:

OR limited edition translucent blue vinyl LP:

NEW EP: Sonidos Zzumbantes Del Surf Instromental

On 7th September The Routes have a new 4 track 7" EP "Sonidos ZZumbantes del Surf Instromental" coming out on Spain's Ghost Highway Recordings. It contains four Buzzcocks songs, arranged as 60s instrumental surf bangers

60th Anniversary EP by The Esquires of New Recordings

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the release of Flashin' Red by The Esquires songseeds records has released a new EP by The Esquires containing all new tracks recorded in the past year.

In 1963 Rick Clingman and Durby Wheeler were transplanted from Ohio into the instrumental surf hotbed of Southern California. Both 14 years old at the time they were instantly mesmerized by the surf bands they heard at the Azusa Teen Club. Within a year they had The Esquires up and running. Rick took up lead guitar and Durby took up Bass Guitar. They recruited a rhythm guitarist and drummer and after a few months of gigging and practice, went into Pal Recording in Cucamonga and laid down the A side Flashin' Red and B side What A Burn.

The Esquires were late to the instrumental surf trend. The week Flashin' Red was nominated as Pick Hit of the Week at some of the local radio stations in S. Cal. The Beatles took the top of the charts and instrumental surf was no longer of interest to most radio music programmers.

In the '90s indie record company Dionysus struck a deal with The Esquires to re-release Flashin' Red and What A Burn and their versions of a number of instrumental surf covers.

Rick: "When Flashin' Red was released radio station KASK in Ontario invited us in to do an in-studio live concert. Part of the deal was that they would record it and give us the tape. That tape provided the cover songs for the '90s release by Dionysus."

Flash forward to 2023. Rick is still at it. Writing songs and recording under the artist name: songseeds.

Rick: "I had always been disappointed that we abandoned instrumental surf so soon. It was the music that inspired me to start playing guitar. The idea of doing a 60th Anniversary remake of the song really got me excited. Then, while working on the new arrangement for Flashin' Red, I discovered a couple of new surf song ideas were floating around inside my brain. Probably the songs I didn't get to write in '63."

In the spirit of the minor trend of covering TV theme songs, Rick put together the idea of doing an instrumental surf version of the theme from the Perry Mason show.

Rick: "I auditioned a lot of TV show themes then searched the internet to see if I could find a good one that hadn't been done in the instrumental surf style. The Perry Mason theme was perfect."

Also on the EP:
Dawn Patrol is a slower mellower surf song that reflects the early morning quest to find the best, uncrowded waves.
King Tide is about surfing the big tides that have been hitting the coasts and the energetic excitement is reflected in the uptempo arrangement.

Though not available to record on the new version of Flashin' Red, Rick recruited Durby to design the EP cover.

Rick: "Durby has been working with graphic design for many years and it was really great to have him do the design and layout for the EP cover."

The EP titled "Flashin' Red Again" is available on all the streaming platforms. Check it out.

Rick: "When I started the project the first thing I knew I needed was a Fender reverb unit. Found one of the '90s reissue models in great shape.
I used a 2002 American Deluxe Stratocaster on all of the leads and some of the rhythms and a 1980 Les Paul Custom on some of the rhythms.
Although I don't still have the '63 Strat I used on the original Esquires recordings (rats), I do still have my 1966 Fender Precision Bass and that's what I used on all of these tracks.
All of the guitar tracks including bass used the same input chain: Manley DI into an AMS Neve 1073 preamp into an Apogee Symphony audio interface and recorded with Logic Pro on a Mac Studio. No amplifiers or amp sims were used.
For drums I used Logic Pros built-in MIDI Drummer."


Volna | A New Surf Rock Release By Zvuki Dedov

Zvuki Dedov, meaning Sounds of Grandpas, embraces the beauty of imperfection and the nostalgia of old technology. Inspired by stumbling upon a Tarantino movie OST CD as a child, this Eastern European artist embarked on a 10-year journey to discover the essence of 60s American music. The result is their latest single, "Volna" (The Wave), a revival of the surf rock genre that captures the timeless vibes of the past.


Headbang to the beat on streaming platforms:

NEW RELEASE: SRW270 The Surf Hermits - Road Trip (Jacket CD)


Stomp the gas pedal for a post apocalyptic road trip unlike any other! 12 tracks of modern surf mayhem, with another classic Rude Commissions cover art masterpiece.
The visual story that started with an ink sketch on the cover of Hang Zen and a beachside rumble on the cover of Showdown, now explodes into a furious chase across a post-apocalyptic landscape on the cover of Road Trip. Musically,  Road Trip blows up the wasteland with a road trip for the ages!  Hot rods, motorcycles, and a desperate chase under the bloated sun of a dying world.  Will our erstwhile monk escape to peacefully surf again, or will the gang catch up and learn a deadly lesson written in fire, steel and blood?  

Buy it now - Link

This is the way.