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Permalink "Waves of Care" -- 2018 SG101 Convention Compilation: A Benefit For MusiCares COVID-19 Relief

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I sent for 5 of these today.
i hope others will consider buying it as well.


Got mine yesterday. What a great release, and for a great cause. So many fabulous performances!


Canadian Surf

I received my copy the other day and finally got to plug it in this morning. It exceeds my expectations in every respect - the quality of the engineering from top to bottom is superb, as are the performances! It'd be hard to pick standouts, they're all so good. I would like to know who the tenor sax player is, though...what a monster!

Tune in to Fiberglass Jungle to hear previews from this historic CD every week!

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Scimitars
Lords Of Atlantis
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

Listened to this CD over the weekend. I must say I was deeply impressed by the engineering and mix. I'm not an expert by any means and my ears are missing (old age) mucho mid-range but everything, including the Bass, seems perfectly matched.

Kudos to Mark and John.

Sound of the Surf, the movie
Facebook SOTS

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Just posted a review of this CD on SG101:

Lords of Atlantis on Facebook
The Madeira Official Website
The Madeira on Facebook
The Blair-Pongracic Band on Facebook
The Space Cossacks on Facebook
The Madeira Channel on YouTube

Just a reminder...

This can be purchased as a digital download OR a physical CD....


At JOHN BLAIR'S WEBSITE (Where it can also be purchased as a package deal with the 2017 Live Surf Guitar 101 Convention CD Reverb Nation)

On eBay

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Scimitars
Lords Of Atlantis
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

I’ve been hearing a lot of the songs on podcasts. But I finally had a chance to open mine and listen, 2 times on a trip down to San Diego yesterday. Amazing recording. And great to hear and remember parts of the show, as I’m usually running around doing things and talking to bands and fans at the event. I highly recommend getting this cd as it’s very collectable and of the highest quality.


Get it


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Jonpaul has created a nice little, short video slide show to illustrate the "Waves of Care" CD. Stand by....

Last edited: Oct 11, 2020 14:34:52

Got yours yet?

(thanks for the slide show, Jonpaul)

Last edited: Oct 11, 2020 14:35:13

Embedding it here!

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Bump. Finally ordered mine.

My Classic Instrumental Surf Music Timeline
SSS Agent #777

Excellent CD, in constant rotation for this Royal Aces band guy!

Vintage Guitar magazine, January 2021 issue, just arrived. Thanks to Dan Forte for the review of "Waves of Care." Got yours? If not, please head over to


So great to get this kind of coverage! Good work to all involved.


Canadian Surf

The "Waves of Care" CD was released last year at the peak of the Covid pandemic. All proceeds have gone to, and continue to go to, the MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund. This fund helps those in the music business who have been dramatically affected by the pandemic. While many parts of the world have "opened up" and live music is beginning to be experienced once again, new variants of the virus abound. It is NOT over and there is still a need to support the affected, and those who could still be affected, in the weeks and months ahead. And so....

Since copies of the "Waves of Care" CD are still available I've reduced the price. If you do not have a copy of this CD, now's the time. If you've already ordered a copy, please order more and give one to a friend (or to replace the one you've already worn out!!).

The "Waves of Care" CD is a compilation of bands that performed at the 2018 Surf Guitar 101 Convention in Torrance, California. There are three bonus tracks from bands that played the previous year at the Convention. 27 tracks total for 79+ minutes of amazing surf band performances that include Les Agamemnonz (France), Surfer Joe (Italy), Urban Surf Kings (Canada), the Tremolo Beer Gut (Denmark), and 11 bands from the US of A. Ask anyone who's heard this CD and they'll tell you to grab a copy before they're gone!!! Support MusiCares and support MUSIC!!!

Including postage, "Waves of Care" is now priced at $13 (US), $25 (Canada/Mexico), $26 (Europe), and $30 (Australia/Asia). Available at and on eBay. Digital downloads are still available at Bandcamp.

Last edited: Apr 05, 2022 14:00:01

Bumping this thread to note that a few copies of the "Waves of Care" CD are still available at And again, all proceeds go to the MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund. While so many have given up on masking, 6-foot separation, and staying away from large indoor gatherings, this pandemic is not over and it continues to impact musicians and live performances. MusiCares is a worthwhile organization (that even helped Paul Johnson during his battle with leukemia several years ago). If you don't have a copy of this CD, or want another copy, now's the time.

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