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I'm considering seeing if I can get someone to assemble the reverb and trem combo in the style of a tank - I already have a Gomez and Texotica but I like the idea of both trem and reverb combined into one...

I already have trem on my 61 Showman - is trem on the amp and the reverb over-kill? Would it sound alright? Never had two trems going at once....

I built a Surfy Reverb/trem unit. Mostly, I built both into the same box because I could, but also because I have times where I travel by plane to a gig, and I have to use a backline amp that might not have a tremolo. And, the Surfy unit is smaller and easier to pack than a full sized tank, which doesn't seem that big until you try to stuff it in a suitcase.

Last weekend, we played a gig where the promoter supplied the backline. And the contract stated we had to use it. But, I took my '63 Bandmaster combo, and my surfy box, knowing that if I did really HAVE to use the provided backline amp, I wanted good reverb, but also good trem.

In the end, I used my amp, and the surfy unit, and the trem on both at different times during the show. It worked great.

"You can't tell where you're going if you don't know where you've been"

Last edited: Oct 06, 2017 12:48:25

I love my surfy trem and have been getting great tone with and without the trem on so i have 1 question when effect is off does it make your guitar tone sound more like it is going through a 60s fender amp?

Hi LinkJR
The internal filters are very similar to the filters used in 'vibrato' channel of the Showman amp. But I would NOT go as far as to say that you can replicate the sound Wink

Last edited: Oct 14, 2017 12:39:37

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