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Little Girls Xmas Session

12.20.2008. YOKOHAMA JAPAN

CHICCHI is 11 years old.
SALA is ten years old.

SALA has been one month since the lesson of the drums was started.
Her grandfather is teaching drumming.

It is a wonderful performance of CHICCHI and SALA.

Diamond head~Pipeline 'CHICCHI & SALA with BEAT POPS'

This story has 11 comments.


I like the two, but half the time I've seen some one play in Japan in modern times, they wip her out.

Kman1 | 22-Dec-2008 17:24:31 | Flag

I meant about CHicchi, never heard of the other girl.

Kman1 | 22-Dec-2008 17:25:28 | Flag

What are you talking about?

Brian | 23-Dec-2008 13:07:32 | Flag

Who cares who's better than anybody else? That these kids are playing surf music and doing it well speaks volumes. I, for one, am extremely happy to see kids playing instros no matter what level they're at. They are the ones that will keep this sound alive and both of these little girls are really great....already!!

Ron-Rhoades | 23-Dec-2008 16:39:58 | Flag

Exactly Ron! This isn't a contest!

Brian | 23-Dec-2008 18:26:48 | Flag

I never meant it as a contest. It just seems like they're always showing them off, which is understandable. I wish I played that well NOW. Practice, practice, practice.

Kman1 | 25-Dec-2008 22:15:28 | Flag

The guitarist, Chi-Chi, is a lot better than I am. However, I do feel kind of weird for the same reason as Kman. The drummer had only been playing a month. I really hope this isn't for substantial profit/publicity and that it is for the fun of the kids. And it looks like she is having fun, so that is great. So let us hope that she really enjoys it and that it is her passion and what she wants to do with her time and in the future.

And Brian, we can make it a contest. Ryan has some young kids we can use. Although we had better ask first. Ryan, Brian wants to know if he can have your kids to start the SG101 army. Our first target is that young kid who is actually pretty atrocious at guitar and does really bad SRV covers.

JakeDobner | 26-Dec-2008 12:13:09 | Flag

I said "what are you talking about?" because you seem to imply there are others better than her, but then you proceed to post 2 links to more Chicchi videos.

Brian | 27-Dec-2008 13:57:04 | Flag

I meant that they always seem to have her play whenever I have seen a modern surf band in Japan on Youtube videos. Just an opinion.

Kman1 | 27-Dec-2008 14:39:36 | Flag

Then you aren't looking hard enough. Lookup Google-A, Surf Coasters, Jackie & The Cedrics, etc.

Brian | 27-Dec-2008 21:09:14 | Flag

I do like the Surf Coasters, they're bassist is pretty cool.

Kman1 | 27-Dec-2008 21:11:19 | Flag

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