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Category: Reviews

The Amphibians - Enigma of the Deep

I'm not sure if I'm behind on this revelation or not, but if you haven't heard The Amphibians new CD, "Enigma of the Deep", you really should check it out. I saw them the other night in Atlanta (in full regalia), where I picked up the CD. Great show, and the CD was in constant repeat all the way home. I listened to it more than 7 times on my 420 mile trip, and more since then. These 7 songs are well crafted gems that bear more dissimilarities than similarities to their inspirations. Very much original sounding, with solid playing and exquisite tone and arrangement, and excellently produced and recorded (an understatement). These songs deserve to see the light of day.

Bravo Lads!
You guys Rawk,


The Me Gustas release Learning to Ride EP

Hello everyone! We have just released our latest EP, Learning to Ride. Here is a quick little write up from Storm Surge of Reverb.

The Me Gustas have shrunk from 3 to 2 members between their last LP and this EP, but it doesn't show. They've doubled down on the spaghetti westerns, and that solitary feel fits a guitar-and-drums combo pretty well. Though short, it's got a fun spirit to it and 50% of your purchase of the EP goes to the organization Guitars Not Guns.

Please visit us on:

Thank you!

The Me Gustas


Expressway Sketches "Love Surf Music" CD

Expressway Sketches is a German quartet of jazz musicians who don't play surf music. As the title indicates, they love surf music but this cd doesn't prove that they can play it.

In the liner notes you read: "Among the most successful groups were The Ventures, Duane Eddy, Dick Dale, The Shadows and The Marketts".

Playing time is 44 minutes and 38 seconds for 14 songs.

You´ll hear free jazz improvisations in Acetone, Hype Out, Flambres (Abre La Puerta, Dreiteiler.)
One Eyed Jack could have been a good tune if there wasn't the keyboard destroying the tune. Schlurf is a jazzy instrumental, all the other tracks are "normal" instrumentals.

In the liner notes they put the question "Does it really make a difference whether you're improvising on a jazz standard or a Surf song?" I do think so.

IMHO a cd for crazy nuts like me who buy everything with a label "surf" on it or people who enjoy new sounds.

There are some tracks visible on YouTube. Please check it out. I recommend however to buy The Insect Surfers or The Mermen cds when you want to hear good sophisticated sounds of the future.


There is more to this story, continue reading ...

Schlicktown Surf CD by The Cruncher

The Cruncher's new CD “Schlicktown Surf” was released on January 11th and since then Herbert has mailed copies to friends and distributors.

In America it will be availabe from DWM Music (, in England from BIM BAM Records (, in Germany from CD-Import + Versand International, Walter Bubenzer (e-mail: and Kamikaze Records (, or write directly to

You will get 20 instrumentals between 1.46 and 5.46 minutes long. The total playing time is 60.21 minutes.

There are happy go lucky tunes like Pow Wow, El Azul, Going Back to Memphis,Flash Flood, High Octane or Jezebel.

Squad Car is not the Eddie Bertrand´s tune but one of Don Cole - the original I have never heard I have to confess! The same is to Surfer´s Blues written by Les Green.

Some tunes are played in a Duane Eddy twangy guitar sound with additional saxophone, piano. organ or even strings.

There are tunes where you sit and say – “wow, I have to listen carefully what the Cruncher did here”. Tracks like the spacy sounding “Skyrider”, Jefferson Airplane's “White Rabbit” or the classic “Don't Be Cruel”. Forget about the lyrics in your ear and just listen to these great instrumental versions!!

As Herbert is not only a guitarist but also a producer and arranger in some cases (“Genesis” or ”My Hometown” – his own composition) he tried to find out how many instruments and sounds he could add to the tune and how it sounds afterwards. I am waiting for the public reactions to these efforts.

IMHO this is the Crunchers most sophisticated music output so far. My favorites are Taboo, White Rabbit, Skyrider.


There is more to this story, continue reading ...

Moment Of Truth Pt. 2 Mini CD by The West Samoa Surfer League

The second CD bears subsequently the Title "Moment of Truth Pt.2".

The cover is the same like on their first cd, but the colours of it and the cd were changed to the first release from 2013. Again the youngsters have chosen 2 covers (Stampede by The Scarlets) and Tiki Torcher by The Tiki Men.

The remaining 4 tracks are originals by the band The West Samoa Surfer League:

  1. Hot Rodding
  2. Buhne 16 Twist
  3. Welcome To Malibu
  4. Godzilla Walk.

My favorites are Stampde and Welcome To Malibu.

For order information please contact their drummer Falko Tomaszek at:


In Germany the price is 6.50 € incling postage, to countries outside of the EU it will be a little higher I guess. Please support these youngsters by buying their beautiful cd and we will hopefully get more output by these guys.

If you don´t know how they sound please check it on Youtube, search for Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2015.

Greetings from Germany


Best Rock Instrumental Award to Insanitizers for "Shootout"

The June 2015 award for "Best Instrumental Rock Song" was given to the Insanitizers by The Akademia ( for the original song "Shootout."  They wrote, “”Clever instrumental renditions of gunfire decorate this Western-themed creation by the Insanitizers, and it's good enough to be a Sergio Leone soundtrack.” This award spans rock instrumentals of all kinds.

The award certificate page is at:  

You can stream the entire thrilling song from the front page of


The 427's debut EP "Surf Noir" Review

A link to a review of The 427's debut EP, "Surf Noir"!

The Volcanics' new album "The Lonely One" gets reviewed by!

Here is a fun review on our (The Volcanics) new album "The Lonely One" by!

Pipeline Magazine notes head-spinning intensity of Insanitizers' Wild Surf Guitars

The latest Pipeline Instrumental Review magazine (issue 92, summer 2013, page 38) reflects the intensity of the recordings on the Insanitizers 2013 CD "Wild Surf Guitars":

"There may be quite a variety of sounds on this album from The Insanitizers but the recurring theme is of lively, intertwining guitars that swap leads and riffs with head-spinning fervour. Be it the repetitive jangle of "At the Beach," the sparkling twang of "GooglEyes" or the frantic surf of "Surf Wall Street," their aim seems to be to fry your brain...

"The most conventional track is "Man Hunter," an acoustic take on the old cowboy western style. This provides a useful transition into the final three acoustic guitar duo...The surf-flavoured "Undertow" works very well and the strongly rhythmic "Fantwango" round off the album very nicely."


NGD magazine enthusiastic about Whimsical Surf Version Two

Instrumental rock-n-roll review magazine New Gandy Dancer (NGD) issue 112, just printed, gives a four star (highest) rating to the Insanitizers' "Whimsical Surf Version Two" CD.

They write, "Frantic, fun & full of guitar rock originals ...Great tearing surf and driving instrumentals with some really nice covers secreted in there, like the theme from Alfred Hitchcock, "Mozart 40" and "The Sugar Plum Fairy" - all powered up of course!

"Dance Like A Robot" is a strong starter for ten, with its rollicking & rolling axes and "Waterboard Surfing" is a racey, wild surfer. "Hot Sauce" is a BIG sound reminiscent of Davie Allan's material or indeed The Ventures' "In Space" album. This set definitely can't fail."


Whimsical Surf Version 2 front cover art