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Archive for May, 2009

Server Move Complete

The domain name has been transferred to the new server, and if you can read this then you have found us again. It may take a few more hours for the change to propagate throughout the internet. Please let me know if you see any problems with the site.

Thanks everyone for your donations and making this server upgrade possible!

We're Moving To A New Server!

Thanks to your generous donations we are doing some upgrading around here. SG101 is moving to a new server. I'll start the move early Monday, May 25th. It may take several hours for the domain name to server address change to propagate around the internet. To prevent forum posts from getting lost, I'll just shut down the current site early Monday. After a few hours you should see us running again.

I've done these domain name transfers before. Sometimes they go fairly quickly and I've also seen them take 24 hours. It also depends on where you live. Hopefully it will be quick. And you Americans should be out celebrating Memorial Day in any event. :) If you want to check the status, I'll post updates to my twitter feed.

The new server will provide us more growing room and will be a good platform to launch a long overdue upgrade to the site software. Thanks everyone for your support and patience during this transition!

NESMA Spotlight - May 2009

Check out the NESMA Featured Band for May 2009. It's an interview with Bobby D, host of Surf Nite!

The Del Sonics Launch

The Del Sonics have arrived, and are embarking on their "World Domination Imminent" tour! Commencing in their hometown of Brizvegas, Australia, the run of dates continues until total global power is achieved.

The engine room rhythm section of The Big Kahuna (bass) and Krank Daddy (drums) power like the Starship Enterprise on steroids. Out the front and directing traffic on Fender Mustang guitar (and with aircraft landing technology at his toes) is the one-man tsunami, Twang! It's surf music, Jim, but not as we know it........

Sounds like, hmmmm..... The Ramones and The Ventures hanging out at Frank Zappa's beach house with John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees. Later, Ritchie Blackmore and The Ronettes will drop in for fondue and bikini Twister!

See ya in the surf, grommets!

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videos -

Server Upgrade - SG101 Needs Your Support

Ok, I've been going around and around on this and have changed my mind several times. Here's the deal: SG101 needs a new operating system to keep us going in the long term. This will also facilitate rolling out a test version of the next version of this website: SG101 v2.0. I was going to bring the whole server down for a few hours (or more) and perform the work and bring it back up. However I'm not really certain I can do the job in "just a few hours", and I'd hate to cause a major goof and have us go down for several days. So, here is the new plan: I'm going to upgrade the server by renting a new one, and gradually transition all of our stuff over to it over the course of (hopefully) one month or so. A brand new server will have a much faster processor and double the memory we have now. This will be a good long term investment. However, it does mean that I'm going to be renting two servers simultaneously for a short time.

So I'm rattling the donation cup so I don't have to eat all the costs myself. SG101 is completely member supported, so if you enjoy arguing about small circles of foam, small tear-drop pieces of plastic, long skinny metal strings, coils of wire wrapped around magnets, glass tubes with hot wires in them, with the occasional infrequent discussion of SURF MUSIC and LIVE SHOWS (I keed, I keed), then I'm asking you to consider pitching in a few bucks to help with the costs of this endeavor. If everyone just gives a few bucks each that should cover me during this transition period. Your generosity and support is, as always, GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Here is the link to the donations module, which eventually leads to Paypal. Remember you don't have to have a Paypal account to donate, they will accept major credit cards.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to help in other ways, please feel free to contact me.


May 23 2009 Clarkston, Georgia Surf Fest!

Hey kids, if you haven't heard, get ready for the 4th annual Clarkston Surf Fest on May 23rd! Check out this lineup of bands:
  • Daikaiju
  • Necronomikids
  • The Broken Spokes
  • The Penetrators
  • The Mystery Men?
  • Stratogeezer
  • The Surge!
  • Killer Filler
Head on over to the Clarkston Surf Fest website for all the details. Read more to see the event flyer!

There is more to this story, continue reading ...

The Pyronauts Update, May 2009

Wow!  It's May already and things are really getting going!  We've got tons of FUN FUN FUN shows coming up.  We'll be all over California within next few weeks and celebrating our 10 years as a band!

 Here's the schedule:

 May 15th at Slim's in San Francisco with The Red Elvises.  9pm, $15.

 May 16th at McNear's Mystic Theatre in Petaluma with The Red Elvises.  Doors at 7pm, Pyronauts at 8pm, $15, 21 and over.

 May 17th at KFJC Surf Battle III at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  1 to 6pm, Pyronauts at 4.

 May 22nd at Private Party!  Book yours: 530-878-4675

 June 6th at The Purple Orchid in El Segundo with Slacktone.  9pm, $10, 21 and over.  221 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA.

 June 7th at Huntington Beach Pier Plaza!  11am, just to the North of the Pier, right on the beach!

 June 12th at Cruise Nite in Auburn.  6 to 9pm at 140 Harrison (in front of Pistol Pete's).

 June 13th at "Hangin' Ten" 10 Year Anniversary Party!  BIG BIG BIG party!  145 Elm Ave in Auburn, CA.  6pm.  Free Admission!  Free Raffle!  We'll be giving away a guitar and other cool stuff!  Liquor Outlet will be selling drinks and Pistol Pete's Pizza will be selling Pizza.  Come help us celebrate 10 years as a band.  Surprise Guests!

 Hope to see everyone soon!

The Pyronauts



Surf, Spy and Spaghetti trio: Don't Fear the Reverb will perform in concert at the Redmoor in Mt. Lookout a suburb of Cincinnati OH on 23 MAY 2009 we are opening for Maurice Mattei's the TEMPERS - Maurice designed the posters for the first two CINCINNATI SURF ROCK EXPLOSION posters 1 & 2.

The Beach is a very sandy water park with some great wave pools and slide rides and we will perform a 3 set show there on 10 JULY 2009 from 6 to 9 PM.

For more information: Read more to see show flyer.

There is more to this story, continue reading ...

Satan's Pilgrims: Psych-A-Go-Go (Psych-Out)

Another track from their highly anticipated first album of all new material in 10 years, "Psychsploitation"! Satan's Pilgrims, the Northwest's premiere purveyors of surf and guitar instrumentals invite you take a trip with them on the psychedelic side of things. "Psychsploitation" features 13 garage psychedelic guitar instrumentals that will blow your mind. Available on CD and LP in June 2009 on SP records! Pre-orders are available now at!

Robbie Allen and The Outer Edge - MEMORIAL DAY- Sacramento Fair

Robbie Allen and The Outer Edge will be performing on Memorial Day, May 25th, at the Sacramento Fair taking place at Cal Expo. The show begins at 11:00 AM.

More news to come...