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Permalink SurfGuitar101 Convention, Aug. 2008 (1st year)

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Hey Everybody,
just a Heads up about the
Surf Guitar 101 Convention,

This will be:
Suzy's Bar and Grill
1141 Aviation Blvd. (at Prospect)
Hermosa Beach, California
Noon to 5 or 7 pm, separate night show is 8 pm to midnight
but your welcome to come at 11 am or so.

1st off its gonna be many things
a Swap Meet of surf music(cds, lp's 45s -new used), and instrument/gear
shirts, posters, hats etc. if you have surf swag/merch to sell bring it, grab a free table and sell away.
Major Vendors will be.
Double Crown Records,
Dionysus Records,
Golly Gee Records
Gomez Amplification
Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum
John Blair with his re-issue of The 80's album Stampede on CDw bonus trx
Machturtle Productions, and many surf bands cds.
plus many other bands members will be there selling their cds.
and there will be 1 table with Tiki magazine and other tiki related stuff
if you get tired of the Surf stuff. Wink

**but Please save enough Money for the Night show, and their Merch. they need money too, as some of them are coming from The Mid West and
Nor. Cal.

and multi media presentations,
Dominic Priore's Assistant Brian from the Dumb Angel Gazette and Surf Pop Culture Books, will have some of their books and mags.showing surf music clips from the 60's and a slide show of historic pictures.
and Possibly have the Original Surfaris Sufari LP for sale.(Lmited qtys)

There will be a short trailer of the "Sound of Surf" music documentary that is in production now, and they may be doing interviews at this event for the film.

Paul Johnson will be having the premier of the Pounding Surf! DVD
plus historic stories and footage from the 60's surf scene.
plus all of the different cds he has for sale.

and Surf Show
4 Bands
The Boardwalkers(LA)
The Aquasonics(Colorado)
Secret Samurai,(San Diego)

ALSO just added a short 4 song Eliminators set,
4 songs of Eddie Bertrand with the Eliminators,
and a 30 min Slacktone set.

Surf Jam/ (sign up list to join will be posted soon)many songs,
you play a Standard along with a Live backing band
here is the Link to the Tread with the list of songs to choose to play with Outterwave.
this list will be close soon, so join in now.

and get together/meet and greet

I am still talking to people about coming to it, and being involved.
But I wanted to Officially announce when it will be.

Later that night.
The Madeira from Mid west, Pollo Del Mar from Nor. Cal., Insect Surfers and Detonators are playing 8 pm till Midnight.

On Sun. Aug 3rd at the Huntington Beach Pier, 11 am to 5 pm will be.
The Fabulous Nomads, The Relix, Aquasonics from Colorado, Pollo Del Mar,
The Madeira , and The Surftones, Feat. Matt Q from Reventlos, and Kerry Chester ex of DD's 80s band.

I Figured it would be best to announce it asap, as I know the sooner the better, for arranging for airfare and sleeping and car accommodations.

There is also a San Diego show with Pollo Del Mar,Madeira,Secret Samurai, and Zombie Surf Camp, on the Fri. nite. Aug 1st. If anybody would like to go down there to get an early start on the Reverb overdose weekend.

here is rough schedule.

Swap meet Noon to 2 pm
1:30 to 1:45 slide show of old surf history by Brian Chidister.
1:45 to 2pm, clips from the surf drumming dvd
2pm drum off with Dusty Watson, and Jeff Utterback.
2:20 ish. The Sound of Surf trailer clips , surf music documentary
2:30 Slacktone,
3pm Eddie Bertrand, and PJ and Norm of Ghastly Ones do Squad Car and Mr. Moto.
3 :15, Jams with some people playing with Dusty and PJ.
3:45ish. Outterwave
4:15ish Eddie Bertrand w Eliminators 4 songs. Then Eliminators 4 songs
4:45ish Boardwalkers
5:15ish Aquasonics
5:45 Secret Samurai
6:15 back to the Jam,
7 pm end of the show.

If anybody wants to see a list of good places to eat, and cool places to go while here, look at this thread:




Last edited: Mar 31, 2009 14:31:53

This sounds awesome! I'm there with bells on! Groovy

i'll be there too!

Count me in.


I'm there! Count me in, too! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
U DA MAN, JEFF!!!! Worship



Thanks guys.
its gonna be a killer event.
Hope tons of people come from all over to see it.



Should be a blast! Thanks for stepping up and organizing this Jeff! Now I only need to figure out how to get away for the entire weekend Laughing

The Secret Samurai Website
The Secret Samurai on Facebook

If money and time allow I'm there you know me BTD Guitar Monkey Guitar


Beyond The Surf YouTube channel
Beyond The Surf Instagram
The Verbtones @ Instagram
The Verbtones @ Facebook
The Verbtones @ bandcamp

For those that cant make it to San Diego, The Eliminators are working on a show for Friday August 1 in Orange County with a special guest band. This is a work in progress & unconfirmed at this time.

FYI, Gomez Amps will be there too. Kudos and many thanks to Jeff for pulling this together. Dario

FYI, Gomez Amps will be there too. Kudos and many thanks to Jeff for pulling this together. Dario

Man, I better leave my wallet at home!

The Secret Samurai Website
The Secret Samurai on Facebook

Thanks Everybody,
still working on gettin some cool surf dignitaries to be there.
and such.
and some people to do some surf related slides, movies, clips, and
discussion about the historical events and places of Surf in So. Cal.

please tell everybody you know about this,
Verbal, phone call. and e-mail.
and about the show later that night.
As I want it to be a fun all day event,
and no hard feelings.



Last edited: Mar 26, 2008 11:28:30

Very cool - I'll be planning to drive down from NorCal - surf's up!

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for your efforts! It looks like this is going to be an event to remember.
I think it's a really good idea to have bands in the afternoon and evening. There are a lot of us coming from parts unknown and far away. We are coming for 1 reason, our love for the music so the more the better.
Like I've said before, we don't get to be around too many cats that are into Surf music around here, hell, we are happy just to run across someone in the crowd that knows what surf music is!
Anyway, it is going to be great fun seeing all our friends in So Cal and meeting a bunch more!
Keep up the good work !

I love these all day events... it's only a two hour drive from San Diego (traffic willing), and it is often the case where we drive 4-5 hours (total) to see a 3 hour show. And I'm only coming from San Diego. It'll be fun to meet so many SG101-ites. Thanks for doing all the leg-work!!


I would love to be there. My expecting wife is due a couple weeks prior, so not the best time to bail.

If any of you are like, well, millionaires, then Myself and Stan Diego would love to attend. Rolling Eyes

We just need the flights and accomodation paying for. Shocked
And no funny business. Laughing

Whever there is reverb there is good times. This sounds way good. Jeff, I have lots of 60's surf footage on DVD and some VHS. Let me know if you can use it for the event.
I'll be there.

Is that too much reverb?

I'll bring my giant Lava Grande lava lamps...

I would love to be there. My expecting wife is due a couple weeks prior, so not the best time to bail.

best wishes man.

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