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rev: Surf music historians, I just posted in General Discussion about an old 50's song. Do you know it? https://yout...
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Struan: One ton bee
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Freevibration: yamaha SGV
124 days ago

Freevibration: yamaha SGV
124 days ago

CreepBeat: 2020 sucks
119 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Bango is going bananas in quarantine!
119 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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ChuckEMong: would a link to an r-rated video with a good tune be out of line here? Whatever
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Emilien03: helloooooo! Big Grin
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Clint: “Surf Music Videos” channel on YouTube. If you like, please subscribe. Thanks! https://www....
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Permalink Mark Malibu's Surfin' a Go Go Radio Show - 2 pm EST - on Surf Rock Radio

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Thanks Mike.... You'll be on the show in a couple weeks...with the awesome Ukexotic LP.

Thanks Mike

revmike wrote:

Another great show. Dig the Reverb Syndicate.


May 3rd - Show #010 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Go Go Gasoline - Barbwires
Thor Island Thunder - Barbwires
Blood on the Waves - Barbwires

The Man With The Golden Arm - Jet Harris
Diamonds - Jet Harris
Big Bad Bass - Jet Harris

Fuzztang - Boss Fink
Boss Fink Twist - Boss Fink
Tarantula Crawl - Boss Fink

Megatwist - Les Mégatones
Rideau S.V.P. - Les Mégatones
Monsieur Solitaire - Les Mégatones
Diane - Les Mégatones

Behind You - Os Pampa Haoles
Nick Goes Surf - Os Pampa Haoles
Descaso - Os Pampa Haoles

Comets & Lasers - Danger Death Ray
Splitting Atoms - Danger Death Ray
Creepy Tiki - Danger Death Ray
Hotrod Burnout - Danger Death Ray

Jellyfish - Lulufin the Woo Hoo
Beyond Metonga - Death Valley

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

Last edited: May 17, 2020 10:38:12

May 10th - Show #011 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Space Snowplow - Girl Over Planet
Undercover Secretary - Surfrajettes
Munster's Theme - Tikinauts

Pumping - Dave Clark Five
Magic Carpet - Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas
Ringo's Theme (This Boy) George Martin Instrumental

Ghost Highway - The Delstroyers
Destination, Nebula VI - The Delstroyers
Curse of Cobra Island - The Delstroyers

Chalala - Les Mégatones
Ski Bum - Les Mégatones
Mule Skinner Blues - Les Mégatones
Rinky Dink Dink - Les Mégatones

The Last Wave - the Phantom Dragsters
Harem - the Phantom Dragsters
Bikini Beach - the Phantom Dragsters

Desert Mission - Secret Agent
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky - Secret Agent
Mata Hari - Secret Agent
The Spy Who Never Was - Secret Agent

Speed Racer - Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

May 17th - Show #012 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Mavericks - Demonics
Foot Tapper - the Challengers
Bamboo Twist - Lulufin the Woo Hoo

The Storm - the Hunters
Humdinger - Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas
Big Bad Bass - the Shadows

Fireboard - the Kilaueas
Taste of Bikini - the Kilaueas
Hurricane Squad - the Kilaueas

L'aventure - Les Mégatones
Altitude 3000 - Les Mégatones
Jeunesse Jump - Les Mégatones
Guitare Limbo - Les Mégatones

Super Set - the Mel-tones
Custom Cruiser - the Mel-tones
Distant Shores - the Mel-tones
Kung Fu Satudays - the Mel-tones

Sharknado - Surfnado Tiki Squad
Calipso Pin Up from the Outer Space - Surfnado Tiki Squad
Chiquita's Invasion - Surfnado Tiki Squad
Cowboys from Dwell - Surfnado Tiki Squad

Mantaray - the Volcanics
Romantic Swindle - Beertubes

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

May 24th - Show #013 setlist

2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Surf Fidelis - The Madeira
Thor Island Thunder - Barbwires
Surfers Symphony in Sea Major - The Tarantulas

Shanty - the Quests
Gallopin' - the Quests
Mustapha - the Quests

Spacecar 2001 - El Ray
Circus Monkey - El Ray
Casbah - El Ray

Rat Race - Les OOK-PIKS
Caravan - Les OOK-PIKS 
Coming Home baby - Les OOK-PIKS
Panda - Les OOK-PIKS

Hey! Let Me Go - Propellers Attack
Vanity - Propellers Attack
Wave Rodeo - Propellers Attack

Descente à la Cave - Terreur Twist
Hotep California - Terreur Twist
Requiem pour un Loup - Terreur Twist
Hibiscus - Les Venturas

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

May 31th - Show #014 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Dew Point - The Volcanics
Surf Nouveau - the Aqua Velvets
The Surfin' Gorillas - The Surfin' Gorilla

Surfin’ Rampage - Chesterfield Kings
Beat '65 - Chesterfield Kings
Moon Relay - Chesterfield Kings

Action Reef - The Sir Finks
Castaway - The Sir Finks
Heart Full Of Soul (The Yardbirds Surf Cover) - The Sir Finks

Peppermint Style - The Corvairs
Corvair Beat - The Corvairs
Night Train - The Corvairs
Movin and Groovin - The Corvairs
Bulldog - The Corvairs

Go-Go Bombora - the Bomboras
Hotline - the Bomboras
Mystery Planet - the Bomboras

Between the Black Sea and Me - Underwater Bosses
Hyrule Castle - Underwater Bosses

Ride of the Surfers Ride - Underwater Bosses
KGB Tsunami - Underwater Bosses

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

June 7th - Show #015 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

ThisTimeTomorrow - The Surfites
White Water - Dave Myers & The Surftones
Canadian Dream Girl - The Seatopians

Yep! - Checkmates
Chariot - Rhet Stoller
The Millionaire - Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas

Grands rapides - Les Agamemnonz
Introduction - Les Agamemnonz
Schnell wie eine Rakete (Fast as a rocket) - Les Agamemnonz

Honky Twist - Les Four Pladds
"Gros Poulet (Scratch)" - Les Four Pladds
Hard Times - Les Four Pladds
Walkin’ - Les Four Pladds
Linda Lou - Les Four Pladds

Centipede - the Halibuts
Life at the Botom - the Halibuts
Shorepound - the Halibuts

Rumble at Waikiki - Ukexotic (Rev Hank)
Twistin’ - Ukexotic
Tropical Twight - Ukexotic
Penetration - Ukexotic

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

June 14th - Show #016 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Mosquito Royal - Atomic Mosquitos
The Hearse - Astronauts
Dynotone Stomp - the Dynotones

The Groove - Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm Band 1961
Untitled Instrumental from 1961 - Bo Diddley
Stick Shift - The Duals

Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme - Tremelo Beer Gut
Because They're Young - Tremelo Beer Gut
Le Jacquet - Tremelo Beer Gut

Jumping Rock - Larry & His Rocking Montclair’s
Crazy Bop - Larry & His Rocking Montclair’s
Mr Twister - Johnny James And His Invictas
Le Reveil-Twist (Bugle Call) - Johnny James And His Invictas
Guitar Boogie - Johnny James And His Invictas
Sticky - Johnny James And His Invictas
Sit Still - Johnny James And His Invictas

Finish Line Fever - the Volcanos
Doheny Dawn - the Volcanos
Brand New Board - the Volcanos

Love or Money - the High Tides
Los Muertos - the High Tides
Green grass - the High Tides

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

June 21st - Show #017 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Go-Go Martucci - Surfer Joe and The Dead Rocks
The Model - The Treble Spankers
Anastenaris - The Aqua Barons

Fly Face - Ichi-bons
Blue Eyes - Jackie Yoshikawa and Blue Comets Blue Comets
Bikini Drag - The El Caminos

El Vagabundo - Los Freneticos
El Mentalista - Los Freneticos
Acapulco - Los Freneticos

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - To me you are beautiful - les Clover Boys
Play song CHIQUITA SENORITA - les Clover Boys
Borracho - les Clover Boys
Twistin' the Boogie - les Clover Boys

Carmela - Bradipos Iv
Brainless Girl - Bradipos Iv
Mysterion - Bradipos Iv

Punk Won - Down By Law - Epitaph Records
The Devil’s Chair - Black Valley Moon
Far From Any Road - Black Valley Moon
The Ballad Of Ransom Clark - Black Valley Moon
Glade Runner Blues - Black Valley Moon

Shred The Dead - Dos Feratu
Rios-Rock - Jet Screams

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

June 28th - Show #018 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Rincon - the Eliminators
Shain's A Go Go - Los Shain’s
Hang in There - Surfer Joe

Bitchen' Summer - The Bangles
Goo Goo Muck - The Angelas
Rock Lobster - B-52s

Cave Party - Primitive Finks
The Keep - Primitive Finks
Everybody Limbo! - Primitive Finks

Fait Pour Danser - Les Novas
Les démons dansent - Les Novas
Clau-cha-cha - Les Novas
Amour retrouvée - Les Novas

And so They Surfed Away - El Ray
Nick Goes Surf - Os Pampa Haoles
Bikini 1958 - Retrofoguetes

Rebelde Esquecido (Forgotten Rebel) - Surf Aliens
Agente X - Surf Aliens
Tequila Verde - Surf Aliens

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

July 5th - Show #019 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Shark Man - The Surf Coasters
Cry Of The Thunderchiefs - the Thunderchiefs
Checkmate 100 - The Kilaueas

What's In The Trunk, Harry-01 - The Mach IV
Sunset Riders - The Illuminators
Mogul Monster - RANGERS

Stoked -The First Wave - The Stingrays
Don't Fear The Reverb - The Stingrays
Larry's Got A Longboard - The Stingrays

Rock Me baby - Prowlers
Prowlin’ - Prowlers
Jam Jam - Prowlers
Smokey - Prowlers

Night of the Fly - Toro Jones
Unraveler - Toro Jones
Bone Vampire - Toro Jones

The Drop - the Me Gustas
Deep Water Blackout - the Me Gustas
El Indio - the Me Gustas
Vanishing Point - the Me Gustas

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas


News broke about Ennio Morricone after I had finished recording my show, so no tribute I'm afraid. But I hear y'all like surf music and it's got plenty of that!

4-6pm cst

Last week's playlist: 6-29-20

diabolico coupe - saturday night (little carmine)
los coronas - supertubos (surfin' tenochititlan)
toro jones - here come the fuzz (toro jones)
the del-stroyers - moon relay (resurrected)
man or astro-man - espanto del futuro (destroy all astromen)
the 'verb - we must be cautious (only 'verb can break your heart)

PJ & the Galaxies - andele (rare surf the south bay bands)
the continentals - continentals jam (party party party)
paul revere & the raiders - groovey (like long hair)
the champs - mau mau stomp (everybody's rockin')
the lively ones - telstar surf (surf city)
sammy and the 5 notes - the lion is awake (fast-track)
the ventures - halleluyaH (POPS IN JAPAN)

Genki Genki Panic - Eastbound and Down (scumbum)
jason janik - bewitched (summer begins)
the manueles - pearl ghalpon (the manueles)
the evanstones - insomnia - 1961
crabs! - baby don't surf (surf britannia 2)
didi wray - os milangas (single)

Marmaleene and the Moondusters - spangula (marmaleene and the moondusters)
hearing things - stalefish (here's hearing things)
los javelin - tubo de escape (surfabilly & roll)
the charades - what a hangover (lost tapes '66)

the black flamingos - black swan (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
the breakers - tornado magnet (chicago surf rally)
the terminators - come on, let's start (Twist the Nut, Mechanic!)
death wave - sebastian (death wave)
The Bitch Boys - Out Of This World (ride the first wave)

messer chups - sex euro and evils pop (crazy price)
gitkin - chicha nola (saint claude / chicha nola)
alewife - tres pasajeros (alewife vi)
¡Yo Vendo Ritmo! - darbuka (¡Yo Vendo Ritmo!)
attila & the huns - the lonely huns (you're not from around here)

the mullet monster mafia - demon attack (retro gaming split)
les profs de skids - docteur avalanche (les profs de skids)
surf coasters - sharkman (samurai struck)
amphibian man - sea treasure (isolation songs)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - trompe la mort (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)
commando - irene s. (piet)
thee windom earles - lick the flipper (mai tai pink eye)
mad 3 - astro commando (napalm in the morning)
the mystery men? - make me no greave (firewalkers)
keith calmes - perfidia (surf guitar classics)

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Oh my God wrong thread. I'll leave it just to put my stupidity on display.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

ElMonstroPorFavor wrote:

Oh my God wrong thread. I'll leave it just to put my stupidity on display.

hahaha No problem.... We might as well cross promote ! )

... and it look's like a GREAT show.

July 12th - Show #020 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Espania - the Tourmaliners
Nose Ridin’ - Long Boards
Azteca Verano - Blackball Bandits

The Rebel - Johnny Yuma
Switchblade - Ron Thompson
The Swag - Link Wray

Amaro è 'o bbene - Bradipos IV
Segretamente - Bradipos IV
Scétate - Bradipos IV

Rigolo Rock - Les Trémolos
Capitol Twist - Les Trémolos
Metro Jive - Les Trémolos
Jungle Twist - Les Trémolos

Adrenalin Twist - The Razorblades
Beam Me Out of This Trashy Movie - The Razorblades
Let's Go Down To Brighton - The Razorblades

Couch Surfer - The Spiratones
Spiratonic - The Spiratones
Toecutter - The Spiratones
Bustin’ - The Spiratones

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

July 19th - Show #021 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Kung Fu Saturdays - the Meltones
Skull Dance - Blackball Bandits
Night of the Living Surf - 427s

Orbit - Paul Revere & The Raiders
Groovey - Paul Revere & The Raiders
Shake It Up Pt 2 - Paul Revere & The Raiders

War of the Satellites - Flash Teeter and the Men from Mars
Sukiyaki - Satans Pilgrims
Hollow Point - Atomic Mostitos

Stormin’ - The Checkers
Chinook - The Checkers
Twistin Inn - The Checkers
Signs - The Five Man Electrical Band
Twilight Twist - The Checkers

Radio Galaxy - the Surfer Novas
Plight of the Planemo - the Surfer Novas
Blue Shift - the Surfer Novas

Meet the Cliff Divers - Cliff Divers
Powertools Drag Race - Cliff Divers
Another Lost Wekend - Cliff Divers

Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

July 26th - Show #022 setlist
2pm EST on

Surfin a Go-Go Theme

Riot City - The Bomboras
Transylvanian Beach Party - Los Atarrayas
Diamond Jack - Link Bat and the Bat Rays

Surf, Sink Or Swim - Billy Lee Riley [as The Megatons]
Surfbord Cha Cha - [as The Megatons]
Low Tide - [as The Megatons]

Clayton's Hotrod - Tremolo Beer Gut
Gangster Surf - Tremolo Beer Gut
Das Modell - Tremolo Beer Gut

Wispy - The Pharaohs
Sakkara - The Pharaohs
The Green Werewolf - The Pharaohs
The Friendly Martian - The Pharaohs
Hip Hugger - The Pharaohs

La Mano Del Muerto - los Daytonas
El Saguaro - los Daytonas
Cal Viva - los Daytonas

The Legacy - Beware Of Blast
Longing For Distance - Beware Of Blast
Outer Space - Beware Of Blast
A New Galaxy - Beware Of Blast

Really good show's, Mark. Smile

wfoguy wrote:

Really good show's, Mark. Smile

Thanks so much ..... I put a lot of time in searching some material a little different than the other shows but still staying in the 60's surf feel. Thanks for listening. MM

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