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Permalink 11th Annual Surf Guitar 101 Con.Sat Aug. 4th flyer in 1st post, adding raffle items starting page 9

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I got back to the east coast early Monday morning. Picked up a cold from the trip so I've been in a Nyquil-induced coma for the last couple of days. Zzzzz

Despite that my luggage was sent to Oakland instead of LA (then thankfully, recovered and sent to my hotel), the trip was otherwise a fantastic experience. Re-newed existing friendships, made some new friends, got to meet several of my surf music heroes such as Dave Wronski, John Blair, and Chris Barfield, listened to wonderful bands that I'm familiar with or wasn't so familiar with, and enjoyed playing bass with Gellert, Maxx, and Scotty on Sunday at Surf Dog's Sports Grill.

Remora1's Pre-Convention BBQ and the Fender factory tour were wonderful times, too. I'll post in those threads soon.

Now home, I've eagerly hunted down the albums on iTunes of these awesome bands for whom I've become a new fan.

I'm so glad to be home with my wife and five beasties. I fired up the old '62 Fender Bassman and rocked out on my AV65 Jazzmaster to my normal 30 or so surf tunes I know. Looking forward to learning some new songs (on guitar and bass) that I enjoyed hearing at the convention.

Thanks, Jeff, for all the hard work and effort to make the convention happen. Cool

Sheesh, I forgot one more awesome experience while at the SG101 Convention: an old shipmate of mine from my navy days stopped by the convention for a few hours to hang out. While we've been connected on Facebook for years, we hadn't actually seen each other in person in over 28 years. It was great catching up. Good times!

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Last edited: Aug 10, 2018 08:40:02

Awesome! That makes me so happy


Maybe next year have a bass guitar raffle so
Terry can complete his guitar collection.
Congrats dude.

DaveF wrote:

Maybe next year have a bass guitar raffle so
Terry can complete his guitar collection.
Congrats dude.

I would be super into this!

Four String Fender for The Delstroyers

Sat, Aug 4 - Alpine Village

We all realize we are not as young as we think we are as we drag ourselves out of bed on Saturday morning for the Convention. A Mexican breakfast and many coffees later we head to the Bavarian styled Alpine Village for some surf n schnitzel.

There are some many great vendors with so many great recordings that I fear I will spend all of my future earnings on merch. Got a lot of cool stuff that you will hear on my NSSR radio show: Great White Surf from the Great White North.

So many great bands played, not a weak one in the bunch.
FCOTD - For me, this band captured what I imagine the feeling you get while riding the waves is like.

King Pelican - Great trio with a really rocking sound, and very cool arrangements.

Black Flamingos- Another Great three piece. The guitarist’s playing really had me sit up and take notice. This band has such a tight and solid groove.

Les Agamemnonz - Wow! This band is as good as it gets; the players, arrangements, and show are all top notch. Their songs are not your run of the mill surf tunes, but complex and very original. If you have their releases, multiply that by 10. See them if you can.

Urban Surf Kings - some band from Canada. LOL

Tribute to Paul Johnson - The set started off with a video message from Paul that was inspiring and moving to watch. He has such great strength, and we are all pulling for him. The show was a rotating cast of great musicians who have been inspired by Paul playing his compositions and favourite covers. There were too many highlights to mention so I will just mention the players I can remember: Matt Quilter, John Blair, The Mach IV, Dave Wronski, Pete Curry...

Tribute to the Sentinals - This was another highlight for me, being a big fan of this First Wave band. The group featured John Blair, Matt Quilter, Jonpaul Balkan, and Pete Curry. OMG- Big Surf, Exotic, a history lesson on the band, and so muck more.

Frankie & the Pool Boys - OK to start off this was their fill in guitarist’s (Fritz) 6th or 7th time playing in front of an audience, and he sounded like he has been with the band for years. Hats off to you. This band is so melodic; with great songs and arrangements. What really stands out for me is Amber’s keyboard playing. She has such great feel, and does not just play background parts. Her playing really helps elevate this band to an even higher place. So much has been said about Ferenc’s excellent playing, and it is all true.

Kaiser’s of Kalifornia - Even better than Thursday night, and they were great Thursday night. A great mix of Los Kahunas, the Finks, and Huntington Cads songs. Everyone in this band is super nice!

Surfer Joe - I actually stood/danced in “the pit” for this entire set. This incarnation of the trio were really tight, and grooved really well. It was nice to hear songs from all stages of Lorenzo’s career. He just keeps getting better and better.

Sadly we checked out before the last 2 bands as lack of sleep was catching up with us, and we wanted to be in good shape for Sunday’s show. Maybe someone else can post a review of the bands.

The vendor sections were great, and it was nice to meet Danny, Mel, Art, Lee, Bob, and so many more people in person. We sold out all our merch save for 4 x 45rpms ( those went Sunday). It was a real treat to play through Ran’s good!

The LA times article is a good read about the convention:

Jeff put together a really successful Convention, with the largest number of paying audience members to date ( if I am correct).

Sunday next.

PS My wife keeps singinging TBG’s Zoo Bizarre

Home of Surf & Twang

Last edited: Aug 09, 2018 21:01:34

I hope to write a proper post soon that captures how awesome this event was...the experience for me was incredible. Everyone, I mean everyone involved in this from bands to vendors and crew are amazingly nice and talented! Big Kudos to Jeff and his crew for all they do to make this happen. Thanks for having our little band from Texas.

Last edited: Aug 13, 2018 00:18:33

Sunday,August 4 - Surf Dogs,Huntington Beach

The post convention show at Surf Dogs is a much more relaxed event where 8 of the 12 bands from yesterday’s show play a smaller room, with a smaller stage and crowd (still very enthusiastic). The sound in this room is excellent.

The trios really stood out for me over the last 2 days. I really like the openess of the sound, and the interaction between the members. For USK, the trio format really allows us room for improvisation: harmonically, and arrangement-wise. Hats off to The Royal Pacifics, King Pelican,and Surfer Joe for their trio mastery. I did not miss a 4th member at all. The Royal Pacifics did an amazing version of Sleepwalk. King Pelican played an outstanding set. They seem to have this telepathic connection. Surfer Joe tore it up again. Life on the road is excellent for his playing!

The non-trio bands were also amazing! I really enjoyed FCOTD’s set, especially Adrian’s playing. Frankie and the Pool Boys always sound great. It was a great thrill to play 3 shows with them. They sound so good. Les Agamemnonz knocked it out of the park, yet again. I hope they put out a new recording soon. TBG played my favourite cover, Death Valley 69, to close their set. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the California experience for me. It was a thrill to play 4 shows with the great TBG. With their smoke machines,vocal effects, theremin, magic reverb tank,and mood lighting they are a sight to behold.

We met so many wonderful people, got to see old friends again,and heard so much great music. Thank you to Terry for use of the Jazzmaster on Sunday. We cannot properly express to Jeff Hanson how much we appreciate what he did for us, and for the surf music scene in general. Thank you Jeff!

Until we meet again,
Rev, Crash,and Inky - Urban Surf Kings, NS, Canada

Home of Surf & Twang

Shameless plug.

For those of you who missed out on buying the new Urban Surf Kings’s full length (sold out at SG101), you can get a copy here:

Home of Surf & Twang

DaveF wrote:

Maybe next year have a bass guitar raffle so
Terry can complete his guitar collection.
Congrats dude.

I agree!

Wrote my thoughts up here. Came out to like 8 pages. Yikes!

More photos in higher quality here. Bands, feel free to use them.

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Last edited: Aug 14, 2018 22:13:33

Thanks for sharing the great photos El Monstro Por Favor. I'm going to check out the story now.

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Excellent post Hunter, and the pics are awesome! It was great meeting you and talking a bit. Hope to see you again soon, either in NOLA or here in South Texas.

Last edited: Aug 14, 2018 23:04:12

Awesome Review Hunter,
Thank you for coming,
Please see the Pm I sent on FB.

ElMonstroPorFavor wrote:

Wrote my thoughts up here. Came out to like 8 pages. Yikes!

More photos in higher quality here. Bands, feel free to use them.


Thanks for the reports and pictures so far! Looking forward to more of it and some videos!

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Videos here:


Great writeup and photos Hunter! You know I talked to you for about 10 seconds in 2016, didn't see you at all in 2017, and I missed you completely this year. Let's regroup in 2018!

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Brian were you there? I saw your post saying you couldn't make it so I wasn't even looking for you!

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

No, I meant I couldn't make it at all this time.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Great review! It is too bad we didn’t get to meet in person,hopefully next time. As far as the goofy grin contest, because we are friendly Canadians, I’ll let Ferenc take the award. I’m happy with second place. Big Grin

I guess Ferenc and I are just so happy to play surf music!


ElMonstroPorFavor wrote:

Wrote my thoughts up here. Came out to like 8 pages. Yikes!

More photos in higher quality here. Bands, feel free to use them.

Home of Surf & Twang

A smaller haul than some, but I am really happy with my purchases(plus the Fred Lammers/Hi-tide SG101 shirt).



Home of Surf & Twang

Last edited: Aug 18, 2018 13:26:21

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