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Permalink Ventris Dual Reverb/True Spring Reverb pedal

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The base sound seems to me the most realistic digital emulation so far, a great potential to build on. Yet still lacking on randomness, IMHO. Perhaps combinations of both channels can diffuse that some, add some subtle drive before, some subtle compression after, and a nice amp of course.
I could imagine tailoring a short, pronounced spring for the drip, and on the other channel a longer one for the tail, or... Can you EQ A and B separately?

With all these many options, in a side by side comparison with a real tank unit, I have a feeling we are going to witness a very close match.

Last edited: Feb 05, 2018 12:40:43

Each Preset can have anything controllable on a single engine. So you can EQ the presets independently, then run them together.

On every engine you can control things like Decay time, mix, predelay, treble, bass, output level, diffusion, reverb mod depth, predelay mod depth, mod rate, pre-delay feedback, input low cut

Then each engine has different sizes you can chose, as well as other engine specific settings.

When combining the two, you can control the level of each reverb in the mix along with the level of your dry signal.

Tri Pedal Reviews

Thanks tripedalreviews

I’m totally intrigued to hear how you fellers make out with this thing.

Yeah, kudos tripedalreviews! Looking forward for your deeper analysis.

For all who compare the pricing to a tube unit - totally different usage philosophy for any of these devices. A Surfy-Bear built from a kit can be as low as $100 and sound like the ocean fell on your head, just saying. Still, SA wouldn't be stupid at all if they released a dedicated version of this algorithm in a cheaper box.

JakeDobner wrote:

And it doesn't help that it was played on a Strat

You sure you wanna go there, offset brah? Cool An ultimate matching test would include both Dick Dale and The Astronauts, this wasn't it yet, I agree.

Last edited: Feb 05, 2018 14:21:55

Can't discount the effect what guitar, pu's and running it through a real tube amp would have with the Ventris. But damn if that pedal don't drip. Hopefully someone will do a demo through a tube amp. I used to think that the Boss '63 pedal was gonna be the "one" until I bought one and used it for a couple of weeks.
I'm perfectly happy with my outboard tank and in-amp reverb (gives me all the reverbs I need) but I play in my basement and don't need to haul a tube driven spring tank around to gigs. Plus, some folks really mightneed/utilize the other 'verb sounds the Ventris does.

I agree that so far it sounds great, and I can't wait to hear it through a Jag and a vintage Fender tube amp. It's definitely the closest thing I have ever heard as far as pedals go. tripedalreviews, thanks for chiming in. Cool

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Last edited: Feb 05, 2018 15:22:12

Tried this in person with headphones at NAMM. Didn't sound anything like a tank. It had quite a distinct "digital" sound and too much emphasis on delay.

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Interesting, I tried it at NAMM as well, and was really impressed. I was able to dial in what, to my ears, was the best digital emulation of an outboard tank I've ever heard.

I'd still rather use my 6G15 tank or my surfy bear, but for instances where any type of physical spring won't work, i.e. on the back of a truck in a parade, this would be my choice.

That being said, it's a lot of money and does a whole lot of things I wouldn't use. If SA would make a outboard only pedal at a sub $200 price point, I'd seriously consider it.

TriPedals, maybe you can bend their ear on a tank-only pedal?

A two in one spring emulation pedal could be really cool that would feature the outboard 6G15 tank in all its drippy surfy splender and an in amp spring emulation would be a nice usable combination.

Would be totally awesome if you were able to hit the option button and get the spring crash like kicking a tank

Just got mine, this is just the unboxing, im planning all sort of fun videos with it.

Yeah, I’ve been having fun with it for about a week now. 2 thumbs up in my book. Adding one of the other engines to the drip engine really starts to get whacky. Sounds that you wouldn’t think could go together mash well and bring up tons of new tones and options.

Great demo, Ryan. That pedal covers just about every type of reverb one can think of!

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

Lots of great sounds in that little feller.

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MY shootout against the FRV-1 and the Topanga

Last edited: Feb 21, 2018 17:12:14

Big_Ryan wrote:

MY shootout against the FRV-1 and the Topanga

Ryan, that was dope! I'm totally with you on the price too. As someone who doesn't own a tank and could actually use some of the other reverbs, it seems like a solid deal. Also, I'm sure we'll start to see some used ones show up soon enough for cheaper.

Great test, Ryan.

The sounds coming from that Ventris are about as good as I’ve ever heard, pedal, tank or whatever. I was an early adopter of the FRV-1, but when I played a Topanga, I was hooked. I found the FRV too harsh when compared to the Topanga. Currently, the Topanga occupies space #1 on my board, not because I feel that it meets some ideal of sounding vintage, but because it sounds good to my ear.

By that criteria, the Ventris is the clear winner of the three pedals. It sounds great and is versatile. Much of what we get with any digital pedal comes down to the programming of the DSP. There are only so many DSP chips out there and a lot of completely different pedals may use the same chip. Ventris seems to have pushed the envelope with this pedal, dual DSPs and some great reverb “engines” as a starting point. I think they have a true winner in this pedal.

What strikes me, is that this truly is an effects processor covering all sorts of reverb-related effects. The reverb engines are explained of Ventris’ website and they cover a lot of ground, including some distortion, echo and even a sort of chorus.

I’d probably have ordered one by now, but I just bought a Stanley-FX Blue Nebula, which is more focused on echo and includes several Hank Marvin presets. However, it also covers reverb, tremolo, chorus and even phase shift effects. I’m not certain how it will do as an outboard tank emulator, but I have two Topangas, so I can squeak by. Smile

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Dead Thread

Last edited: Feb 22, 2018 09:23:35

Dead Reverb

josheboy wrote:

Dead Reverb

You’d better believe it. Smile

The FRV-1 is pretty good and fairly to the sound of a Fender tank, but some of the newer offerings sound better to my ear.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.
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