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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story "Guitar Fun" chosen as "Best Instrumental Rock Album" by The Akademia.

Because the news story does not automatically appear in this discussion thread, it is copied-and-pasted below.

"Insanitizers deploy their marvelous talent for the guitar to the interpretation of a modern vibe -- what results is a completely novel experience of a genre you thought you knew and understood. Winner, Best Instrumental Rock Album." -- The Akademia (, July 2016 awards.

"Guitar Fun," with 22 adventure packed diverse surf-rock instrumentals, was just released by The Insanitizers. You can hear the entire CD (free) at without commercials or announcements. The CD is in stock at and .

Here is a track listing, with a few comments.
1. Shootout. Ride in, challenge, battle, ride out. "Best Instrumental Rock Song" June 2015, The Akademia.
2. Dark Eyes Rock. Russian folk song but frantic.
3. Rocket Pack. To orbit, back, and again.
4. Huntington Surf.
5. Murder in Paradise. Murder, Paradise, Repeat.
6. Love in Purgatory. So forbidden, so sad.
7. A Day in Tokyo. Gogo with Togo.
8. A Night in Vienna. Polka, march and twist on world's tallest carousel.
9. Irish Washerwoman. Scrub and jig.
10. Choclo Argentina. Tango, surf, flamenco.
11. Resonance. Massive organ rocks again.
12. Malaguena. Literal recitation.
13. Revel. Celebration groove.
14. A Week in Hawaii. Change of pace, focus on the bass.
15. GooglEyes. Now with silly synthesizers.
16. Robot Dance. Shunting and clanking.
17. Stunt Pilot. Guitar drum duet swoops.
18. MisiGila. 2 drummers, one huge guitar.
19. Croak of Midnight. Two drummers, acoustic guitar, actual frog.
20. Waterboard Surf 2016.
Submersion / Inquisition / Repeat
21. Loose Surfer. Guitar Pun!
22. W-Ray Gun.

Don't take the comments seriously, they're just for fun. So is the music.


Last edited: Oct 06, 2016 14:13:50

Did you have to pay to submit music to Akademia? I ask because when I googled the Akademia it appears to be some sort of scam.

Thanks for raising the question.

I had to pay a lot more to submit a song to the National Songwriting Competition and likewise to submit to the Dallas Songwriters Competition last month. The Akademia submission fee is about the same as a typical submission fee to SonicBids and MusicPage. A fee to enter a competition can be reasonable. Opportunities to get independent reviews are limited, so the entry fee seemed reasonable for the possibility of getting a review and a permanent web page on their site about it. Further, they accepted the music for competition electronically, so there was no cost for mailing. Because I entered the day before the deadline the entry fee was about the same as the cost for next day mail, so this counts.

I consider their statement reviewing the CD meaningful. I thought their review of our song "Shootout" in June 2015 showed careful attention. I think the same for their review of the "Guitar Fun" album.

Paying money to The Akademia beyond the competition submission fee seems of questionable value. This would pay for services to promote the music. I asked The Akademia about their track record of successes in promoting music, and they did not reply, so I did not send more money. However, their promotional services are separate from the competition. I saw complaints about their promotional services but not the competition alone.


Last edited: Oct 06, 2016 14:22:49

Review of "Guitar Fun" posted by "Badger":

Wes, I am impressed with your attention to detail and am grateful for your work.


“Guitar Fun” CD by Insanitizers a “Top Ten Pick” by Pipeline Magazine.

“Guitar Fun” album is reviewed in Pipeline Magazine issue #102 Autumn 2016. It’s a Top Ten Pick by editor Al Taylor. He writes, “a full hour of guitar fun…Rich guitar sounds abound as Shootout sets a western theme and Dark Eyes Rock gives the old folk tune a good working over. Tasty echo and twang decorate Rocket Pack…and there’s more rich guitar on Huntington Surf.”

“There’s a resonating guitar intensity to most numbers…organ plays the support role on Love in Purgatory…and it takes the lead on Resonance. Misigila is from the same dynamic mold as Misirlou. Waterboard Surf 2016 is another lively piece swathed with guitar and Loose Surfer features a pedalled lead. Listening to this album is a very intense experience, not for the fainthearted!”


“New Gandy Dancer” Magazine from the U.K. reviewed Guitar Fun in issue #125, Oct. 2016:

“We like The Insanitizers!…another jolly twangfest of no less than 22 great tracks. ...The covers are delightful arrangements of Irish Washerwoman (and she rocks!) and the European classic Dark Eyes. Rocket Pack has a great Joe Meek guitar sound. A Day in Tokyo with its strong melody line could well be a Ventures song from their “Pops in Japan” albums. Solid twin guitars with Malaguena. Misigila is the big surf sound…W-Ray Gun a deep resonant twanger finishes this fine set.” Rated 4/4.


"Shootout" (from the Insanitizers' Guitar Fun album) is in the semifinals for the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Contest. This is a national contest held by the Dallas Songwriters Association. Contest results will be announced in mid-December.

I think this is the only surf guitar instrumental to make it to the semifinals. Previous instrumental winners were jazz or new age.


Last edited: Nov 25, 2016 16:42:00

"Shootout" did win First Prize.


Last edited: Dec 22, 2016 21:20:23

"Guitar Fun Version 2" is now available at,
CD Baby

22 instrumentals that are intense about fun.


Squid wrote:

"Guitar Fun Version 2"

Catching up on some stuff. I was fortunate to have a copy of this available & must say I think the Ver. 2 re-mastering (or whatever voodoo is involved, since I'm a rookie at that) certainly improved the quality of many of the tracks. Favorite mix: Huntington Surf.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

DISCLAIMER: The above is opinion/suggestion only & should not be used for mission planning/navigation, tweaking of instruments, beverage selection, or wardrobe choices.

Guitar Fun Version Two is now on Spotify, Deezer, and the other streaming services. Percussion is more forward than version one, and the lead guitar is both mellower and clearer. There are other differences.

Huntington Surf was recorded with strong reverb on the lead. Several songs have have prominent delay (or delays) on the lead, in the style of The Shadows of the U.K. Most have some delay and some reverb. Delay gives a combination of fullness and sustain while maintaining clarity and avoiding harshness. Check it out.

You can stream Guitar Fun Version Two complete, at no cost and with no commercials or other breaks, from the web page. Just scroll down, past the two Soundcloud links, to the Player featuring Guitar Fun Version Two. This player has the latest versions and in the highest fidelity. I suggest you start with the first song (Shootout) and go through the album. Or you can scroll down directly to Huntington Surf.


Last edited: Sep 21, 2017 21:58:36

Review of "Guitar Fun Version Two" in Pipeline #106 Autumn 2017:
"(The Insanitizers' "Guitar Fun" album)...has been revisited by guitarist Conrad Swartz. He has brought the drums forward and made the guitar tones generally clearer yet mellower...listening to this album is a very intense experience and not for the fainthearted!"

Put on your belt and your suspenders and check it out on Spotify and other streaming services. Also on


Last edited: Dec 25, 2017 14:46:23

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