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Brian: Thank you Linda, all the best to you.
122 days ago

Brian: Hello Johnny!
122 days ago

Tqi: Is it morally acceptable to use a Radial capacitor in a 1960 amp design?
121 days ago

synchro: TQI, morality is a huge question and capacitors a deep subject. I say do it and don't tell anyone. Smile
110 days ago

bigtikidude: 2018 SG101 convention,
82 days ago

bigtikidude: Who's coming ?
82 days ago

bigtikidude: https://surf...
82 days ago

Clint: I started a YouTube channel: “Surf Music Videos”. https://www.... Hit me up with your favorite “surf” videos and I add them to the list. Thanks!
82 days ago

Tqi: Synchro, I managed to squeeze the Axial's in. Still working on how to lay them out next to the pots though.
70 days ago

dragonfly: Being homebound I just downloaded SG101 2014 music and loving it. Hooray for downloads. Thanks to everyone responsible. HBISM retired coordinator 2014 Cool
1 day ago

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Thanks for the set of spins! Spin the Bottle!

LISTEN & BUY " S P I N - T H E - B O T T L E " NOW @ Bandcamp

Pool Boys Euro Tour Blog

Frankie in Frankie & The Pool Boys
Lazarus Longfellow in The TomorrowMen
DJ Frankie Pool Boy on North Sea Surf Radio
Phayrentz in Pollo Del Mar

Great show. I listened as well as anybody within 100' of my shop. Smile

Hope you have understanding neighbours.


Home of Surf & Twang

GWS week 22 - June 3

Redlined - The Penetrators
The Mariner 4 - TP
Midnight Run -TP

Devil's Punchbowl - Black Flamingos
La Miranda - BF
Cock Grease - BF

Riding the Sorry Train to Dumpsville - Atomic 7 cc
So Long Happy Days - A& cc
Daddy's Little World - A7 cc

Kill Devil Club - Frankie & the Poolboys
Hang 'Em High - F&tP
Smoke Jumper - F&tP

Millions in Prizes - Crazy Aces
Numb One - CA
Invasion of Malibu - CA

Volcanic Action - The Belairs
Let's Go Trippin' - TB
Vampire - TB

Ray Gun Rampage - Urban Surf Kings cc
Espresso Twist - USK cc
Mojave Hadji - USK cc

Point of No Return - The Splashdowns
Pulsar - TS

background - Twister - USK cc

Home of Surf & Twang

Thanks for playing our music on your show.
We sure appreciate it!


June 17 will be a repeat of last week's show due to gigging schedule. Tune in again for the Surfer Joe Summer Festival preview show!

Spiral Serpent Strike - Daikaiju
Magic Carpet - The Krontjong Devils
Magic River - Frankie & the Poolboys

A Fistful of Schnitzel - Surfer Joe
The Masked Surfer - SJ
Mozzarellas Sunrise - SJ

Don't Fear the Reverb - Molokai Cocktail
Endless Summer - MC
Eddie Would Go - MC

Ulu Watu - Phantom 4
Sanita - P$
Esperanza - P4

The Last Ride - Balu & die Surfgrammeln
Comanche - B&dS
Der Zerfall Von Backerbsen - B&dSG

Land Beyond the Moon - The Krontjong Devils
K-2 - TKD
Sizzling Sampan - TKD
The Rafter - TKD

Carmela - The Bradipos 4

Home of Surf & Twang

On the air now.


Home of Surf & Twang

All Canadian surf show today at 1pm AST. Tune in.

Home of Surf & Twang

Off to a great start. Smile I'm home and remembered what time you start. Smile



Home of Surf & Twang

GWS week 25

Hurricane Squad - The Kilaueas
Space Module - K
Fireboard - K

Around the Galaxy - The Surfites
Marching Robots - TS
Moon Made - TS

Spectre Detector - The Tiki Tones
Go Go Loco - TTT
Twister - TTT

The Raven - Frankie & the Pool Boys
Dead Man Surfing - F&tPB
Kill Devil Club - F&tPB

Pollination - The King Beez cc
Swarm - TKB cc
Rumble Bee - TKB cc

Samurai - The Mullet Monster Mafia
Hawaii - TMMM
Break Beach - TMMM
Intacto - Terremotor
Underwater - T
The Wedge - T

Elimination - The Longboards
101 Octane - TL
Beach Bus - TL
Insane Dragster- TL

background -
cc Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

GWS week 26 July 1 - O Canada

Man From Adano - The Esquires
Reno - Gemtones
Metallic - The Blue Skyliners

Get Outta Dodge - Huevos Rancheros
Hup Two Three Four - The Ramblin' Ambassadors
Cobra Basket - C& C Surf Factory

Bullit - The 427s
The Side Track - The Sadies
Three Piece Suit - Shadowy Men

Double Blowout - The Green Reflectors
Deathproof - The King Beez
The Sweeper - The Blue Demons

Hobo - Wes Dakus & The Rebels
Someone That I Can't See - The Great Scots
Midnight Creep - Al Bruno

Whale Man - The Burning Sands

Longhorn - Rev Hank
Hairbone - Atomic 7

Surfin' a Go Go - Mark Malibu & the Wasagas
Hockey Night in Canada Theme - The Metalunas
Shark Bait - Hang Ten Hangmen

Beyond the Infinite Loop - Reverb Syndicate
Ripcord - The High Tides
Devil's Wave - The Gnarly Ones

Thunder Robot - Urban Surf Kings

all songs - Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

Hey All,

The next couple of weeks will be reruns of some of my fave shows from the last couple of years. I'll be at SG101! If you are coming, drop by and say hello.


Home of Surf & Twang

Last edited: Jul 29, 2018 10:38:37

Repeat show today- Link Wray/Shadowy Men bonanza. New show next week.


Home of Surf & Twang

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