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2nanfer: Guys asking for help bc of quantine, 144 days ago. Uh-Oh
344 days ago

sysmalakian: Surf's up!
342 days ago

taku: sale
257 days ago

Skiltrip: SurfyBear is Life
249 days ago

sysmalakian: HEY
121 days ago

BearJW: Hey groovy people!!
120 days ago

ProfRadar: SurfyBear compact
95 days ago

dp: stuffing, turkey, pie!
54 days ago

ozboomer: Are we doing a Members Compilation this year?
50 days ago

sysmalakian: My new vinyl is available now!!!!
23 hours ago

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I caught the 2nd half,
When is the replay Mike?


Tuesday at 6:00 PM, then part 2 next week. There will be an SG101 show soon as well.


Home of Surf & Twang

Cool, thank you!


Not sure if today’s show (Surfer Joe Summer Festival pt 2) will be broadcast. It seems nssr is having technical difficulties. Hopefully all will be resolved for next week.


Home of Surf & Twang

Great White Surf from the Great White North is on the air now with Surfer Joe Summer Festival preview Part 2. Rebroadcast Tuesday at 6PM PST


Home of Surf & Twang

Due to a glitch in the matrix, last week’s show will be airing today.

Home of Surf & Twang

All Canadian surf & show on now. Great White Surf From The Great White North. One small error...It is the Cadillac Lounge, NOT the Horseshoe closing.

North Sea Surf Radio - Listen

Home of Surf & Twang

Good show, again. Smile

Thank you!

Home of Surf & Twang

GWS 24

Jezebel – The Delstroyers
Invasion of the Body Surfers – TD

God of the Sea – The Aquaholics
Surfin’ Moon – TA
Bollywood Bullfight – TA

Return of the Dark Surf Lord - Horse Rock
Toecutter – The Spiraltones
Guantanamo a-Go-Go – The Waterboarders

Craig Charles’s Taxi – The Head Hentchmen cc
Sherriff Bullock Does the Skank to Mexico – THH cc
Cissy Surf 0 THH cc

A Brave Face Against Insurmountable Odds – Reverb Syndicate cc
Better Dancing Through Technology – RS cc
Clubfoot the Avenger – RS cc

Quickdraw – The Volcanics
Ship Has Sailed – TV
Starry Eyes – TV

Flamingo Twist – Black Flamingos
Haunted Hall – BF
Eviler – BF

Birdland – Mike Vernon

Background – I’m Branded – USK cc
Cc Canadian Content

GWS 25 (June 30 – Canada Day!)

Rave – The Esquires
Atlantis – The Gemtones
Help Myself – The Great Scots

Hey Chiwawa – Mark Malibu & The Wasagas
They Don’t Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore- Shadowy Men
Dog’s Food – Wes Dakus & The Rebels

Tune Up - The Green Reflectors
Galactic Shiver – Urban Surf Kings
Rip Chord – The High Tides

The Curse – The Undead Bureaucrats
Isuzu Surf – The Head Henchmen
The Spy Reprogramming – The Huaraches

Rumble Bee – King Beez
The Savage – Ramblin’ Ambassadors
Interstate Death Toll – Huevos Rancheros

Stab It and Steer It – Atomic 7
Victory City – The 427s
The Horseshoe – The Sadies

Motorik – Reverb Syndicate
Sunrise Strip – The Hang Ten Hangmen
Stampede – The Mighty Swells

Party Line – The Surfrajettes
Beatnik Bandit – Blue Demons

A Bit of Fuzz – Hugh Dixon

All song Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

July 14 - Hi-tide Summer Holiday Feature

July 21 - SG101 Convention Feature


Home of Surf & Twang

Last edited: Jul 14, 2019 11:34:34

Yay! Thanks Mike
Ill listen at the beach, right before the pier show starts.


Last edited: Jul 13, 2019 18:22:38

bigtikidude wrote:

Yay! Thanks Mike
Ill listen at the beach, right before the pier show starts.

Blast it over the PA


Home of Surf & Twang

Hi-Tide Summer Holiday preview on now.

Home of Surf & Twang

GWS week 26 - Hi-tide Summer Holiday

Mastodon – The Neanderthals
Space Oddity – TN
Street Cleaner – TN

Neon Boneyard – Black Flamingos
Okinawa – BF
Malibu Run – BF

Early America – Deke Dickerson
Rockin Gypsy – DD
Guitars in orbit pt 37 – DD

Jezebel – The Delstroyers
Mr. Yunioshi – Insect Surfers
Mrs. Moto – The Surfragettes cc
X-2 – The Boss Martians

Kawanga – Eddie Angel’s Guitar Party
Beyond Zone X – EAGP
Jurassic Beat – EAGP

Sand – Slowey & the Boats
Siboney – S&tB
Hanalei Moon – S&tB

El Rancho – Impala
Anna Vienna – I
Wild Night at the Bloody Bucket – I

El Vagabundo – Los Freneticos

Background – Heart Beat – The Krontjong Devils
Cc Canadian Content

GWS 27 SG101 (July 21)

Coffin & a 6 Pack – The Boss Martians
Haywire – TBM

Polaris - Insect Surfers
Volcano Juice – IS
Armor of Light – IS

Mrs. Moto – The Surfragettes cc
Party Line – TS cc
Toxic –TS cc

Mike’s Barracuda – The Pyronauts
Aztec Harry – TP
Supertanker Surf – TP

Heatwave – Los Freneticos
Palmira – LF
La Furia – LF

Wanderer – Trabants
West of the Pecos – T
Candy Jack – T

The Bogey Man – The Delstroyers
Invasion of the Body Surfers – TD
Moon Relay – TD

The Victor – The Madeira

Background – The Wedge – Dick Dale
Cc Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

GWS 29

The Green Death – The Centellas
Prisma Lunar – TC
Ultramar – TC

Venus – Greg Townsend
We’ll Meet Again – GT
Old San Juan – GT

Revival - Thalasses
Ninf a Go-Go – T
Cokonut – T

Mr. Moto – Kepa Harkonen
Funky Hi-Heels – KH
The Last Independence Day – KH

Immigrant – Catsith
Lemmy – C
Ginza Lights – C

Broken Fire Hydrant – The Strings Aflame
Fire Fighter Suit – TSA
Reduced to Ashes – TSA

Espectaculo Hora Cero - Los Freneticos
La Cautiva – LF
Teletranspotatcion – LF

Background - Spend a Night, Not a Fortune – Shadowy Men cc
Cc Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

Last edited: Aug 16, 2019 11:59:33

Great White Surf from the Great White North is on the Air now...tune in.

Home of Surf & Twang

GWS – Sept 8

Dad’s 65 – el Zeb
Pounding Surf – EZ
Road to San Felipe –EZ

Por un Tubo – Chewbacca’s
Tomorrows – C
The Return From Echo Lake – c

Ginza Lights – Catsith
KIsa – C
Seven – C

The Ballad of Ransom Clark – Black Valley Moon
Beach Party of the Damned – BVM
Gaspar’s Revenge – BVM

Joy Ride – Greg Townson
Runaway Train – GT
Speed Bump – GT

Flying Bomb – Atomic 7 cc
Funeral Hotpants – A7 cc
Bury My Foot at Wounded Mouth – A7 cc

El Vagabundo – Los Freneticos
Heat Wave – LF
Magnetizado – LF

Ultramar – The Centellas

Background Jack the Ripper – Link Wray
Cc Canadian Content

GWS – Sept 15

Tahiti Summer- Par Avion
If 6 Was 8 – PA
Texas Rocket – PA

Sunset Rider – The Volcanics
Revel Rally – TV
Ship Has Sailed – TV

Wasaga Showdown – Mark Malibu & The Wasagas cc
Surfin’ a Go Go – MM&tW cc
Boogie Board – MM&tW cc

Le Serpiente – Gasolines
Rocker’s Rock – G
Catamara – G

Surfin Hand – Underwater Bosses
Surftacular – UB
Between the Black Sea & Me – UB

Merluzza – The Centellas
Prisma Lunar – TC
The Green Death – TC

Vangelis – The Hicadoolas
Sympathy for the Ocean – TH
Summer Party – TH

Surf Monkey – Urban Surf Kings cc

Background – Kook Patrol – The Thunderchiefs
Cc – Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

New show today at 1:00 PM AST. Tune in.


Home of Surf & Twang

GWS Sept 22

(Please Don’t) Dead End – Tarantinos NYC
Shaken Not Stirred -TN
You’re Gonna Lose That Curl – TN

Hiroshi No Subarashi Ramen – Surfer Joe
Make It Quick – SJ
Difficult Choice – SJ

Das Experiment V – Chewbacca’s
Invisible Invaders – C
Delta 9 – C

Sunset Strip – Hang Ten Hangmen cc
Shark Bait – HTH cc
Electro-Matic Twist – HTH cc

Destino De 5 Pasos – Sonoras
Salon Venganza – S
Ocaso De Una Historia - S

Dallas B Goode – Ramblin Ambassadors cc
Calfrope Bridge – RA cc
The Savage – RA cc

Entreacto – The Centellas
Ultramar – TC
Demonio Negro – TC

Background – Tutube – Buzz Driver
Cc Canadian Content

GWS Sept 29

Ode a Rainha Diaba - Beermudas
Reid a Praia – Beach Combers
Raulis CWB – Comanches

Broken Fire Hydrant – The Strings Aflame
Firefighter Suit – TSA
Ignifugo – TSA

Rendezvous – Black Flamingos
Experiment in Terror – BF
Okinawa – BF

Ebonite Satellite – Huntington Cads
Theme From the Maneater – HC
Lovely Nobuko – HC

Having An Average Weekend ’78 – Shadowy Men cc
Vibrolux Deluxe – SM cc
Foreign Aft – SM cc

Coke Can Crab – The Green Reflectors cc
Space Cadet – TGR cc
The Western Song – TGR cc

La Pache – Kepa Harkonen
Caravan of Reindeers – KH
Fish Flare – KH

Greengo – The Phantom Dragsters
Devil R ace – TPD
Road to the Holy Mountain – TPD

Beatific Morning – The Neatbeats

Cc Canadian Content

Home of Surf & Twang

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